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Do you use a shopping trolley?

by Bryony Harrison (follow)
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shopping trolley, groceries

The other day I went out shopping with a trolley, and some one asked me with amused curiosity, 'is that your trolley', because he could not believe someone my age would have one. Admittedly it is my mum's, but we live together and I used it frequently.

The week before that, a lady I know who is in her sixties told me she refused to get one because it felt 'too much like giving up.' How is putting your shopping in a trolley in order to save breaking your back, giving up?

Do you use a shopping trolley? Is there/was there an age in your life when you wouldn't be caught dead with one?

Why are some people so embarrassed to be seen with them, and why are they associated with old age?

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Top Answers
I love them!
I don't use one because I have a car.....but the other day I bought a small one, just in case my car needs repairs, and I need something to carry the food home in.

We are lucky to live just a 12 min walk to out shopping centre.
I think they are a blessing, and yes they are seen as the older persons 'thing', but that is just crazy.

Could you imagine trying to carry home the food, with two hands?*#!?
Plus, walking to the shops is a wonderful exercise at times.
They're commonly called 'granny trolleys' here, I suppose because a lot of old people use them. They can be very convenient. I often use one myself because I have always preferred to use a sling rather than a pram when out with my baby and without a pram with a basket underneath to store stuff in you need a way to carry things like nappies etc. or your shopping. When my kids were younger I'd have a baby on my front, a small backpack on my back for nappies and a granny trolley for heavier stuff like library books (too heavy for the backback or to carry over one arm). I'm not embarrassed about it at all. It just seems like common sense to carry stuff in a way that's convenient for you.
As I do not drive, but aways do a big shop, I need to use a trolley to do my shopping. It is really useful. I am not embarrassed to use one, although I have seen people looking at me when I have it.
When I did a lot of shopping on foot, I used one. All the time. It would have been silly not to! Like you say, it's not giving up, it's acknowledging that wheeling a heavy load is better than trying to carry it :)
And you can get some really funky cool designs on trolleys these days.
Now I get all my supermarket shopping delivered direct to my door so it's not an issue. Plus my son has commandeered my trolley for toy portage......
How sweet.
I dont but think I need to get one.
by Gia
HAHAHAHA! I like the idea, but I suppose I am not ready for people to think I am 'giving up'. Though, you're absolutely right, it makes much sense to use one. However, I drive so it wouldn't be as practical for me as using a shopping trolley.
by Vee
I use one.
It's on the backseat of my car. When arrive home, put groceries' from boot into it to take into house, which involves 5 stairs'.
Much easier than lugging by hand!
I just do the 'trips' required to get ALL upstairs!
I use one, its a Sholley four wheeler because I've been told by the doctor pulling one along is bad for the back.
I'm not even 40 and have used one since moving out of home as I don't have a car. But there are a couple of items that I still can't get home easily on my own.
I don't care what people think; I can get a week's worth of shopping home when I don't use plastic bags and pack the jeep Tetris computer game style
go to the Queen Vic market in Melb. and people of all ages have these items.
Pack Tetris style - love it! So relate as well.
On beautiful sunny days, my husband and I walk to our nearest supermarket, pick up some groceries and...you guessed it....place them in our shopping cart (our word for shopping trolley) for the walk home. It's bright red with 2 "white wall" tyres and no....we're not a little old couple.....we just don't care...and we're getting exercise and having fun!
No i hate them -they always remind me of little old ladies (which I am now!), but I would not use one even though I have a problem lifting.
by Finy
I think they're really good to use. My daughter goes to the Richmond markets, every single Saturday, & nearly everyone there uses a trolly. She has a black 1, with shelves that slide out.
It's great. We don't have 1, because my husband drives, & we have 13 uneven stone steps up to our house from the drive!! We only use my collection of nylon shopping bags. I take the ones that match what I'm wearing, & that's usually not black!
by Miro
We've never owned a shopping trolly because of the 13 uneven stone steps up to our house, so we use NON plastic shopping bags, which my husband carries 1/2 way up the stairs, & I take them the rest of the way. But my daughter in Melbourne uses 1 very week-end when she does her food shopping at the markets, but hers is a black metal frame 1 that comes apart, to fit into the car easily It's easy for her to use. And my brother in-law in Sydney uses 1 every day.
by Miro
I used to a lot, when I didn't have a car, I think there great thing to have, so you are more independant, especially even for the elderley.
I learned the hard way, that I needed one when I went to the Vic Market. Always seemed to buy the potatoes, onions and pumpkin first off and then had to cart them around to every other stall I needed to visit OR take those 3 items back to the car, return to the market and load up again. If you don't do a big shop, I suppose you may not need a trolley, but even for a small family like mine, by the time you buy those 3 items for a fortnight, you are considering a BIG weight. Leaves no option for enjoying the other stalls or simply getting other items like fruit, eggs, meat poultry etc. Doesn't seem to worry people at the airport that they may be considered oldies for having wheels on their luggage (even carry-on luggage)……does it.
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