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Do you waste a lot when you cut a mango up?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Pixabay.com

Do you waste a lot when you cut up a mango getting the pip out?

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Top Answers
I certainly do and it always annoys me that you cannot cut closer to the pip of a mango.

I seem to be throwing so much out each time, however the other day I made a lovely, healthy dessert with mango and decided that mango are meant to have a lot wasted round the pip!
by Finy
Oh! Finy, it's a 'seed', not a 'pip'!
Way too big for a pip!

No waste whatsoever, 'cos what can't be cut, is 'slurped', over the kitchen sink, in the bath, or backyard!

Every Qld house had/has at least ONE mango tree! We'd two! Double fun!

Mangoes' MUST be really cold to eat, as that is the most enjoyable way!

Good for lots of culinary adventures', but by themselves', or with Vanilla Ice Cream are great!
You beat me to it. Pip? And the bath is definitely the best place, particularly in the hot weather experienced where these beauties grow.
by grann
Not at all.
Hahaha. That looks like a piranha has been at it :-))
by Rice
Haha. Well sucked mango seed there.
by annfi
I cut and cut and won't leave much behind!
Love them way toooooo much :)
but how do you get the big bits round the pip that seem to be stuck to it?
by Finy
Its all about knowing where? to cut, so as you slice down the mango that is standing up with one hand, and use a sharp knife....Half way across one side cut down, if you hit the stone inside, start again but a tad more out from the side.In time you get the hang of it, took me a while too :) also have a look on YouTube.
by jonaja
It doesn't affect me at all, because I don't like mangoes.
Not at all....

No waste. I am a vampire when it comes to mangoes. Yummy yum yum.
by Rice
My husband can't eat Mangos so when I cut one - it is all mine! I cut the cheeks off, dice the flesh and chomp into like an animal. It is an activity done alone- no one wants to see that.
The skins are scraped and the seed( not pip) is enjoyed last. No waste.
Bahahahahahaha!! The mental image. Great answer :-))) What a crying SHAME your husband doesn't eat them. NOT. Hahaha.
by Rice
I never waste even a teensy amount of the fruit! I have an enormous Kensington Pride tree in my back yard which has to be at least 50 years old!! It is amazing!!! I far prefer my mangoes dried to fresh as they taste like lollies when dehydrated properly. I have a commercial dehydrator which after 20 years of intense usage ,needs to have the motor serviced or more likely,replaced!! The secret is in the cutting of the fruit very evenly.I worked out the best way to use every last piece as close to the deed as possible!!My parents adore them so much,as do everyone else I have shared with in the past. Hopefully I can get the motor seen to soon,as I hate the amount of fruit which goes to waste!!My crop should not be a big one this year as I had the tree professionally lopped after last season's fruiting! Next year though,should give a bumper crop. Mangoes are almost like a ;weed' here in Nth Qld, and they are to be found everywhere you look! They grow so easily from dropped fruit too,so it is not hard to get a tree for the garden if we want one!! The worst part is the mess made by the flying foxes as they enjoy their Midnight Feasts throughout Mango season!!! They leave such a huge mess to clean up every single morning!!!! I have never paid for a mango in my life!
I meant Seed,not Deed!!!!Sorry for this silly typo,the fingers don't wish to work this morning!!!
by Jules
Oh, you give me the pip. ◔ ⌣ ◔
by Rice
by annfi
Hee Hee Hee!!!!!!! Ah Rice,as you love them so much,I have to ask if you have a tree of your own?
by Jules
I have actually never had a mango tree . . .mum had one and I have always had a neighbour with one. I live not far from Mango Hill so there's always plenty about.
by Rice
Yes I do waste a lot when cutting up a mango
by AJ
I try not to waste much, I definately eat away at the centre stone, and try to get as much as I can.
We always had mangoes as a child, but we never had a mango tree. My dad would buy them by the box, on his way home from work with the other fruit & veggies. He'd always cut down both sides of the STONE, & the sides would be cut into little squares. Turn the sides 'inside out' & eat So yummy! And the STONE would NEVER be wasted! It would always end up, like the 1 in dwalk's photo!!!
by Miro
I find the most waste of a mango is in the middle stuck to the stone, and it's frustrating.
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