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Do you turn on heaters whenever you are cold, or worry about using electricity?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you turn on the heater/air conditioner whenever you feel cold?

Or do you worry about the electricity/gas you are using?

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Top Answers
I generally turn them on when I am cold but try to limit it to after lunch time!
I have this thing in my head that if I have the heat on all day long, I will feel the cold more, but have been told that is rubbish!

I oddly do not feel the cold first thing and walk the dogs when it is continually 4° and then get cold around 10 am.

It is currently 4 and I DO have the gas heater on and it is only 7 am! My dogs love it - one dog hears the click when I turn it on and comes running from far and wide to almost sit on top of it!
by Finy
We have the heater on all the time over Winter. I dont believe that I should have to be uncomfortable, or cold for any reason. If we get too warm, we will turn it down, but not off. We have a thermostat on the heater ( and air conditioner ) that keeps it at a constant lovely temperature 24 hours a day. One of my cats usually sleeps on top of the ducted heating vent in the lounge room, so he likes to be warm too.
Thank you, Lluxi. It's good to be back. But I'm afraid I'll be floating in and out from now on. I do miss you all on here. :-)
by Vee
I don't have heaters. I do close Windows, & Roller Blinds at a time which allows the day heat to be 'trapped' inside, which gives house a warm, & snugly feel for the night.

Judicious use of bedding makes for a good sleep.
Yes, it does !
by fran.
I turn on heating when I am cold, but am mindful of the expense and limit use to when it is required. I recently had solar electric panels installed, so am hoping that this will reduce my energy bills.
did you also get a battery or just the solar panels?
by Finy
Just the panels for now, however, the system is battery capable so as soon as they come down to a reasonable price I will purchase them and add to the system.
Before when l lived in my own home, 4 months ago I would keep warm, no matter what the time.
I actually am not suppose to be cold, with my condition.
Since I live with my eldest son, he uses a heater in his office...which is fair enough.
My youngest son uses a heater, as he is in a very cold part of the dwelling. I am only using a blanket this winter, someone has to keep the bills a tad low.
It has been hard, but that's ok (baby-boomers) are made very tough!
You now have two back living with you Jonaj - thought you only had one!
by Finy
I'm living with my eldest in his house in Qld...Left Sydney 4 months ago, plus my youngest came too! yeah...lots of cooking for me to do now LOL.
by jonaja
I live in Cairns - So we really have no need to own a heater! We've had a few chilly nights lately - so we are just adding layers to our warm pajamas.
i should come live there - each year i feel the cold more!
by Finy
We have a combustion fire place and light it each afternoon when the weather is cold or sometimes on bleak days. Our house is cold but the fireplace keeps a lot of it toasty. I have a heater in my studio that I will use when I am in there if cold. The other heater is in the ensuite. I have it programmed to come on and off throughout the day, but turn the temp as low as I can comfortably manage. We still get a refund from our solar input to the grid, but I try not to be wasteful.I definitely consider the electricity usage when turning on a heater.
do you have a storage battery to get a refund? I get a whole $15
by Finy
No we don't have storage batteries yet. . Our credit this bill was $46. The credit is getting smaller and smaller as electricity prices rise. We want to install batteries to reduce our electricity purchase. We have been watching the technology but also need to be careful not to breach our contract.
We may move soon and would plan to be off grid.
by annfi
Am mindful to economise more now, even with my rooftop solar, 2kw for 1 person so it has paid for itself in 5yrs. Had quote for a battery but need to wait until they reduce a bit more in price, which they will. I believe in not wasting energy & try to do what I can for the poor environment.
Yes!! . . . it is nine degrees . . .the heater is on, beanie is on, scarf is on, singlet is on, jumper is on . . . and i now have an electric blanket at night too. . . and they used to scare me. The wind carries a nasty nip up here.
by Rice
u lucky thing 9°! Wish we could get that high in the mornings!! what about canberra or somewhere had -4 the other day! We should be thankful. Odd that perth is one of the coldest at night - it never used to be
by Finy
I have horrific circulation so am always cold.. I do tend to turn the heaters on whenever it bothers me.
I become a big whinger if I am cold!
I'll usually turn the heating on for about an hour in the morning to snap the cold out of the house. In any case, I dress warmly and keep moving.
by Vee
Welcome back Vee😊 good to see you
by Lluxi
Yes. If I'm cold I turn on the heating
by AJ
Melbourne weather can get cold and I live in an old brick house with central heating now and it it warm and comfortable, I do find I don't need the temperature as high as my house mate but I do move around and go for walks etc and that helps the circulation. House mate sits most of the day so the fan heater goes on to the feet, then that room is toward for me... I thai it is good to be comfortable and just pay the high bills during the winter months. At some stage install solar panels and battery storage down the line....
spell check - that should read "too warm for me"
by brigi
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