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Do you think the quality of goods made offshore is as good as Australian/American?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you think the quality of general goods made offshore is as good as that of products made in Australia and/or America?

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Top Answers
That is a difficult question as I need to generalise to answer it!
I would always prefer to buy clothes made in Australia as I think the quality is better, however I do not have a problem with many of the clothes I buy that are imported from Asian countries. Some do not wash as well, and some run in the wash, but it is difficult to get clothes made in Au other than the very expensive ones.
As for electrical items, I don't think anything is made here any more? Or very little. Quality of these goods has gone down dramatically in the last 30 or so year. I have German appliances in the laundry and kitchen and they are totally different to Australian made ones where the reverse is true. Australian is definitely not better in large appliances. My miele washing machine has been going for about 18 years and I only just had to get something fixed. They are made to last 25 years whereas your average other washing machine is made to last about 10 - 12 years. Ditto with microwave and oven which I have Neff.

So, I think clothes could be better when made here but other things no. It is sometimes also the luck of the draw so to speak!
by Finy
My kettle is Schott . . . which cracks me up every time I look at it! LOL
by Rice

Good luck trying to find anything made as far as clothes in Aust or America.
Most of the places we do buy clothes, are just about All made in China, now depending how much these retailers want to spend, depends on the Quality.
I have bought clothes from Kmart for the last 30 years.
I have noticed that over the years, the sizes have become 'smaller' and Quality, is far different.
In fact a LOT of people are now kicking up a fuss, due to the stores cutting back on sizes!

If they say it is not so....then I can show them the labels of clothes that are 20 yrs old...and the size is WAY Bigger! and reason why I still keep them.....they were great Quality.

Like really amazing Quality.

So why the small small sizes?
To save money.
They talk about selling T-Shirts for $4, well who cares because it won't last more than 6-8 months. Oh that's right we then must go back and buy more.

As far as anything that is electric, well there is one German food store...that people always seem to be returning goods...due to poor quality.

What is very interesting is this: In the U.S. the Quality of goods say from a better kind of store, like we have two here in Oz....well the Quality of say their Bath Towels, is like nothing you will EVER see here in Oz.

You will never see such wonderful Quality.
Bed Sheets, thread count is thru the roof! and no you don't have to pay $500 for a set of them.

Why the difference, well it comes down I feel to population.

We do not have enough people, to buy and so we get the rubbish...Plain and simple, we just do not have enough people power.

We don't even have enough choice!

It's going to stay that way, heck even one other American Hardware company has gone broke, sent packing back to the U.S.

Of course we will always have some good products from France and America....and even England but, if one was to look real hard they don't amount to much in the way of what the rest of the world gets.

No we are pretty much on our own, and for the last 45 years since I have had my own money and done my own shopping, we really are totally limited.

Everything now comes from China, and it will continue because they have the man-power, and the so called Super Factories that if you saw, would blow your mind.They are Huge.

They can make it quicker-cheaper, and Quality Control, well that really is not on the to-do-list.

If it is broken, they send you another because they can afford to do so.It's Free postage.

What we need is more people who can make say clothes even to start with for women, in Oz, because whatever rubbish is being sold now is Yuck.

The fabric is not suited to our climate, the sizing is all wrong, and made poorly too.

Wash a few times, and they look dreadful (even hand washing is no good).

Australia has been forgotten, and she needs to wake up, and talented people need to put their skills to work.

When I go shopping I feel like it was made for someone else?
It just doesn't look right or feel right in every way.

Planned obsolescence...don't you just love it?!
by Vee
LOL...I know :(
by jonaja
I don't think we should be so arrogant and to think that only the western countries make the best. I have bought some very good things from China and bought some bad things also. I've bought clothing made in Australia where in one wash the dye ran. So there is good and bad products in each country.
I wouldn't say yes or no on a wide scale. It depends on the item. I have bought products made in some off shore countries such as China which were quite inferior. On the other hand I've bought others which were quite good. In addition they make components for many notable companies.

