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Do you use the same handbag for a whole season or change it depending on what you are wearing?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you use the same handbag for the whole season, or do you often change your handbag depending on what you are wearing, or where you are going?

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Top Answers
I tend to stick with the same handbag either for half a season or the whole season.

Although I have about 25 handbags, I only use about 3!

But still, I cannot give away most of the ones I have as they are all lovely and in perfect order.

I tend to use ones that can double up as a back pack as these hurt my back less if I have to walk with them or go shopping.

I do not anymore, match handbags to clothes I am wearing.
by Finy
Old age and shoulder bags . . . . my nemesis :((((((((
by Rice
old age plus many other things, but beats the alternative to old age!
by Finy
LOL, Finy, gosh I laughed at that . . .you are so right . ! I'll stop moaning :-)))
by Rice
Hi Finy. I mostly use X body bags now. I have 1 red 1 & a black 1. 99% of the time, these will match the 27 (?) cotton dresses I wear, ALL through the year. I do have many other handbags as you do Finy! I too just can't make my self throw them out, even though I haven't used some of them for years & years! My 'nylon' shopping bags also have to match what I wear.
by Miro
One bag. That's me. It goes all over the world with me. Wonderful brand, very compact, tough as nails, has RFID pouch inside, uncuttable strap and 3 clips to lock together to keep pickpockets out. If I go out with the other half I seldom carry a bag or purse. I do have a couple but they live in the wardrobe. Boring, I know :(
by Rice
isnt it odd - i cannot go out without a bag of some description even when I know I do not need it.
by Finy
I find I can relax much more if I know I don't have a bag with me.
by Rice
Oh! Rice,....I cannot leave house WITHOUT a bag! These new 'mini' types' are very handy to just 'pop-down' to the shops for emergency, eg to buy ONE Carrot, & Tinned Whole Champignons, for a Casserole Dinner, like I had to tonight!

The 'mini's' are just big enough to carry my Wallet, Mobile, & a Hankie! Lol!
by donjo
Yep, if I use one at all it tends to be the same one, which is my favourite (it's rainbow striped). I have another more formal one for special occasions.
I only ever use the 1 handbag, because it normally has cost me to buy (the perrrfect one).

They are always quite small, and have a very long strap, and in black leather.

They always have compartments for all my cards etc, and would take 10 mins to empty!

I make sure it will never look shabby, first sign....and another is bought.

This year and last I bought 2 of the very same.

I am now on my 2nd, the first was looking sad....after a year of use.

I do of course look after them.I have other bags, but have this habit of using just the one?

I often buy clothes the very same too, in different colours....if they look great.

Keeps life simple for me...With a (time) in a very formal uniform for a part of my life , I just have gone away from mainstream dressings.
jonaj, your bag is practically identical to mine!! :-))
by Rice
seriously! :)
by jonaja
Yes!! I laughed out loud when I saw it. We must be soooooo practical >:))
by Rice
(pssssst . . . I buy the same clothes too!)
by Rice
That's amazing!! we think alike.(Are you Australian?)
by jonaja
Naturalised, yes, been here 50 years but born in UK. Ee oop.
by Rice
Me too!!! came in 1963 as a ten-pound pm....from England. :)
by jonaja
Me too!!! 1964!
by Rice
by jonaja
I tend to just use the same bag all the time,even though I have some utterly GORGEOUS ones which are of super-softest leather which would probably be rather lovely to use for a change!! They cost me almost nothing from the Op Shop some time back,and as they were practically brand new,I couldn't resist them,even though I felt at the time that I may never use them!!! I just get into a comfortable habit with bags,I think!
I have lots of bags but only use one
by AJ
I have about half a dozen bags. I only use one leather bag for everyday use. I got it two years ago for my birthday. It is the most beautiful colour and has a big bow on the side. Truthfully, not a day goes by when I don't get a compliment about it. I don't like big clunky bags. It is just the right size. Women carry far too much junk in their bags. I have about four different bags that I use for evening wear, or going out somewhere special. During the day I don't ' colour code' my bag to my clothes. Highly unnecessary.
Am a bag tragic!
Just love big tote bags! I carry so much 'stuff'!

I change according to what I'm wearing. Am big on being colour coordinated!

Where I'm going also plays a part in bag selection.
For example, am going to a relaxing NYE Concert, so am wearing brown RM's, blue denim jeans, blue & grey striped top, matching scarf, & Navy Jacket. The tote bag is brown, to match boots!
And I know I'll feel a million $, as will be well dressed, & very comfortable, appropriate to the occasion!

Happy New Year, everyone on Answer Angels!
Happy New Year, donjo!! :-))
by Rice
by donjo
Happy New Year
by jonaja
Meow.......meow..... jonaj!
by donjo
Same one all year. Black, tote bag. Change bags and it seems to take me a month to find things again.
I'm hearing Ya! :)
by jonaja
Oh! You're funny fran!
by donjo
I have about 45 handbags, & these were very useful when I wore slacks with different coloured tops. Now I wear sleeveless cotton dresses only, & as most of them have black & white in the pattern, I have a small B/W cotton lined handbag.
I also have a black leather ‘brand’ name one. The other day, I bought a small bright red bag made from red zippers! but I just can’t make my self get rid of all the other bags I haven’t used for years! I
just HAVE to be coloured coordinated before I leave the house! I’ve been this way since I was in my teens. I even wear my dresses when I go food shopping. even my watches have to match what I wear.

Oh! miro_.......ditto re:colour co-ordinated, from hat (to stop glare in my eyes'), all inclusive way down to socks! And yes, watch, too!

That's what my Mother always did, & she was ALWAYS very well dressed. She taught me same from when I a teenager, too! Cheers!
by donjo
AND my nylon shopping bags also have to match my dresses! My red zipper bag caught on 1 of my shopping bags, the last time I used it, & the zipper, unzipped, & I can't zip it together again! That was a ;x the body' bag, which I'm leaning to using more now. Much easier to wear while pushing a suitcase around airports & streets!
by Miro
I change from time to time but always seem to leave some important item behind.
My work/carry bag that is not handbag
by dwatk
I tend to stick to just the one when out and about - a red, white, and black tote I bought in Fiji, but I also have a couple that I like to use for more formal occasions.
by Vee
I use it till it breaks, get a new one bigger, or it just plain wears out!
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