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Do you think there is really such a thing as sex addiction?

by Finy (follow)
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sex, addiction
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There have been a few shows on TV lately regarding "sex addiction".

Do you believe this is a real problem for some people?

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Top Answers
Probably. It stands to reason that something that alters your brain chemistry could be physically addictive. I can see how it could be very destructive to your personal life and possibly your health.
I think you can get addicted to anything, so yes, I do believe it can be a problem for people.
I'M not sure if I believe this condition exists or not!
It has suddenly become an "illness" which I find strange as it would have been around forever if it were an illness yet suddenly it has been given a name.

I think some people may use it as an excuse, however perhaps it DOES exist as an illness.
by Finy
I don't think that endorphins could over ride someone's sense of morality if the person didn't want them to. Just sayin.
Yeah, and I'm agreein
by fran.
Me too!
by poppy
Yes it does exist.
I believe it exists. When you consider the hormones that are released during sex, like dopamine which allows you to experience pleasure, it's a no-brainer. Just like eating, exercising, gambling, and the like, sex can become addictive.
by Vee
I think we have seen how even the most promising of people, can have this problem.
It is very complex, ruins lives...and only the strong come out the
other side, with good help.
Good to see that he is doing o.k. :)
I don't think there is such a health condition. There are certainly people with a higher appetite, though.
Yes. Gambling can become an addiction, and it involves less in the way of direct neuro-chemical activity than what occurs during sex. Having said that, "treatment" for disorders involving drug abuse and the like (where the body builds up a tolerance for foreign chemicals) is probably a lot more complex, because gambling, sex, and other related behavioural "addictions" are only dealing only with emotional and natural neurochemical imbalances, whereas the substance addictions involve both emotional and natural, as well as foreign chemicals. Depends how one looks at it, I guess.

Having said that - I agree with Sarah's comment. Behavioural addictions CAN be managed, if the person is motivated to do so, but they just might be a little more predisposed to addictive behaviour. If they are sincere about dealing with their addiction, and have supportive family and social circles, it doesn't need to be an insurmountable problem.
by kimp
Absolutely it does exist, better than having a drug addiction
Not necessarily, not if you are the partner looking for a good nights sleep
by fran.
Don't agree Fran with respect
by Japie
No, not really better or worse (then drugs). They can both cause massive problems to all those around them (& obviously to themselves). Though I'm still not convinced sex addiction is truly real - more just an excuse used by those who like to r**t around! If you want to do that then remain single and perhaps use 'professional' services!
by poppy
No I don't believe it. I just think it is another excuse for infidelity. More rubbish to explain away the bad behaviour of people. If these sex "addicts" really have a problem, I'll bet they never have the problem with the wife or husband/partner. Bet they are only addicted to sex with someone outside of their marriage/relationship. Bet they aren't so addicted that they go and pay for it at a brothel.
No, just greed.
(and wishful thinking)
Its good thing. Everybody should love sex (unless if you are sick, have imbalanced hormones or somewhat ashamed of your own desire). There's nothing wrong wanting sex, its weird some people or culture find it unacceptable.
I had a friend once whose husband was constantly cheating and he said he was a sex addict. I don't think he got a definite diagnosis though. I know that it is possible to get addicted to just about anything. However, I don't believe in sex addiction. Poor self control I believe in. There is more to life than sex ALL the time.
Yes, I believe this condition exists.
I haven't seen the shows you are talking about.

I do believe there are people with sex addiction. I have met a few....I wonder about a link between sex addiction in some survivors of child sexual abuse. I wonder if wires are somehow crossed when abuse occurs at formative stages of developement.
I would say so, don't they call it nymphomaniacs, they said at one stage Michael Douglas had a sex addiction.
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