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Do you think there is any kind of afterlife?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you believe in an afterlife?

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Top Answers
I used to think there was when my daughter died, however I realise now it was only wishful thinking.
I made a pact with my mother that if there WAS an afterlife she would contact me -it is now 15 years and I have not been contacted, so I do NOT believe in an afterlife.
by Finy
I made the same pact with my mum when she was dying and I have heard from her many time in the 11 years since she left. And I am not the only one who has. When my grandmother died, she visited my dad one time and actually sat on the end of his bed. It happens... it really does. But you have to be open to the idea that it might not happen the way you expect it will.
Thats so sad. You should try reading a book like the bible thats more objective
by Gia
I think you need to be open to it (afterlife visitations). When my mum was dying we would have talks about the "other side", as we both believed it existed. My mum promised me that when she passed she would send me a "sign" that she had passed over safely and was happy. Not long after she passed over I began to see feathers everywhere I looked and I knew that they were from her. I now have feathers tattooed on my forearms in memory of her. I think of her whenever I look at them. Mandy E.
by steve
I do not believe in an Afterlife,though I do think so many of us have at some point,found comfort in the thought that ones we have loved and lost too early are somehow watching over us. I know there is a Hell on Earth,(Been there, done that,did NOT want the T-shirt!!)so why would we need another after we leave this world?!!!

Having said this,I do not begrudge any one else their own personal belief,but I shall not be changing my own mind anytime soon.
Earth may seem like hell at times, I understand.
Why is there one outside of earth?...for people who have done dreadful things and not been sorry.e.g. Hitler....who is never going to get away with his crimes, when he died.
by jonaja
I believe there is something after death, but I also believe that in our current living state, we are unable to grasp what it truly is. Before I tell this story, the first thing you should know is that prior to this event, I was pretty much an atheist. I say 'pretty much' because if I had proof, I would change my stance, but at that point proof had never been presented.

Two years ago I got sick, like really sick. I had a lung infection so severe that I had a team of doctors trying to figure out what kind of infection I had and how to treat it. My kidneys were shutting down and my lungs were so full I was drowning on the infection. They did eventually figure it out but I was in hospital for three weeks being pumped with massive amounts of antibiotics while tubes were inserted into my lungs to drain the infection. I lost almost all of my muscle mass. My legs were so weak that it took me a month to learn how to walk again. It took three months after my hospital release before I could return to work and six month to a year before I really felt like myself again. Most of my hospital stay is a blur, I was on morphine for the first few days and I was really sick after all, but there is one memory that really stands out. There was nothing special going on, I was just laying there in my bed thinking about all of the events that led up to my hospitalization. All of a sudden something just clicked, and it was like I had an understanding of something I could never grasp before. It was like I had figured out how the world works, at least in some respect. It sounds kind of ridiculous now that I retell it, and you might say, "oh, it was the drugs" or "You were delirious from the sickness" and maybe I was, but it has never felt that way. In fact, much of how I felt that day has dwindled in memory, particularly since so much of that experience is a blur, but something certainly stayed with me. That understanding was of where we fit in the scheme of the world, and a certainty that there was something running it all, that there had to be something running it all. Maybe it's God, maybe it's something completely different, but at the time I was sure it was something. That same understanding made me sure that we are not done being when we die. I don't claim to know what happens to us when we die, but I am sure that we don't just end. So I may not believe in heaven or hell, I do believe there is something.
Wow! That's a pretty intense experience. Hope you are all better now.
For the most part, the answer is yes. I'm a healthy weight again and I suffered few ill effects. My doctor was actually really surprised at how quickly I bounced back. The only thing I find now is that even though I have built up my endurance, I will still start huffing and puffing while walking up the smallest of hills. I'm usually fine, but it sounds like I'm ready to keel over.
I do believe in an afterlife, namely heaven and hell. Though the idea of the latter is challenging. There are so many grey areas; I have certainly had my doubts. But, I cannot doubt that Jesus came to offer us eternal happiness. I also cannot doubt that those in our world who do evil things will receive their comeuppance.
by Vee
Yes I do believe. Actually I believe in rebirth more than after life. I'm not sure if there is a heaven it's only a consolation to make death sound better.
Yes I believe in afterlife. One can make lots of positive changes for mankind while we are here. Jesus spoke a lot about the afterlife and the true meaning of Life. Check it out.
Indeed.HE did. :)
by jonaja
I used to, but not anymore. I do, however think that our unconscious residual electric energy can manifest itself, and is probably the cause of a lot of ghost sightings.
I KNOW there is!

Have been there.

I also have seen the other place.

The latter is also VERY REAL.

I just wish people would listen when I tell them....
Did you have a near death experience Jonaj?
Not near death....

I had the other, that some people get...where you are 'placed' into the experience.
More real than life, in fact.More intense.
by jonaja
No I don't
by Fran
I don't think it.... I KNOW it.
Please elaborate!!! Would love to know more!!!
by steve
I believe that this life is not the end.
I don't know - I do think that people leave behind their energy though
by AJ
No, I don't think so. I know people take comfort in believing that there is but I try to take comfort instead in trying to understand that the time we have with the people we love is precious and that the grief we feel when they die is the price for that precious time.
Yes I believe in afterlife. The promise of a reward/punishment makes us accountable for how we live our life in this world.
No I don't believe. Science tells us that this is the case. But I do believe people underestimate the power of thought and feeling and the way it can manifest itself particularly in relation to their psychological connection to someone. That is why when in difference states (illness etc) we have life changing moments, because we have had cause to delve into a different level of consciousness. Thrust there through grief and sadness, taken there through meditation or prayer, through sickness and levels of unconsciousness.... This is not an afterlife but it is a higher level of understanding of feeling. When my father died and before that when a close friend died I knew I could feel them around me as if they were there and had a part to play in certain things that happened in the year that proceeded. I believe it is not their physical presence but a heightened awareness of their worth and their former influence, value and spirit that effected me positively. I allowed that to buffer me as I plodded through the many stages of grieving. When we are plunged into the depths of despair when loosing someone it brings out a heightened level of awareness and sensory perception that we don't allow ourselves to feel when we are just dealing with the day to day drag and drone of life. My thoughts anyway.
I believe there is life after death. If this is all there is then it is quite a miserable existence.
by Gia
Yes, I belive there is. Heaven & hell.
I also believe in the 'Rainbow Bridge'. I'll have lots of my beautiful pets waiting for me!
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