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Do you think motorbikes should be allowed ride between traffic?

by chipp (follow)
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Motorbikes have the ability to move quickly when they want to. They also have the habit of weaving in and out of traffic, especially at traffic lights or when there is a traffic jam. Do you think motorbikes should be allowed to ride between traffic?

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Top Answers
It probably isn't safe, but boy don't I envy them when I'm stuck in traffic while they weave through the cars. I'm pretty sure it is illegal to do it, but must be very hard to police.
I think it is pretty dangerous as you do not always see them, and if you change lanes when the traffic moves, you can hit one of them!
No! they do some pretty crazy stuff, that I have seen.

I saw a young man dead on the foot path...because of a mistake.
When I am in the car, I really have to keep a eye out for Motor Bikes, they weave in here and there.
Drives me Nuts!!!! And No I do not believe they should be allowed to drive in between traffic.
In Europe, bikes weave in and out all over the place. There are more bikes than cars. If you are at the lights, it's not unusual to have 10 to 20 bikes go to the front and wait. Bikes are everywhere and drivers are used to watching out for bikes. After the initial shock of seeing the way they drive, you get used to it and it seems to work there. That would never work here. Bikes here have to keep to their lanes and follow the road rules for their own safety.
I agree with Sarah. I do envy them when the traffic is bumper to bumper. And they look like they are in no hurry at all.
It isn't safe riding a bike in the city full stop. Best to do it in the open road in the bush.
Definitely not! And people wonder why so many bike riders get killed! DUH! They take stupid risks they wouldn't in a car. They should follow road rules like everyone else and don't get me started on bicycle riders who hog a whole lane when they ride abreast! ARGGHHH!!!!! Not hapy Jan!!! Mandy E.
Riding a motorbike in traffic is extremely dangerous.
The safest place for a motorcycle is out the front of the crowd in the clear area as cars don’t give them enough space back in the crowd. With only 2 narrow tyres they are hard to stop and control on oily or wet roads and require a lot more space. Having said this I do not believe it is safe for them to ride between cars while the traffic is moving as people in cars often don’t see them quickly enough and a small move sideways is fatal for them.
I personally will only move between cars when they are stationary and only early in this period to avoid the risk of the cars moving before I am positioned to move into the clear area safely.

Kym Stewart
Yes, it doesn't bother me.
Probably not. It happened to me yesterday. I heard him but didn't see him so I was very cautious. They should sit behind cars the same as the car drivers do. It's like pushing in front of people in a supermarket queue... We are all road users so should use the road the same.

Yes, absolutely. In hot weather, leather-clad riders are overheating in bumper to bumper traffic and breathing in car exhaust fumes. In winter they are freezing. Car drivers could easily be more aware of other road users by simply giving their full attention to driving safely. Instead, they choose to use their phone, read maps, eat, drink, check the job sheet, reprogram the GPS, change the CD, discipline the kids, apply the lippy, light up the next cigarette...I've seen it all. Motorcycle riders are just riding. And trying to get to work or home in one piece.
Yes definitely it gets them away safely from the other traffic and on their way. However they should be taught how and when to do it safely.
Being a bike ride I consider being able to ride between other vehicles just the fact that motorbike take up less area so it's just the ability to use the space that's there.
except for the dork who thought he had enough space between cars and hit my mirror - no damage but he never even apologised.
by pfuit
Although I dont think they should be allowed to on the move, as a former bike rider I believe they should be allowed to at lights while cars are stationary. Bike riders have to deal with ignorant car drivers all the time and as they have a quicker acceleration rate, if they are at the front at lights, they have an opportunity to get distance between cars and themself in turn making it safer for the bike rider.

I agree whole heartedly with 'Steve'!
On more times than I care to remember motor cycles and bicycles weave in and out of traffic in a dangerous and careless fashion putting themselves and others in danger. Just recently a motor cycle squeezed through lanes of traffic to get to the front at red traffic lights just as they turned to green which frightened me as I was pulling off and I thought I would hit him! I delayed taking off which could have had me hit from behind! They usually don't indicate either! Why do they not ends to obey road rules?? As for bicycles, well they don't pay road taxes but expect the same level of respect as motor vehicles and feel the too can flaunt the rules! I wonder why they get hurt?! Just annoying!
No - it's unsafe and contributes to danger on the roads.

Plus it's annoying.
I call those who do this, 'temporary Aussies'.

As if motorbikers aren't enough of a pest on the roads, then they go & do this to get to the front of car traffic, so they roar off like the idiots' they are, at the change of the traffic lights.

They come up behind you, with 'high beam' headlights on, even during the day, so you're 'blinded' by them. Is this even legal?

Most don't have a brain, & only ride bikes in some stupid belief they're superior to cars/drivers.

Saw one do the above, but around a tight corner, in morning peak-hour traffic. Trying to be a smarta@&$. He was leaning so far over to his R, in the turn, that his bike slew from underneath him. It went under a bus, & he hit the kerbside. I heard the 'thwack' of his helmet against it, & the sound wasn't a 'good' sound at all.

Don't know outcome, as my light turned green, & I was the 'first' car.
Lane splitting is not illegal. As a motorbike rider myself I personally don't do it. Some of the indignant replies from a few car drivers! We need to remember it is a privilege to drive/ride our roads, not a right for either. It is extremely dangerous riding a bike through traffic, but when you have to, to be able to get out on a ride or on your way home there is little choice. Very many car drivers have no understanding of just how difficult & different riding a bike can be. No capsule around us, only two small contacts to the ground, not four, etc., etc. Patience everybody. And tailgating motorbike riders is as dangerous as it can get so drivers please be mindful. That is a flesh & blood PERSON on a bike.
As a bike rider for over 40 yrs, including 2 recent years in Jakarta, riding in every State and Territory, big tourers and sports bikes, the only real danger different to car driving is that car drivers are a bit blind to us yet we can see most every other road user.

Weaving in and out of traffic is the same for us as it is for cars, there is a legal way and illegal way. Plus, bikes travelling the white line between lanes is now legal, but hell, I do not do it. Too many car doors being opened, and too many close calls with mirrors, cars changing lanes and dogs not restrained correctly.

If a car is at the lights stopped on the line correctly, there is no room for me anyhow to split the lane and get in the front of the traffic and still stay legal, let alone safe for me and possible pedestrians. It is a fact, many drivers forget to look for bikes, or simply can't/do not see us either way, so no, I do not split lanes, and it should not be legal either. My safety comes before saving a few minutes in traffic.

It does save time in traffic jams, but only for the rider. I drive as well, pay rego etc, so if I have to wait in my car for my turn, then it is good enough on my bike as well, as is for all bike riders.

The Qld government really stuffed up there.
This just became legal in Victoria.

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