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Do you use Ghee?

by Jamie0liversgirl (follow)
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Ghee is a popular, natural fat used in Asian cooking, but do you use it?

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Top Answers
I once had a recipe with Ghee in it, however I thought it was very unhealthy, so did not make that recipe.
I had first looked at it in the supermarket and it was rather expensive and a large quantity.
I have not used or attempted to use it since.
by Finy
Oh right, I never knew it was expensive.
I recently discovered ghee, a popular fat used in Asian cooking. Many consider it 'fattening' because it is clarified butter.

Let me clarify something, fat does not make you fat. It is a misconception, which the government feeds into society. Sugar makes you fat. Be it a broccoli floret, or a slice of bread, sugar makes you fat, not fat.
both make a person fat
by jonaja
no disrespect intended, but there are always new ideas out.
It's true about sugar, but fat is not healthy.
by jonaja
No disrespect intended, but I am a nutritionist and I have studied for three years to be able to talk about this with confidence and knowledge.
by donjo
You go JamieOliver'sGirl. . . !! We have to re-educate ourselves. Dr Jason Fung. Renal specialist.(youtube) He has turned my diabetic life around. I have given up sugar and am eating good fats and have lost 4 kilos without even trying and my BSL has plummeted. My doctor is stoked. Luckily, she is Indian and understands food remedies as well as her medical training.
by Rice
No I have never used it, and I am not really a fan.
You haven't used it, but claim not to be a fan?
That is Correct.

I don't need to use something not to be a fan.
Ghee is a 'clarified butter'.
I never ever use any kind of butter or ingredient like it in cooking.
It would make my son very sick.He has not had butter in 15 years.
by jonaja
No now,though I used to.The scales didn't friendly so started to cut back on it.
Haha. Cool.
No. I have an Indian friend who cooks some lovely dishes with it, and I can really taste the difference, but it's just fat really, so I don't use it myself.
Sounds good to me. Does it smell bad though?
by Vee
No it does not smell bad. It is simply naturally occurring fat.
I might give it a go. I use to use lard, but it gave my meals a very distinct taste neither I nor my partner liked.
by Vee
Oh dear, if you're not keen on the taste, forgo it.
I made some yesterday. It smells like heaven . . .sort of toffee popcorn fairyflossy. It is good for healing and joints, lowers cholesterol, is very digestible, keeps for months at room temperature, can be cooked at very high heat and stay stable . . .and tastes like something really sinful but I would NEVER sip it off the spoon because I was home alone and nobody could see! I then made 100 times washed Ghee to use as a moisturiser as I have dry skin. I didn't wash it 100 times as I got a sore arm but it came out lovely. I added a drop of lavender essential oil to it. Mmmmmmmm. (why are my dogs following me around??)
by Rice
I use it in my cooking quite regularly. As 'clarified butter', it is rather fattening, but delicious if used properly.
That's what a lot of people say, but fat does not make you fat.
fat does make you fat....
by jonaja
Yes, I use ghee specially when I cook for my kid.
Being an Indian, we use ghee in our cooking. But I use a teaspoon over 3 days. Ghee is supposed to be very healthy, even healthier than some cooking oils. It has a high smoking point and is comparatively heart-friendly
Yup, adds great taste to food. And we are all fit !

by BK
Yes, to cook Pikelets! Perfect!
nope i have used it
Ghee adds the most wonderful flavour especially to veggies. And yes, I'm sure it's quite fattening, but you only need a teaspoon or less depending on the quantity you are cooking. I usually use it in conjunction with a healthier option like olive oil or rice bran oil. And I make my own ghee - store bought doesn't even come close to home made!
Isn't Ghee just the same as Lard, or Mast in Croatian? I haven't been using it but have read lately that it is healthy and might try using it again.
Lard is fat from a beast's body. Ghee is made from butter.
by Rice
I buy bulk cultured butter on special and freeze it to make my own Ghee. The prices in the shops are outrageous for Ghee. I find making the Ghee a very pleasant pastime and the house smells insanely good too.
by Rice
No I never have.bought nor used any ghee, just because I always thought it would be more fattening to eat than butter.
by Miro
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