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Do you think it is normal to argue with your partner?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you argue often with your partner? Do you think this is OK, and do you get over it, or do you sulk?

Are you one of those people who likes to always get their own way, or are you more flexible and casual?

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Top Answers
My first husband was extremely Passive Aggressive.So after 11 years with him....that did my head in.
Sadly found love again....to a man who showed me his true anger the day after we married!!! So I have to say, it may be normal but I want no part of a life with anyone.Give me peace and quite any time.....please.
Jonaj, you sound like me -I was told I was "picking" the wrong guys!
It IS peaceful alone, but for me, gets a bit boring at times, or is it lonely, despite being very happy with my own company.
It is a relief not to be scared of an angry person, and being able to play games on the computer without being told I should be working around the house!
by Finy
Yep! I'm with you.Listen have you got a craft, or hobby?
There are a few classy ones on You Tube, and not much out lay for money.
I'm doing 'steampunking' on note books...and they are very nice.Have a look :)
by jonaja
I do spinning and knitting, and am currently between volunteering jobs. Actually I have not spun or knitted for ages as am so addicted to stupid i pad games!
I didnt quite understand what your hobby was about! will check it out.
by Finy
Yes do! it's on You Tube.... :)
by jonaja
It's completely normal to argue with your partner. We all have differences, but not seeing eye to eye with your betrothed can seem a big pill to swallow. Arguing is not however a reason to worry; opposing opinions can spark a debate and isn't life more fun when it's a challenge? I see an argument as a good way of clearing the air: you need to say something and once aired you move past it and a relationship can become stronger. Don't fret about arguments, they're healthy.
It's normal to have discussions at least. Two people living together are going to have the odd disagreemen and communicating about it is a good thing. If you're having really nasty arguments on a regular basis then there might be a problem.

I try to be flexible, but I suppose we all have lines we won't cross.
I have learned to be more laid back. Things that use to irritate me before, don't bother me so much these days. My husband and I use to argue like cats and dogs, but we have come a long way. I think it's part of a normal and healthy relationship to argue - but 'clean' arguments only. When spite or vindictiveness creeps in, trouble lurks around the corner.
by Vee
How else are you going to get rid of frustration. Two different people with two different views and communication is sometimes NOT at its all time best! ;)
My husband and I argue all the time. It's good for the kids to see that you can have different opinions but still talk after the arguing has finished and laugh about it. No sulking in our house only from the kids.
I think disagreements are perfectly normal, you're taking two individuals and asking them to live together and share everything, there are going to be disagreements. If they're all the time and making life miserable, then I'd look at whether the relationship was worth it, but if it's just silly things like not liking the way someone puts the toilet paper into the holder and nobody gets upset, then it's fine.
Yes it is normal. But if they happen too often and on every matter, then it is a problem. After all a relationship is about adjusting.
Why can't more people be in agreance like us

Arguments really are so stupid if you can settle things peaceably

More love is needed in this world
I love my partner madly. I think he's pretty keen on me. We would have at least one argument every day. We have been married for 44 years.
My girlfriend of 50 years says she has never had a real argument with her husband of 43 years, she simply agrees with everything he says. My husband said that he couldn't remain married to such a "yes" woman. He needs to argue with someone who has their own ideas and at the very least their own personality.
What do you think.
by fran.
Yes, as we all have different opinions.
It also releases tension.
no partner makes it easy
I do not like arguments.
discussions yes, arguments no.
I remember being very frightened when my parents were arguing
don't be so selfish
Yes, absolutely normal.
My husband & I don't argue, except he doesn't like me wasting my time playing Solitaire on line!
by Miro
Definitely. What a boring world if we all agreed. My late husband and I both had fiery natures and could set each other off quite easily. We used to have some humdinger of arguments. However, we both shared the same sense of the ridiculous in our humour and this offset any disagreements we had.
At times, hubby will be upset over something that
has led into arguing. I do not like confrontations
and will usually walk away /time out for me.

We don't argue at all, and we don't yell to each other. When we have a discussion, we talk peacefully and with love.
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