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Do you use coriander in cooking or in salads?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you use coriander in cooking or raw in salads?

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Top Answers
I used to grow my own coriander when I was on a property and I got the seeds from a friend and it grew beautifully.
The ones I used to buy at a nursery didnt ever grow properly.
So when I moved I found I had and indeed still have thousands of coriander seeds, so have planted them regularly here in the city.

I find it is a herb that I have to buy a whole bunch of if I do not have my own, and usually throw out at least half, and it is very expensive.

I use it regularly in quite a few recipes, however I do not use it in salads.
by Finy
Oh yes. It is a staple in any Thai food, plus some curries I make have it in.
I do love it in salads in summer, and I do use it once or twice in a soup in winter.

My son is not a great fan, but I do still like to try it with him, esp in winter.

It has a taste all of it's own.
No I hate the taste of coriander
by AJ
You and I both, AJ.
by Vee
Me, three!
by donjo
And me 4
by fran.
No..Although I have no trouble growing it,I give it away,as I really do not like it at all!! I do not even like the smell of it when I am out watering all the plants,and I have to go and water one of my other herbs afterwards to release a more (for me,anyway) pleasant aroma from one of those!! It would be one of a very few herbs which I do not like.
I don't believe I have ever used it. Must give it a go.
by Rice
Friends don't let friends eat coriander. Please, Rice, don't do it to yourself.
by Vee
Ooooooh. Okay. It looks scary and most of you seem to dislike it. I'll steer clear, thank you Vee.
by Rice
LOL, Rice, you may like it. In my experience, and this is what I've read, people either love it or hate it. Some say it tastes like soap. I would say it tastes like something else... O_o
by Vee
Soap. That rings a bell. I bet it was in something I thought tasted weird . . like soap! Yeah, I think I'll stay away. Although, I was picking lavender by the roadside the other day and when I told other half it was edible he nearly fainted. LOL. He had never heard of lavender ice cream or biscuits etc.
by Rice
by Vee
I like the taste of it and I use it mostly in Asian style cooking. It's lovely in prawn and chicken rice paper rolls, so fresh in the hotter months. Unfortunately most of the family won't eat it. When I buy more than I need, I chop the remainder and set in ice cube trays in a little water then transfer to a plastic bag so it's always on hand.
No, not a fan.........
Coriander and cumin are chief ingredients in many of the mexican dishes which I prepare....so yes! Most certainly I use coriander.

I love love love fresh coriander. I use it in salads and in sandwiches/rolls. When I first moved into this house it was growing like a weed in my backyard and I got hooked on it. I expected some would pop up the following year but none did. I bought seeds and planted them but had little luck. I have planted seedlings but they tend to bolt as is quite common. When the weather is cooler I can buy it at the Sunday market for $1 a bunch and the lady on the stall knows what I want. I haven't been able to buy any for a couple of months and I am missing it. One day a week I buy a crispy pork roll for my lunch on the way to visit my sister. There is coriander in it. Yum!
Try buying EDEN seeds and not seedlings but EDEN and not other brands.
by Finy
Thanks for the tip about EDEN seeds. Will give them a try.
Marie, have you bought the EDEN coriander seeds yet, & planted them?
by Miro
I haven't bought any EDEN seeds. Do I get them online? I haven't seen any in the shops. By the way last winter/spring I had success with Mr Fothergill's brand coriander
Coriander is my favourite herb! I use it in asian salads and also as a garnish on cooked dishes. It's also quite nice in clear broths!
i use Coriander for soup, specially Meat and biryani, it gives good flavour if u sprinkle after finish you dish ..garnish ..
by asha
I love using fresh coriander wherever possible, and to get the most of that tangy, light flavour, use the stalks as well as the leaves. It's a little known fact, but the majority of the taste resides in the stems!
If Coriander isn't in season, there's a semi-fresh version available in tubes at the supermarket. Made on the Sunshine Coast, and is a really good standby. they do several other herbs as well. Great substitute. For those who don't like coriander, celery leaves are good, but don't give the same effect.

I love coriander. We use it in a lot of things including chutneys and dips. I have just found a great recipe for thai dressing using coriander roots ( not leaves ). I am really looking forward to try it !
by BK
I use it in cooking, when the recipe calls for it, It's lovely in some soups..I hadn't thought of putting it into a salad. If one puts parsley, & mint into a salad, why not coriander? And iIll use the stalks as now, Noshnosh, Thanks for that tip, And thanks Helga, for the ice cube tip, I won't have to throw 1/2 the packet out now, after buying it for 1 or 2 recipes.
by Miro
Coriander is a must have ingredient in our home. We cook pakistani food at home and most of our curries are incomplete without coriander.
by sns
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