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Do You Value Nature?

by carolyncordon (follow)
Carolyn Cordon Positively Positive Prose! mickjaneandme.wordpress.com/
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//Do you value Nature?// I love Nature, it brings me the things that make my heart sing. Other people may Value other things more.

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Top Answers
I'm quite sure a great deal of people value nature.
The problem today is, everyone is running all over the place.If we think back to our Grandparents, they were able to stop and smell the roses, as the saying go's.
If we leave the city, and drive 2-3 hrs,you see it more clearly.
I do value nature, but I find now I am blinded myself, from the every day to day things.
When I do drive out of the city,I feel so calm....and seeing the green grass, animals makes me feel peaceful....Love it!
I'm glad I live in the country, all I have to do is look out of my doors or windows and there it is, waiting for me. Nature is in the tiny little things too though, insects and flowers.
I would Love to leave the City...
by jonaja
I value nature, and it saddens me how much we are destroying it.
Yes Briony, I agree with you on that. It's tragic the way Nature is being trashed by mankind.
I value nature very much. I think it is to be as much valued in the cities and suburbs as in the countryside. There are interesting plants and animals to be found everywhere. I think it is important that everyone has access to them, as we seem to become dehumanised without. I believe that some element of our wellbeing is tied closely to nature and if we cut this, we are greatly diminished.
Yes, I agree Verity, without Nature, our connections become narrow. Loving and respecting Nature can help us to broaden our outlook on life, so it becomes more than just what we want, but can become what the whole world needs.
I was listening to a very interesting radio programme about climate change and they were saying one of the biggest drivers now is the over-heating that occurs in cities because of all the tarmac and concrete. The best solution anyone has found is to have plants growing on the walls and roofs of the buildings and trees along the roadside. More nature, got to be good!
I adore spending time in nature! With summer fast approaching I'm really looking forward to more time outdoors. We go bushwalking, and swimming at a very quiet bush beach fairly often when it's warm enough.
Nature is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. There are a few things that can bring more calm to me than nature.
I LOVE nature! We are saving up to buy a property where we will be able to grow food and have an area put aside for plenty of native trees and vegetation - I'd love to have possums and tree kangaroos in my own backyard!
Very much so.
by Vee
I love Nature. I like to start my day by spending some time outdoors watching the birds, listening to the breeze in the trees and looking at the garden. Nature is calming and research shows it makes people happy.
I love nature, I love to sit in the garden, watching the birds at the bird bath, listening to birdsong, smelling the breeze. I am from the UK and we lived on the edge of Dartmoor National Park in a small village, I felt blessed every day with the green countryside.
I love watching the birds as I sit outside is one of my favourite things to do, wonderful after a stressful day!

Nothing whatsoever can beat Mother Nature - being a senior am able to spend more time smelling the flowers etc. More people should do the same then we would not see so much depression. Shirley L.
Smelling the flowers, not just the roses, which are lovely, but other flowers too, what a lovely thing to do. In fact, I'm going to go out right now to find a flower to smell!
Have been 'in love' with 'the bush' since a kid. My Father taught me all the good things about fishing, bushwalking, horse riding & just being glad to be alive!

I love seeing the Casurinas' swaying in the breeze, watching the water leap down a waterfall, smell the pine trees', walking along a bush track.

Having a picnic from a lookout across a spreading valley. Trail horse riding through the gum trees'.

We've MUCH to be grateful for, in our fine Country!
We're indeed, fortunate!
Yes, certainly I do and love some of those things! When you get out in the bush, the troubles fade away and the more important things in life come to mind. Caring, seeing the beauty in simplicity, watching how the birds and animals get on with their lives ... Beautiful.
Definitely! If I don't have regular time out connecting with nature I tend to feel tired and stressed. I also try to protect our beautiful natural environment by living an eco-friendly lifestyle as much as possible.
Yes, I find nature energising too, being outside, watching everything that's going on can help me to think on what tasks I have to do, and gives me new energy to do them!
Oh yes. I love nature. The sky, the earth ,plants and animals. I am sad it is being destroyed at such a rate. I wish people would change their ways before it is lost.
We can all do our best to help other people to see the wonderful things Nature has for us ...

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