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Do you think people misuse the disabled parking bays?

by Finy (follow)
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I heard on the radio that disabled people give their permits to family so they can park in the disabled bays.

Do you think this is true, and do you think people misuse disabled parking bays?

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Top Answers
I have not seen evidence of this but then again I do not usually look.

But there were many callers on the ABC radio telling their stories of how they know disabled people who give their permits to family when they go shopping etc.

Some quite amazing stories! I would feel embarrassed to do this.
by Finy
I do believe people use disabled stickers belonging to others and this is infuriating. My mother legitimately has a disabled sticker and we are frequently unable to get disabled spots. I often wonder if they are being properly used.
I do not THINK this,but actually KNOW it after witnessing it on more occasions than I can count!
I do get annoyed to see how extremely lazy a large part of the population is these days,and I hate to say that almost 100% of the ones I witness doing this are rather overweight. They are from all age groups and ethnicities,and the ONLYT thing they have in common is their lack of physical fitness!!They do not use canes or walkers,either!! I do use a cane myself,and actually am allowed to use disabled car parking if I wish to.But I have never done so. The entrances to the shops are so well placed in shopping centres these days that I can usually manage to hobble from wherever the car I am in is parked. And anyway,I far prefer to make the effort at even such a small amount of physicality,than to get worse and worse by NOT doing so!!! My neighbours and friends who are always so kind to take me shopping, will park as close as they can with out using these designated spots,and if they cannot get fairly close to the entrance,they will drop me at the doors and I wait while they go and find a parking spot further away. I think if I had to depend on a wheel chair ,THEN I would use these spots.Too many people truly do not think that they will get caught,but in this day of mobile phones with built-in cameras,they just seem even more stupid and lazy than I would have earlier given them the unfortunate credit for!!! It is an extremely selfish practice.
Not all disabled people use a cane or walker, or show any outward sign of disability to look at them. There's such a thing as "invisible illnesses". I know people with MS and severe endometriosis who qualify for disability pensions but look completely "normal".
a disability pension is however, quite different to a disabled parking permit. I also have one but only use it if I have to or if I am having a bad day and often, to look at me, apart from the fact that I am a bit "crooked" and hunched, you would not know there is anything wrong with me. However I was given this permit for life based on hospital records/doctors reports but do not abuse it and would not give it to anyone else.
by Finy
The Disabled Parking permit is indeed different to a Disability Pension. They are given to people who have MOBILITY issues,rather than other types of illness/disability. I was told when my specialist filled out all my forms that it is to do with how far I can walk without a cane or support. Obviously for those in a wheelchair,they are almost automatically issued. They have little to do with the so-called 'invisible' illnesses.. And The people who see me watching while waiting with my cane,suddenly get a look of absolute GUILT on their faces when they know they have been observed!!!
by Jules
I couldn't say because I don't have first hand knowledge of it. It sounds like the kind of thing radio shock jocks say to get people riled up. I'm sure some able bodied people do misuse those spaces at times, though you can't always tell whether someone is disabled or not just by looking at them so you can't even assume that.
I don't know if that's true. In the UK, disabled parking badges have photos on, so you could get caught quite easily if you were using it incorrectly. I know some people who have disabled parking badges because they have family members who are disabled but whether they abuse that and use the parking bays when on their own I don't know.
I'm far more concerned about the people who think it is ok to park in a disabled bay without a disabled parking badge, and the same for parent and child parking spaces. I often tackle people when I see them doing this as I think those spaces are there for a reason and not to provide convenient parking for lazy selfish people!
Don't know but being a bit cynical...I expect some do
by Fran
I have seen it from time to time.
One guy had a big truck and just used it, and could care less!
I have also seen it on other times, I guess not much one can do.
I don't know I have never thought about this. I don't understand why people would lie to get one
by AJ
Of course it's true! Even though, I should imagine, it states on card 'Not Transferable'!
That's a criminal offence to give to another, even family! Dumb!

Again, of course they do! Especially at peak & school holiday times. A shopping centre hasn't the resources to 'police' each parking bay, so too, the issuing Federal department of the card.

So it'll continue, & people know they won't be caught! EVER!
Yes I do. Many people are using the Permits that are for other members of their family.
The person who is named on the permit should be in the car when it is displayed and a Disability Space is taken.
Far too many people are using the permits that are for family members not in the car.
I would like to see patrols undertaken of the Disability spaces and those who are misusing the permits have the permits taken from them and the person who it is for made to reapply.
I hope all that read this agree as I am limited in my mobility and have to walk at times great distances due to their practices.
I have a disability permit and make use of it when I need to. Some days I'm okay and can park in a normal bay but mostly I can't and need the room to get in and out of my car as my back hurts so much. To look at me I appear to be fine and healthy but am unable to walk short distances without pain and my breathing being affected. I have witnessed abuse of permits. One morning an elderly gentleman with a permit was beaten to the space in front of me by an ethnic male who appeared to be hale and hearty. The elderly gent had a go at him for parking there and was given a mouthful of abuse and nastiness by the other driver who just didn't care. Yes, we do have our photos on our cards but these are not visible when the permit is displayed. I'm sure the authorities aren't going to allocate staff to wait at disabled parking areas to check the faces match the people in, or driving, the vehicle.
YES, all the time, we see people out side Aldi's, using the space, & they seem to be walking (very) normally. A couple of years ago my father-in-law had had 2 knee replacements done at the same time, so he could barely walk after he came out of hospital. He asked his Dr for a 6 month disabled permit, & his Dr said, "Sorry, no"!
by Miro
Well, if that's true it's simply disgraceful. . . . !!!!!
by Rice
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