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Do you use anatomically correct names for genitals with your children?

by lizzi (follow)
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Do you encourage your children to use the "correct" names for body parts or do you use slang terms? Or avoid discussing "private" body parts altogether?

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Top Answers
Correct terms, yes. There's no need to give our parts nicknames. I find this suggests that they are something to be ashamed of and ignored. My eleven year old sister dies of mortification whenever she hears the words 'penis' or 'vagina' - that can't be healthy.
by Vee
Yes, when my kids were small I introduced correct terminology.
Yes I absolutely do! I also call their elbows by their correct name. And feet, noses …. all body parts have real names here.

I have to young boys and I ensure that they use the correct term for their body parts. When I was young my mom taught us the nicknames so we thought those were the correct terms until I got laughed at one day at school. I wouldn't want the same thing for my boys.
I say use the correct terminologies.
by Gia
When all my boys were growing up,and also very young we did not use the correct words.There is a little madness to this.
I would have been back then quite upset, if they had used the word in anger.Of course we all know kids do this, just to get the parents upset in public.
So we avoided that challenge, to live another day.
I of course set the record straight when they were old enough not to try that
We tried to but sometimes they use sort of childish versions of the correct terms which they found easier to say (eg. "giny" for "vagina") but at least then we know what they're talking about. I don't want my kids thinking any body parts are anything to be ashamed of.
We use the correct words. No need to confuse them with a whole bunch of different names for the same thing.
I don't have children, but mum always made sure my sister and I used the correct terms, so now we're not afraid to say vagina or penis.
We use correct terms as well. Vulva for girls and Penis for boys. It's strange because I have avoided these terms or even talking about "private parts" for pretty much my whole life - I got through my entire first pregnancy and birth without saying the word vagina once!! But by the time I had a toddler (who showered with me or her daddy regularly) I realised that I needed to "get over it" and start using proper words. Also in my doula training we talk about using correct terms, so it was good to practice on my toddler!
I always do. Children should not be left ignorant of these things.
There was never any 'baby talk' in our home!
It's stupid to do so, as it's has to be un-learnt!
Life's life. Get on with it!
We use all the words, that way, my girls know what is being referred to - especially as the Americans call their bum their fanny! I don't like to use "Vagina" as its not a body part that is actually seen (though my girls do know it)- so we use "Vulva", "Fanny", "Crotch" and a couple more that I can't think of right now. My mother grew up thinking it was called "SELF" because her mother asked if she'd washed her self.
Hahaha. Self. That reminds me , we called ours our Goodboy later Goodgirl, because Mum always said that to my eldest brother when he used the potty. He thought that was the name of his penis amd we copied what he said.
by annfi
They know the real words, just as they do all their body parts. I am very glad my daughter know her external gentilia is vulva. I did not know that until I was OVER 30!

They also say willy.
But then we say 'funny bone' (elbow), 'Noggin' (head), 'snozz' (nose) 'toush' (bottom), but they know the real names.

My son was three and on a reef walk with a group of tourists when he saw a sea cucumber in the shallows- he shouted to me that it was a Penis. Some people were horrified, but I wasn't. I explained that it was a Sea Cucumber.
Yes of course. A forehead or a penis or an elbow - they are just body parts. And I try to remember the difference between a vagina and a vulva too - calling the external parts a vagina is just confusing.
Yes of course. A forehead or a penis or an elbow - they are just body parts. We need to be able to talk about them comfortably and not act as if they need special names. And I try to remember the difference between a vagina and a vulva too - calling the external parts a vagina is just confusing.
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