It certainly depends on the product.
Since I'm in the UK, I can't comment on Australian clothing, and as far as I am aware I have never bought American manufactured clothes. I think British clothing is very high quality, but the majority of clothes on sale are from countries like China, Sri Lanka, India, etc. I think the quality of these clothes can be just as good, but they do not usually feel unique. There are overseas garments, however, that are not very good quality, and don't necessarily have the right safety practices put in place - there was an issue with Halloween costumes rapidly going up in flames a year or two ago. It really depends on as much the retailer you get them from as it does the country of origin.
Definitely NOT!

Chinese manufacture is all about cheap, & quantity.

Most goods made in Australia, or USA, are quality products.

Give me QUALITY, any day!
I'm really surprised you say that. I really think it depends on what you're buying re the quality of the product. Sometimes a lipstick made in China is superior compared to stuff made in the states/Aus.
Yeah, in the scale of one's day to day life, it's just so important........NOT!

There're far more important products' to be concerned about, which affect peoples' LIVES!
Don't understand your 'surprise'!
by donjo
Don't agree about Australian quality being superior. I think, as with anything, goods made in Australia, or overseas for that matter, have varying levels of quality. Australia is not always best, usually pricier, but not always best.
by norma
I don't think the quality made elsewhere is as good, and the sizings are very different, but I also think the workers elsewhere are not paid as well.
What a great and also difficult question!!! I think it all depends on the actual item being bought,and also the use for which the item is made! I have to say that I am very annoyed with the sizing of clothing which is made in Asian countries,as there is no way on the planet that I am a size 20!!!!!In Australian made clothes I am never needing any larger than a 14! However, I am extremely pleased with every aspect of my Orthaheels footwear by Scholl,which are made under licence in China.I had presumed that these were from Germany.In the early years ,all Scholl products were from Europe.,and I was quite shocked to see that my latest Orthaheels were made in China.They are so comfortable,the sizing is absolutely PERFECT in relationship to Aussie footwear sizing,and I just have no complaints at all.I usually get a good year at least from a pair of these.(and I live in them daily!!!) As for other products,I have had both good and bad(in both extremes) with major appliances made both overseas and also here in Oz! And the same goes for linen too! I have to say that I really love Egyptian cotton towels and bedding,which can often be picked up on special at very decent prices! My Sharp microwave has now lasted for well over 25 years(touch wood!) and my Fisher and Paykel freezer the same!! My Simpson Washing Machine went perfectly for well over 15 years before I had even a tiny problem which was very cheap to fix! So I can honestly say that I have had good and bad from all over the world!! I do think it can sometimes be the 'luck of the draw' with many items,though clothing is the worst for me when quality is the issue. I like to wear natural fibres such a cotton and silk, and these can often be very hard to find from anywhere at all!! When I was younger I would make my own clothes, and I never had problems with fit,or the way they lasted,due to using quality fabrics and thread!!! Maybe I should go back to doing this?!
So many items to consider and so many other issues involved in manufacturing as well..... Hmmmmm....have I got a few pages?
one thing Jules - I have many of the Enjo products, made in Austria. At one stage they sourced a company who made one of their products in China. This product has since been withdrawn, and they are back to making them all in Europe. Furthermore, it is the ONLY Enjo product that I have to replace in the last 15 or so years! Not a co incidence.
by Finy
I do know exactly what you are saying,Finy!! I will NOT buy linen/fabric which has been manufactured in China,ever!! I have always had major issues with my skin even when I have washed the sheets,towels or whatever,SEVERAL times before using these items!!! Clothes are the same,and I wonder if they use some sort of 'finishing' product on the items before exporting them all over the world?! My dear friend in America came home from major surgery and her hubby had made up her bed with the brand new linen she had bought and washed before going to hospital. She ended up back in hospital with a severe and ghastly rash all over her body,and thought she'd reacted to medication when she got home.It turned out to be the new sheets on the bed,DESPITE them having been thoroughly soaked and rinsed before use! One of her doctors actually asked if she had any new bed-linen,when he saw the rash,and she took the sheets in to him. As they were a rather expensive and (over there),well-known brand,she had not even considered that they may have come from China.I was just as surprised to find my latest Scholl footwear had been made there! Having a BRAND name no longer really means a darned thing! I now really am so fussy when I read the labels on things,as China does seem to be the worst for me personally!! This is why I was SO shocked to find my latest pair of Orthaheels were actually from there!!! I still can barely believe it! We really do need to be aware of what we are purchasing and also what the effects of the products can be on us as individuals. Obviously I shall be keeping a very close watch on my latest thongs and if I have any adverse reactions I shall have to find some other supportive footwear to purchase! It used to be that we could always TRUST certain big brand names,but now? I am just baffled by them all!!!!
by Jules
I have to agree with Finy in the main here. Most of the cheaper clothes which I wear around the house are made in China. I would not been seen dead out in them. They are cut on the wrong bias, they don't hold colour, the sizes are off, they come apart . . not good. Appliances . . well, I would never buy cheap appliances as I would fear the fire risk, you see it so much on the television. I always make it my business to see where things are made before I buy. I find that cheap kettles, toasters, fans and heaters smell really weird so I stick to good brands. My tempered glass kettle is German.
by Rice
(I always have a fear of asbestos too as the Chinese have no rules in place regarding the use of it. Eeek.)
by Rice
We may have the same kettle! one thing - my friend's dryer was a bosch, and it caught fire! I believe Bosch is one brand that is cheap in Europe....however I have a Bosch hotplate and it is excellent, as well as a dryer of theirs which is not the normal sort but one that you have to empty the water - much more expensive but far better and doesnt shrink things.
by Finy
I think if we all checked our products we might be surprised to find a lot of the items we think are made in Australia are actually labelled "Australian designed" but "made in China".

