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Do you use a bath mat when getting out of the shower or bath?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you use a bath mat when getting out of the shower or bath?

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Top Answers
Yes I do but was surprised recently when I stayed with a friend and they do not. They simply get out of the shower onto the floor which I found awful!
I could not go, especially in winter, on to the floor and with wet feet - also it could be very slippery doing this!

No I MUST have a bath mat.
by Finy
I'm with you all the way with this one!! Why risk any sort of fall at all,especially on a cold and VERY hard floor!!!I've already had a nasty fall onto tiles which landed me in hospital for a week,and I do not ever wish to experience another one!!! Apart from this,I also do love the look of a soft and welcoming bath mat in my bathroom!!
by Jules
It doesn't matter what kind of floor you have, water makes people slip.
Some of the worse accidents in the home are in a bathroom.
They are made to absorb water, and when your dripping wet.......best to use common sense.
'worse' should be worst! can you believe that mistake!!!! ahhhhhhhh
by jonaja
Good golly gosh, I certainly do. I simply could not imagine stepping out onto the bare floor *euww* . . . not to mention the danger of slipping as Finy and donjo have stated. I have eight and they get rotated regularly. My red ones are my two favourites though, as they are better behaved.
by Rice
SORRY JONAJ!! I JUST TURNED YOU INTO DONJO FOR A MOMENT THERE. That was *worser* than waht you did. Heehee.
by Rice
Oh! Rice.....worse things than THAT could happen to jonaj!
You never know, it could be advantageous for her! Lol!
by donjo
Well . . .I don't know . . . her clothes wouldn't fit her any more for a start as you are so tall. heehee. ... although she could pretend the mini has come back into fashion along with capri pants. . . . or what if poor jonaj suddenly found herself atop a galloping horse. . . No, I think we should all stay ourselves. LOL.
by Rice
Hah! The mental pictures' those 'suggestions' bring forth had me aROLF'ng!
Especially the last one! Hi-ho 'Silver'! Lol!
by donjo
Sorry Rice, what have the white background answers got to do with BATHMATS???
You could have those answers in another question!!! (Re Movies & Horses!!)
by Miro
. . .Um, I don't understand "white background". Is it like white noise? Am I missing somehing? We were just having a giggle about my turning jonaj into donjo momentarily. . . .
by Rice
I have a bath mat. I thought everyone did. Ours is a thick looped material with a rubber backing. It gets aired off after the bath / shower and washed occasionally. It is a lot thicker and more sturdy than a piece of towel material.
I certainly do.
Of course!
Have different types, but all are sturdy enough to be non-slip.
Currently, I've a beautiful deep purple one.....large, thick, & rubber-backed. Love it!
You are going to hate this . . and I know because I did when I found out . . . it is actually Hi-Yo Silver :((((. I know, I know, you may need a cuppa and a lie down now. I absolutely adored Clayton Moore and relished the stories of the two Silvers - one he could ride who was a sweetie and one that only the trainer could ride. In the distance shots it is never Clayton, it is the trainer. I always had "white" horses and a pinto . . . . as a child I was always role playing . . . guess what? LOL. My neighbours' bull terriers would takes turns with me at being Kimosabe (alt Kemosabe) or Tonto. Ah, I was a strange child.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, interesting trivia!
When at KRS, another girl, & I used to pretend doing the 'Battle of Calahorra' jousting scene, from movie 'El Cid'!
Our 'steeds' weren't quite up to the Andalusian ones' ridden by the late, great Charlton Heston, & Christopher Rhodes! Yay!
by donjo
( . . . . . psssst . . . I think a few of us on here were strange children . . . ) ¯\(°_o)/¯
by Rice
To be totally besotted, as a young girl, by horses', isn't strange!
It's highly normal, especially when one aspires to a 'Thelwell' pony! Lol!
by donjo
Yes I do, I am so afraid of slipping and falling.
I have ALWAYS known a bath mat to be in the bathroom from early childhood.I cannot even imagine otherwise!!! Now as I am getting older, I am very wary about slipping, and the bath mat definitely helps to prevent this happening to me.I also have mats in the other 'wet' areas of the home,being the Laundry and the kitchen!! It is simply not worth risking any sort of accident at all.
Yes . Always.
Yes I do. I have bathmats, handtowels and bath towels in matching colours so all are changed at the same time. My bathmats are very thick towelling and do not slip. I dislike the rubber backed ones.
All my towelling matches and I definitely use the bathmat.
Yes, always. It's so nice under ones feet to stand on 1 while you dry yourself. Heaps nicer than standing on cold tiles, since we don't have floor heating! I have a pink set, & a cream set. we have blue ones, in the main bathroom, on the pale blue tiles!
by Miro
Yes, I use a bathmat.
by Vee
Thanks to this question, I've just bought a couple of extra non-slip mats, for inside bath, & shower recess!

