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Do you use both shampoo and conditioner?

by Vee (follow)
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shampoo and conditioner
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Do you use both shampoo and conditioner?

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Top Answers
I have to use both with my hair, back when I was young...no.
I would just shampoo....there were less detergents too, in the shampoo.

I can't do anything with my hair now without conditioner.
Not all shampoo's are the same.
You seriously get what you pay for.

I like to buy the higher end products, they give me the best wash and condition.

I steer clear of the big bottle $10 ones!
Too much chemicals, and not enough care.
Mmmmm. The heavenly smell of Joico. Kerestase was nice too.
by Rice
jonaj, http://www.live-clean.com/ it sounds like you may like these. When I used to use shampoo (thinking of going back to it, to be honest), these are the only ones I would use. The bottle is neither small nor large, but a bottle would last me about six months! It is not cheap, but six months! Truly the best. I know David Jones stocks it and so do some hair dresses (my h/d introduced me to it).
by Vee
Thanks Vee
will have a look :)

by jonaja
All good, jonaj. ;-)
by Vee
Sometimes. Sometimes I do the "no poo" thing and don't use shampoo (after a couple of weeks my hair gets less oily because my scalp stops producing extra oil to counteract the shampoo), but usually I'll condition.
Jennifer, I have been doing no 'poo for over eight months now, and I've found my hair can be a bit silly at times. I am tempted to go back to shampoo but don't want to because of all the work I've done...what do you think?
by Vee
I dunno. I went back to shampoo for a while because I wanted to use an anti dandruff shampoo and I was disappointed to have to start all over again, but it's up to you.
So I did it. I went back to shampoo after what I think has been a year because it's pool season and I couldn't bear washing with bicarb so often. I am devastated to have had all that hard work go to waste, and now my hair is too soft. A stupid complaint, I know, but it's annoyingly fluffy too.
by Vee
No. I use a rich goats milk soap to wash my hair with an organic cider vinegar rinse as conditioner. I do an occasional argan oil treatment as well. I have very short hair which is trimmed every four weeks so it stays quite healthy.
by Rice
Which goats milk soap do you use, Rice?
by Vee
I get it from Platypus Dreams in Qld. They mail all over. It is sooo rich. They also have a fabulous herbal shampoo bar.

by Rice
Also, Vee, I have just given up "no poo" after two years due to scalp breakouts. Very sore.
by Rice
Argan oil is lovely, I too use it :)
by jonaja
jonaj, I have never tried Argan oil. Rice, I often get a sore scalp too, but only if I haven't washed my hair in over a week...which I don't do often. Because it's not oily anymore, I can go up to 2 weeks. Of course I wear it up, but you wouldn't be able to tell. In any case, I just thought it was because I was tying my hear up too tight. Hmm..
by Vee
Here is one lady's blog about it
Also, another lady whose blog I follow has given "no poo" up as well and she was right into it. My hair was good but my scalp was getting abraded by the baking soda. It is slowly healing now.
by Rice
Maybe it is my tying as I don't use baking soda. I use egg and apple cider vinegar. Thanks for sharing though.
by Vee
Yes, probably the tying. When my hair was long it killed my head to tie it up too.
by Rice
I ditched the egg and went to bicarb...now have ditched the bicarb and gone to shampoo...slowly regretting my decision.
by Vee
Shampoo every second shower, conditioner every shower. I am trying to repair very bleach damaged hair though, I've had some small success so far.
anna. I have used coconut oil as a leave in treatment. It did wonders, and I highly recommend it. ;-)
by Vee
rarely use conditioner,
Yes. I have shampoo to wash my hair. My hair gets tangly easily so I use conditioner and it prevents this.
Yes, either as separate bottles thereof, or if I'm in a hurry, a combined one.
donjo, I have always wondered whether those were any good.
by Vee
Oh! Vee, I just buy the 'Woolies' 2 in 1! Have been using it for years, & I find it works well on my oily, sweaty hair!
by donjo
My hair is really long and if I don't use conditioner it gets really tangly and hard to manage after a wash. However - I only wash my hair once per week - I'll add an extra wash if it's especially dirty (like if I've been doing some heavy garden work, been in a smoky environment or had sunscreen on) but I really try to stick to once per week. I just use a fairly cheap shampoo and conditioner (Herbal essences at the moment) which I'm sure is full of chemicals and crap, but I like it.
Yes, I use shampoo and conditioner! I usually have two different shampoos, where I do a quick wash first (using a cheaper shampoo), then rinse off and use another shampoo and then finish off with the matching conditioner. I find that the first wash with the shampoo helps lift dirt and oil from the surface of the hair. The second wash I cleanse the scalp (I can usually get lots of foam and bubbles in the second wash).
Yes, always use both
by Finy
I use Garnier Fructis 2 in 1 which is really good for my very fine hair. If I want to smell extra special I use Tabu combined shampoo and shower gel - it is gorgeous and the smell really lingers for a long time on your hair and skin.
I am just going back to the no poo. This time I am doing it differently. I have mixed dry bicarb with a little eucalyptus oil and really mixed them together. Addeda little water and mixed agin, then put the bicarb in a squeezy bottle and topped up with water. ( no exact recipe a bit like cordial) Shake the bottle vigourously and use like shampoo. I have rinsed with diluted apple cider vinegar, then again with water, but don't find it necessary each time. My naturaly fine and curly hair is very soft and tangle free. It is frizzy though , so I have been putting a leave in conditioner on it to settle it down. I am hoping in time I may not have to do this. I am going to put coconut oil on before next wash and see if that tames the frizzies.
I have trouble with itchy and flaky scalp and since going no poo my scalp is in great condition.
I use both. I find a conditioner gives my fine hair volume.
I use Joico shampoo and conditioner as it's great for my hair and smells delicious. When younger I used to wash my long hair with a bar of Sunlight soap and an occasional rinse with vinegar and dried outside in the sunshine. My hair was always healthy and shiny.
Yes, I use both, once a week, on my thick shoulder length hair. My husband uses 2 in 1 every day. He's nearly 72, & STILL has his black hair! He's barely lost any of it yet!!! A guide in a art gallery in NYC thought he was wearing a wig, & tried it pull it off! He was so embarrassed! (Sorry to get way of the point!!!)
by Miro
Wow! miro_, that is awesome! My dad still has his brown hair, but he is only 53. I wonder how long it will last - for them both.
by Vee
Yes,I do use shampoo and conditioner, I need to for my hair, I have curly wavy hair, and the conditioner tames it, but I use certain brands, some are harsh on my hair.
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