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Do you think Great White Sharks should be killed?

by chipp (follow)
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great white sharks

Since the release of Jaws, people have been nervous about Great White Sharks. As the result of a number of shark attacks, the government may propose the shark is hunted down and killed. Do you think Great White Sharks should be killed?

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Top Answers
That's like asking should Tigers be hunted and killed.

No I think the Great White belong in the Ocean.

I have no solution to the shark problem, when they take a life.
But... I know who was in the water first!!
sharks do not come on our land, why should humans go on there's.
leave the sharks alone. i am disgusted on what is going on.

perhaps the best solution feed Barnet to the sharks.
by dorot
I have noted an increase in the rate of attacks and believe that it time we took action against this threat to our safety.
Working and recreation diving in the same environment as the these creatures for over 30 years I have observed the change in the behaviour of these killers I have come to the conclusion that it is time to reduce their numbers.
My experience with these creatures has lead me to believe that they migrate at the same time and on the same course every year.
It is likely that the same sharks are responsible for attacking humans. These particular sharks have identified us as a potential source of food and will repeat the behaviour each year.
I think the Colin Barnett has made a fair decision when he released his policy.
To take the next step I would urge him to investigate adventure shark cage encounters developed in the tourist industry both in Australia and Africa. Is it possible that this industry is contributing to the problem by encouraging sharks to interact with humans and identify them as a source of food? Are sharks are encouraged to interact with the tourist by the process of baiting? Could it be possible that it is the same sharks approaching humans further in their migration that are responsible for the attacks? My memory of diving with these creatures many ago was that they were always scary but they did not attack as often.
Sharks are beautiful creatures to observe swimming in their own environment and they do have a right to live but we must realise that humans have stewardship of this planet and need to manage the threat to our own species. The financial impact to the broader tourism industry in Australia is an even bigger issue that needs to be managed.
Kym Stewart

I know Great Whites are tagged, and that have tracked some of them from South Africa to Perth. However, Great Whites by nature do not attack humans because they see them as prey. They often confuse them with things like seals. I do not believe that should be killed.
No. They really don't cause very many deaths, or attacks even. It's a shame to go trying to eliminate an entire species just because it might be a threat to us.
More people are killed by bees each year in Australia than sharks. but I se no bee cull! In fact bush fires, rip tides, cyclones, motorcycles and cars do far more damage than sharks ever will. It's a fact that if you go into the sea you are going into shark territory in Australia. EVERYONE should be aware of this and take precautions. Like not swimming alone. It's ridiculous to think that killing a few/many sharks will do anything. It's just a stupid PR exercise by the Abbott government so some stupid people think they are actually doing something
the earth belongs to us too! we should have more netted beaches.

No, they're to be respected from a distance as a part of nature.

No. Their habitat is the ocean. When we swim in it, we are entering their home.
No. I agree, they're meant to be in the ocean and they generally don't cause any harm.
NO We all know the risks in swimming in the ocean that is the sharks domain. More people get killed by drunk drivers.

May as well run a forum for sharks and ask if they think humans who are in their territory should be killed. If we venture into their habitat ,knowing the risks. we are ourselves responsible for our own actions.

no the ocean is their home, we are the intruders. from ex ocean diver.
No. You choose to enter their habitat; the same as you choose to cross a street. Are we going to cull negligent drivers too? There is more of them than there is of known man eating sharks; and, more to the point, how do you know you have the right shark? Or do you kill them all until you are satisfied you have the right "killer" (doing what comes naturally, of course). Everyone knows you don't swim early morning or evening when it's their feeding time, so why do it?
No that is their domain stay out !!
No way. sharks are needed as part of the food chain. If we use the sea and keep to the rules there is no problem. More people are killed by bees than sharks
No. They were swimming in the ocean before we were.
No. Leave them alone. They are only dangerous when people go into their territory and get mistaken for food.

Only if they are to be eaten! and their skins used to make shoes.
I do not agree with killing Sharks in case they chomp a 'water-user' (eg:surfer), no matter how unlucky it was for that person - which then becomes a revenge issue.

Humans are much more dangerous to everyone and everything than a shark!
There are certainly more humans requiring and justifying culls, than sharks, which do not travel on public transport or drive cars irresponsbly.
The sharks only eat us as they are hungry, if they liked eating us then they would be swimming up and down the beach waiting for us to go for a swim. We humans have depleted their natural food sources by recreational and profesional fishing. We should,
1 trim their numbers to keep it all in balance,
2 reduce fishing within 10 km of beaches we use so they are not so hungry and have other things to eat,
3 do something about the ever increasing number of humans, so the planets resourses will not be depleted by the ever increasing human population with its ever increasing consumption, enchroachment on land and in the oceans. Fences are becoming a means of keeping humans out of the animals space, the opposite of what our ancestors had to do. Even Perth is spreading out with bush and farmland being turned into housing estates which need even more resourses consumed to support and maintain them. Which means even more weekend fishermen from the expanding population removing part of the food chain. The sharks are just a small example of this human population problem which increases constantly. Yes at a light cull of the sharks as they are not on the edge of extinction like some posts above are suggesting.
Can we sue the save the shark people if one of our family or friends gets eaten?

No I dont think its a great idea.
No. It's an over reaction. And they can be avoided if you really worry about it - stay out of the ocean!
No, and what a typical response to what should not be an issue at all. The people who have suggested this so-called 'solution' clearly have no idea.
by Vee
Absolute silly question!! Lets just wipe the human population off the earth - then all problems solved!
I saw a photo of a diver and a great white in Two Oceans aquarium. The heading read: "The most dangerous killing machine on earth... next to it a great white swimming gracefully through the ocean" (or something like that)...

Good one.
by Vee
No I dont agree that any beautiful creature should be killed.

People go for safaris in the jungles of Africa and they know that they could be killed if lions got them. So they stay a safe distance and protected in vehicles.

Why should humans be allowed to swim in the oceans where there are sharks.

After all the oceans belong to all fish, the jungles belong to all animals and the sky belong to birds.

Humans have ample earth space to enjoy and have pleasure, why cant we give the lesser creatures their own space????????????

Probably yes when they try to kill you .
Great question! I think that it's a grey area. Sharks that have attacked should be killed. Excess sharks possibly should be killed if they're likely to harm humans. By the same token, people shouldn't be swimming in known shark waters. Tough one!
No, we have no right to kill sharks. Just stay out of their territory and there is no problem.
I go fishing and surfing alot and I have seen so many sharks I have lost count of how many, and no great white sharks or any other shark should be killed
No. They have an important job to do in the ocean and we should let them do it.
'Humans' are the 'newcomers' to Earth. Some creatures' have been around since primordial-times!

Leave ANY marine creature alone! It's in ITS' habitat. WE are the invaders!
Dumb, stupid people!
NO. Absolutely categorically not.
by Rice
Sharks kill less people than most other causes of death.

Sharks are not a problem in the grand scheme of things. Just have some respect for their territory. Stay away! Swim in a pool!

NO, no shark should be killed.
Absolutely NO!
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