I'm not a 'Jackie be Nimble' anymore, & afeard of going totally a over t, & breaking a hip, or leg, or arm!
I just hate getting older!
Body ain't what it used to be, but brain's in good working order, so far!
Oh lord, donjo, we are tragic (in a good way) . . . I bought a pile of audible Shakespeare plays due to the question on here. Bahahahahahahahaha.
by Rice
Oh! Rice, which ones'?
And are they RSC recordings?

Did you notice that UK RSC actor, David Warner, was playing 'Kurt's father', in 'Wallander'?
I remember him as one of the 'Henry's' in the 1966 RSC TV series', 'Wars of the Roses'.
Wish I could buy that on DVD(s), it was just SO good, & had young up & coming actors' of the time, like David, Derek Jacobi, Edward Petherbridge, plus the 'oldies, Sir Donald Sinden et al.
All their 'voices' to me were just 'dreamy'! I would've been doing Advanced AMEB S & D exams at that time, too!
by donjo
Classic BBC Radio Shakespeare: English actors . . Ian McKellan etc. I saw one that was listed as "recorded in the American dialect" . . . less said the better.
by Rice
Nigel Hawthorne, Miriam Margolyes, Geraldine McEwan. Ronald Pickup and Paul Scofield. John Gielgud, Peggy Ashcroft and Gary Watson. Bliss.
by Rice
David Warner . . . . oh yes! His face popped into my head straight away. Very good choice for that role.
by Rice
Yes, Rice, your list makes me 'drool'! Did u see Nigel Hawthorne in 'Miss Marple' last week? Have you seen Miriam Margolyes on stage?
by donjo
Oh! Rice, there was a series of 4 plays on TV within last 12 months, 3 were UK actors, & 4th, (Macbeth) was a terribly badly voiced yank. Spoilt the whole lot, IMHO!
by donjo
Yes, I always watch Miss Marple. I haven't seen Miriam M but my daughter has - she loves her too.
by Rice
The Taming of the Shrew; A Midsummer Night's Dream; Twelfth Night, Hamlet; Macbeth; Romeo and Juliet and Love's Labour's Lost. (sorry, I missed the question on first reading.)
by Rice
Totally unrelated to the question,but definitely in sync with your discussion!!!! I just adore Miriam Margolyes in her role as Aunt Prudence in Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries!! And when she was a guest on the Graham Norton Show, she STOLE the stage,she is such a truly hilarious person and so full of marvellous wit!!! I was in absolute stitches!!!! She managed to embarrass just about everyone on the stage as well as in the audience!!!! I could listen to her anecdotes all day long!!! More recent works which I have loved her as, include Prof Sprout in the Harry Potter movies,.Little wonder she is so respected as well as genuinely liked! Of course her voice parts in so many movies have also been amazing! Babe, Mulan,etc...... Oh dear, I could keep going on and on about this talented woman!
by Jules
Oh! Jules, when she's on stage, she's an absolute hoot!
Saw her latest 'Being Miriam', a follow up for her show 'Being Dickens'.
My face cheeks, & stomach muscles were SO sore from laughing!

I met her after the former show, & it was like talking to an 'old aunt' who I'd not seen for several years', such is her talent!
And she only came up halfway of my upper arm, she's so short, but, IMHO, a genuine 'pocket-rocket'!

If she 'tours' near you, don't miss her show!
by donjo
Yes! I have to use a bath mat always, I don't like having water on the floor.
Yes, I thought everyone did.
Who wants to drip water everywhere after a shower or bath?
Unless you have a shower that is large enough to dry off in.
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