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Do you use PAY WAVE on your credit card?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you use "pay wave" or "pay pass" with your credit card, thereby not having to put your pass code in?

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Top Answers
Yes, I love paywave or Paypass as it is so quick -just tap your credit card and bleep and it is finished.
It only works up to $100 I think.
Great invention as dont have to key in a password. I look forward also to the fingerprint one coming!

Love new technology....
by Finy
I think the Finger Print form of ID is great, and much safer than Paywave, so I am all for THIS new ID coming in when our money is involved!!
by Jules
As I've replied in my answer, we in NSW call this, 'Tap 'n Go' I hadn't heard of Pay Wave/Pay Less before, except we had a Payless shoe shop, but it's gone out of business now.
by Miro
Nope. Hate it and I HATE that you have to ASK the bank for a card which doesn't do it!! Do not presume, banks! Finy, you are the only person I know who likes it.
by Rice
what's not to like about it - I cannot understand what the problem is....
by Finy
Rice are you sure we are talking about the same thing my darling? The banks now are giving everyone these, and you just don't have to insert the card or swipe it, which means the card will last longer....because before I would use my card, and it was so well used, it didn't work at times.I had to leave my shopping trolley full of food.And if the bank was closed, had to wait till next day to order another card, and let the teller give me cash out...as they has the manual card swiper. :)
by jonaja
Rice, I'm with you. I don't like this because it poses a risk to security and, most importantly, because of the direction in which it is taking us.
by Vee
Yes, jonaj, those nastly paywave touch cards that you tap and go. Evil things.
by Rice
you are covered by the bank for fraud so why worry about the risk - only risk is if you lose your card, and you wont be out of pocket.....you people are all anti technology?? Out of about 25 customers at our shop, we possibly get 1 who does not like it - so quick and easy and instant!
by Finy
I am totally pro technology. It is not the paltry hundred dollars . . . it is access to all your information.
by Rice
I have to agree with you Rice!! I am not a fan!!
by Jules
It is convenient and quick yes, use it wisely like all other technology. You don't have to tap, you can choose to insert for any amount. Dont use a card at all. I wonder how much it is costing the community for all the small amounts like coffee?
I have a dear friend who uses it for the little trickle amount like coffee when we are out . .. I wonder the same as you.
by Rice
I am not overly fond of this at all.When I went to pay the chemist and she told me it had already gone through, I was HORRIFIED!!! What if I had not even finished shopping and wanted to add something else? Oh! Just do another wave!!I hear you lovers of this say!!! No thank you, I prefer to put my pin number in and know exactly where I am up to!! I know it may suit a lot of people, and that is fine, for THEM! But I prefer NOT to have or use it!
Oh Yessss !! I Love this way to pay for things.
Great way to go, and time saver.
So easy, and simple - simple. Life just even better.

Only at the butchers. I don't like it. My neighbour was robbed. And this function allowed the cowards to fleece the poor 86 year-old.
by Vee
I'm with you too Vee , , , far too easy to tap and go with paywave. My brother is hard of hearing and he loathes it as he can't hear the first beep, never mind any unauthorised ones. The banks have got a nerve not asking first. Unless you have an RFID wallet or purse you could be paywaving by accident if you are too close. Crims have already figured out how to walk past you and do it.
by Rice
No. There is such a high rate of credit card fraud using Pay Wave, and the police do not recommend it at all. You could drop your credit card in the supermarket car park, I could pick it up and use it straight away, because there is no security device such as a PIN to prevent me from doing so. I get angry sometimes when I am at the coffee shop and the staff do not always get my consent before they use Pay Wave.
Oh!! Don't start me!! How dare they?!!
by Rice
Absolutely not. I find it dangerous. Your wallet can get lost or stolen. Not worth it the risk.
I do use it
by AJ
do not like it if card lost can be used by anyone who finds it . only use my card sometimes for petrol. depends how much cash I have with me.
Love it. Saves so much time particularly as my card often chooses not to work on insertion and you have to go through the process 3 times before you then have to swipe. Strange thing is that it only seems to do this in Woolworths.
by jonaja
In NSW we call this, 'Tap & Go'. We use it sometimes, but we usually pay with cash for our shopping. as well as using a pin No, other times for items over the $100. So far, so good!
by Miro
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