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Do you use correct grammar when texting people?

by Belinda (follow)
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photo; pixabay.com

Do you use the correct grammar when you are sending a text to someone?

#Mobile phone
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Top Answers
I usually do.

However I have a teenager, so do tend to text so he will understand #becausecoolmum
cool mums are always understood lol
Yes. Call me a pedant. I do, however, use lots of emoticons. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
by Rice
Love it! I've never seen that one before
That is a cool emoticon.
by annfi
Did you expect to get so many comments about your happy little emoticon?
No Belinda . . isn't it great that we have all enjoyed it?!! Now we can all use him :-))
by Rice
I really do love it :)
Yes, I may be old fashioned but if I'm going to go to the time and effort to send someone a message then I'd like to know they are able to understand it. Too many times have I seen someone hold a phone up with a message they've received and ask "what does that mean?" And then about 10 messages go back and forth explaining the 1st message
by Rice
Thanks Rice!
Whenever anyone sends me a text with one of them on it I'm always amazed. I'm going to have fun with these :)
by Rice
here's another one . . . .I am so old that we only had ascii art on computers back then . . .LOL. Some of it is amazing . . . and huge.
by Rice
I don't text, but write on forums and Facebook. Auto-Correct used to be on as default, but it drove me mad because it would keep 'incorrecting' what I wrote. I would post something and then realise that it read wrong, because autocorrect had changed what I'd typed without my noticing. I turned it off in the end, which does mean it takes longer to type things because it no longer corrects the typos made by my fat thumbs, and I have to backtrack all time.
No, not if I am texting my sisters or friends. But yes I try my best to use correct grammar if texting someone I don't really know
by sns
I always try to so that my message can be understood
90% of texts yes, some people dont require perfection. Auto correct doesn't understand slang either, so one has to watch what it inserts in place! Yes, i too am careful what to type as don't what my message to be misconstrued
Auto correct can be very dangerous at times. I've had a few accidents with it myself
I try to use correct grammar. Bring in the field of education its quite disconcerting to see students writing exams using text lingo. The fact that its constantly evolving means that the reader may not understand what the student is trying to say. Not sure how employers deal with this on job applications.
Does that really happen at schools? I can understand people using it as a type of shorthand if they were taking notes but to put it in an exam or essay is really taking it to the next level.
It may sound old fashioned but I hope that gets them marked down?
I have heard this, but I always thought it was a joke. If one of my students handed an essay to me written in 'SMS', I would throw it at them. (Consider yourselves warned).
by Vee
yes I do. I do not abbreviate my words and I don't understand the text language either.
A friend sent me a text with GR8 on it and it took me ages to realise that she meant "great" . . . she is uusally very proper with her texting so i was quite surprised.
by Rice
Very clever, I would never have figured it out myself.
by njsan
I have a similar story, but I couldn't understand L8, they meant they were going to be late!
I almost allways use correct grrammar when sending a text. But sometimes when i am having a laugh with my daughter we use silly grammar and emojis. We get a giggle out of it. When i am feeling especially cheeky i will sometimes answer my daughter with just K'. Holy dooly don't she half over react 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I also forget to check my spelling 😨😧 before hitting send. I have a bit of trouble with my stupid little screen
by redph
My husband sends me K on occassions and it really irks me too!
Yes. My parents were school teachers and I cannot bring myself to do otherwise.
Yep, he's a cutie alright. https://textfac.es/
by Rice
well i think i do, but i don't think people that are texting me do !
Yes I do actually. Old (and good) habits die hard.

It is a good habit! Stick with it :)
I usually use correct grammar. However, it depends on my 'audience '. If correct spelling and grammar are important to the recipient I respect that. If the recipient uses abbreviations I may do that. 'K' can be useful when I am in a hurry and simply need to acknowledge having read a text about a plan for meeting up. Why say, 'I have read your text and will meet you as planned' when 'K' communicates just as well?

However, as Mum was an English teacher I do feel some guilt whenever I knowingly break a rule in relation to use of the English language.
Marie what does K mean ?

by fran.
Typically, yes. It would have to be a very special case for me to do otherwise. I will, however, use acronyms such as LOL and ETA.
by Vee
Aw heck, I don't even know what ETA means :(
by Rice
LOL. Just the ordinary ETA: Estimated time of arrival. ;-)
by Vee
Sorry, I never text! And I hardly ever ring anyone from my mobile either, except to ring my husband if I'm out, to pick me up from the station, if I have to wait to long for a bus!
by Miro
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