As for quality, I don't think where goods originate comes into it (apart from ethical considerations).

I find the quality of goods varies quite a lot, regardless of whether they are made in Australia, America, or any other country.
Many Towels, I've bought whilst in USA, are of excellent quality, & are 43 yo, currently, & are still very absorbent!
by donjo
I would agree the quality of their towels is amazing. I buy all my towels in US when I'm visiting my sister. However, have to say these towels are actually made in Pakistan.
by norma
Thankfully, NOT the ones' I've got!
by donjo
I would reiterate the towels I purchased are made in Pakistan and the quality has not been bettered in my long experience of buying towels. In fact, I very rarely buy towels here now, I always wait until I am in the States to replenish my linen cupboard.
by norma
Products made offshore, clothing in particular, are not as good in terms of quality as products made in Australia and/or the US. How can they be when the vast majority of people producing these are being exploited and/or pressured to produce as much as they can for as little as they can so we can have 'cheap' or 'reasonably priced' products? I have a beautiful dress that was made in Australia. It is stunning and will last a long time. I was quite surprised at the craftsmanship...I think it was the first article of clothing I purchased that was manufactured here in Aus.
by Vee
It depends where -CHINA no.
Sadlly I agree that we are inundated, overrun and flooded with poor quality from overseas, not forgetting that the workers get VERY little wage for the work that they do so that greedy companies can make bigger profits! Kmart is now selling Australian cotton T-shirts - HOWEVER, they are made overseas! Then sent back here to sell WTF? why can't we make them here? Pay some aussie workers who pays tax and spend their wages here! ???? I do not to buy from overseas when the prices are ridiculous. If it is cheap and I want a cheap garment then okay. Did you know that polyester takes two hundred years to break down in landfill! Australians are second highest clothing consumers in the world! http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-01-12/australias-obsession-with-new-clothes-hurting-the-environment/8177624
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