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Do you use a tablet/watch TV right before you go to bed?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you use a tablet/I pad, or watch television just before you are ready to go to bed?

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Top Answers
I used to use an i pad right up until I went to bed and then turned on the tv and fell asleep in bed, in front of it. Trouble was i slept really badly.

I have now read a few times, NOT to stimulate your brain before bed so I have made a rule that "no more i pad after 7.30 pm at night, assuming I go to bed at around 10.

I am sleeping often much better now that I have done this, so there must be some truth to it.

I do still watch TV right up until I go to bed, and even in bed, as this is mostly so boring I fall asleep within a few minutes of getting into bed!
by Finy
I am guilty of all of this, and worse, I can't sleep without the little tv on... Bad huh!
I read my Bible.
After I have said goodnight to my E-friends, I usually read a little, do a crossword or listen to an audio book in bed. Any or all of these usually relax me for sleep very quickly. I discovered something similar to Finy's discovery . . . . I was sleeping badly and having bad dreams until I realised that the blue night light I was using is a no-no. (it is a mozzie zapper) Apparently, blue light is not condusive to good sleep as it disturbs the "rhythms" of our sleeping brain. I was quite surprised to read this. I have canned the light and have been sleeping very well. (wow - crims must do it tough - all those flashing blue lights. Haha)
by Rice
Sometimes I will go onto the computer Close to bed time but not just before bed. I have heard that it does keep you awake as well, and I believe it. It really depends whether my husband is at home or working. If he is home, we tend to watch a DVD box set of favourite old tv show. If he is at work, tv gets turned off at 9.30 and I read or write. Lovely and quiet, so can think and concentrate. Put on some nice music and have a drink, very relaxing.
Lluxi - i think it also depends on your age -younger people -it does not seem to affect like it does us oldies (Rice?) who often wake during the night several times anyway
by Finy
Too true, Finy . . . age and waking seem to go hand in glove :(
by Rice
After the tv, I'll muck around doing this & that, before going to bed, have a shower, then take my laptop to bed. I was also warned about the 'blue light' from my sister, but I've never noticed it! I go straight to sleep, after giving the laptop to my husband to use. He'll lie in bed for hours, looking at youtube, It doesn't stop him from sleeping either. he also reads in bed a lot.
by Miro
I do not own a tablet,so I don't use a computer in bed at all!!! I also never have had a TV in the bedroom,except when I was confined to bed for several weeks after major surgery,and my friend rented one for a month for me instead of buying flowers for me!!! That was over 20 years back now! Though my then hubby loved having the tv in the bedroom,I have never been a fan and as soon as the month was up,that was the last of a tv in my sleeping space!! I will sometimes read before I go to sleep,as I do keep several wonderful books by my bed. I have found that even when I am watching TV in the lounge,I will often nod off and miss half of the show I was watching!!! My computer is down there too,so I check the in-box,bid farewell and goodnight to anyone who may have written,and then I just turn everything off and go up to bed,where I usually find my beloved dogs are already fast asleep in their own spots on the bed!!!
P.S. !!! I have often found that if I read in bed for a long period,I sometimes end up having dreams about what I had been reading!! The same goes for things watched on TV immediately before going up to bed! I do believe that listening to music and doing very pleasant soothing ,quiet things is far better for inducing sleep,than watching TV!!
I do both but suffering with sleep apnea I doze off watching the TV or reading a book, even going through junk mail so it has little effect on me as I wake often once in bed. Even with a CPAP machine I still wake. I've tried going earlier to bed but don't watch the TV in there at night, only the news the following morning before I get up.
I watch the TV before I go to bed. I then do crosswords and puzzle s before I get tired. If im looking for a word in my crossword I usually have the answer the following morning. I try not to go on the computer at night other to writing letters as I've bought some really stupid things in the early hours of the morning
I am usually tottering around the house or on the laptop before I turn in. Bedtime routine: shower, prayer, bed. Sometimes, if I go straight from laptop to bed, I find it difficult to shut off.
by Vee
No, I read somewhere that that can mess with your sleep patterns, something to do with the light from the screen, I think. I like to read in bed sometimes though.
My phone.
Both, as does my husband. It doesn't stop me from sleeping. My husband will usually watch tv until after midnight most nights, then he'll go to bed & look at Youtube, then read for another hour or 2!!!
by Miro
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