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Do you think thin people feel the cold more than people with more weight on them?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you think thin people feel the cold more than overweight people, or is this a myth?

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Top Answers
I'm asking this question as I am thin and this year the cold is really getting to me.

I have noticed that some of my friends who are not thin like I am, do not seem to feel the cold, and wonder if it is a myth about weight and heat, or if it is really true
by Finy
You need some thermals girl, and quickly.
They will keep ya warm, and very nice to wear. :)
''Off you go''!! get shopping.
by jonaja
I think women feel the cold more than men so I think it's more of a gender thing
by AJ
Great Question!!! I alm ost wrote YES!!! and then I had a proper think about it and I have to say NO! I have never been friends with the cold as I have very poor circulation! I left Melbourne and came to live in North Qld for this very reason.I have to say that I STILL feel the cold in Winter,what we get of it here! In fact I am ceeling vERY chilled this morning as it has dropped to 12,which is rather bitter for us at 7 am!! At least it will warm up rapidly to gthe low-to-mid 20's by late morning!! My neighbour who is very overweight feels the cold even more than I do and I am just average size! I think it may be more to do with circulation than size.My physiotherapist gave me some great advice to help the immobility in my hands when getting up.I have found that it also helps with the awful feeling of being cold. Whrn I get up I fill a bucket with nice warm water and immerse my hands and forearms for several minutes.As the circulation improves,I find that movement is much less painful.But also as my hands start to feel swarmer,so does the rest of me.It's like the old agdage of running COLD water over the wrists to cool down in hot weather,but in reverse!! Immersing the hands and forearms completely,is so much more effective than just warming the wrists at the pulse p[oints!!
Aaaah! the sun has risen high enough now to share its warmth with me!!!
half you luck Jules! we keep getting 18 or so and I am still just freezing -called in the air conditioning people and they said TURN UP THE FAN which I did and am now very warm at least at night and turn it on for my dogs when I am away!
by Finy
I don't think it has to do with body weight at all. I think it has to do with your overall health and what your body is accustomed to. I find when Summer changes to Fall drastically, and I don't have time to become accustomed to the weather change, then I find I feel much colder than I do once I have acclimatized. The same goes if it we get an early summer, I find I get exhaustion extremely easy but once I become accustomed to the warmth, I'm okay.
I don't think it has anything to do with size, it is more about metabolism. I have chunky friends, I have thin friends and in each cohort there is people who feel the cold.
I'm inclined to think it is true....well Finy we will have to go for more lunches!
by Fran
I'm with Alex on this one. I have noticed that I am always more cold than my husband. Always.
by Vee
No meat on ya bones, your going to feel the cold.
I was once very very thin in my 30's, and I had a backside that was always cold.
When you get up, best to run into the shower...have a hot shower, then get dressed.You will stay warm longer.
Yes I do! Bigger people have more insulation.
Yes bigger people have more layers to keep us
Agree with you there. I don't feel the cold and dress mostly in Summer clothing with a cardigan if I'm feeling cool on the arms, otherwise it's the opposite in the hotter seasons wher I wear as little as possible and my thinner friends freeze and feel cold just by looking at me.
by helga
Yes, that's what I've been told by a friend. I'm skinny, a bit underweight, if anything, but do intensive exercise each week so burn off whatever I eat. A poorly insulated place with useless slat blinds over the windows doesn't help my issue either, but I can't do anything to change that.
Of course they do! They've got no body 'layers' to keep 'em warm!

Best item I've got, & started buying them decades' ago, are Damart Sleeveless Longline Vests. They keep you warm beautifully! Bought two in April, one pink, one mauve, ready for Winter! Glad I had them!
If my head, neck, & back are warm, I'm warm all over! Cheers!
Absolutely. No question about it. I have a friend who is very big and she is hot 365 days of the year! When you have that thick a layer of fat you are well & truly insulated - just look at animals like seals and walruses!
For me it is a yes. I hate Winter as I am always freezing and lack motivation. As soon as Summer arrives I’m as happy as a pig in mud. I feel more motivated and active. It’s a bit of a battle with my husband as he opts for air conditioning but it is far too cold for me.
Probably a myth because maybe overweight people get colder because they have more to get cold?
I have been the right weight, a little on the low weight and over weight and cold is cold and don't recall any difference in feeling it at all. Having said that I would much rather be the right weight and cold then overweight and cold. That's strictly a personal preference.
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