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Do you thrive on being with other people or do you prefer being alone most of the time?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you thrive on being with other people?

Or would you prefer being alone for most of the time?

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Top Answers
I totally thrive on being alone now.
Some years ago I was petrified of being alone and stayed in an awful relationship as I was too scared of being on my own.

To my delight I love it!
I am still happy to go out with friends, but always pleased to come back to my home.
by Finy
That's great! I have a few female friends a bit older than me in their 40's who always get dreadfully lonely.
perhaps without animals in the house, I would be lonely but i have plenty to do and am happy now to be home alone at night at do what I want, when I want!
by Finy
It certainly depends on who those people are. I love being around my family, however in the professional sphere I'd rather be alone most of the time. I'm most productive working late hours when most of my coworkers have gone home.
I prefer being alone. Too tiring with lots of other people!
Both, I enjoy my time alone (for many years so used to it) but also am quite social and am out a lot of the time also...it does vary though, this weekend is a quiet one and that is fine with me...
by Fran
When I have alone time, I love it. With my husband and kids always around, I never get lonely!
With the ladies you know who get very lonely,ask if they have a computer.Once one has one it is a whole different world.Plus, they can see how to do things on You Tube. I think the Internet gets a lot of flack, but it has kept me sane a long time.I also have learnt a great deal.Met news friends, and life has a plus for me now. :)
by jonaja
I have never been alone in my 60 yrs on this planet!

I won't hold my breath, looks like it isn't going to happen any time soon lol.
I was in my house alone for all of four months . . . . . only time in my nearly sixty years as well. Sometimes I think . . . . . oh well, best not to think . .
by Rice
I know...I know....:)
by jonaja
Although I enjoy being around positive, loving and inspiring people, I also really love having time alone. I really need both! If I'm alone too much I get very lonely, but if I don't have a substantial amount of time by myself I start to feel smothered. As a creative kind of person, I like peace and quiet to write, draw, study, meditate and connect with nature.
I prefer being around people. I like getting alone time but I need more interaction with people than I need time by myself
by AJ
I am totally content with my own company and that of my dogs! I have been having major renovations done at home over the past 6 weeks and I have so completely had more than enough of other human beings!! I feel as though my entire life has been invaded and the intrusion has been more than I ever wish to go through again EVER!!! I adore peace and quiet,as well as privacy.When I do have actual visitors,it is because I have invited them!
I have always had jobs where I've worked with
people and have loved it. I do like company but there are days when I enjoy just being by myself and having time to think straight!
love being with good friends but have always needed a bit of my own space to clear my head and think through, relax and recharge. Can do that with friends around but its different.
When my children where smaller and more demanding in the daylight hours I'd sometimes wake up early just to sit down stairs with a quite cuppa and read a few pages of my book. that alone kept me sane.....
I agree with everything Finy has said.
Jonahj is SO right. With a computer, you are never lonely. I know I love mine and am never lonely - problem is, now it is an addiction.
Fran -i no longer worry about addiction -if I enjoy it, it gives me pleasure to do, so be it!
by Finy
by jonaja
I love being alone at time, too much company often wastes my time
by Gia
Either suits me fine. I just take one day at a time & go with the flow! If I go out with friends, fine. If I'm home with my cat, fine. Am not the sort of person who HAS to be with others', all the time.
Yes being alone it great. The solitude at times is good for the soul. No distractions
by jonaja
Give me a home among the gum trees,
But stay away, please,
La la la, la la la, tra la la la laaaaaa . . . .

by Rice
I laughed so hard love your little song!! :)
La La La La Laaaaaa
by jonaja
Well, of course, if you come over . . . it'll be manners first and I will ply you with cups of tea ;-))
by Rice
My husband & I enjoy being alone. On the days we don't need to leave the house, I lock myself away in my bedroom with my laptop, & my husband lies on the lounge with the TV. Of cause we have dinner together, & I wash up, tidy the kitchen, then retire to my room again, leaving my laptop on his bed for him to look at things on Google. ( His Apple computer has broken down.)
by Miro
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