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Do you think ghosts are real?

by Spiceup (follow)
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Whether or not you have had an other worldly encounter, you must have some idea about whether you think ghosts are real. We have all seen documentaries about ghosts and capturing them on videos and photographs, but how many of them are fake and how many are actually real? It is hard to know.

I personally have had a few strange 'ghostly' experiences in my life, but I am still not sure if my imagination was working overtime or if my experience was real.

How many of you have had an encounter with someone who has passed on? What is your view on ghosts?

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Top Answers
I believe that there is residual energy - or an aura - left behind by those who have died, but I do not believe that there is any consciousness attached to it.
I believe in ghosts. I'm normally a person who bases things on scientific evidence, but I also try to keep an open mind. Our understanding of the world changes constantly, the world was flat until we proved it was round, the human race was certainly no more than 9000 years old until science proved otherwise, how long before we find out what truly comes after death.

Anyway, enough ranting, the reason I believe in ghosts is because my best friend growing up used to play with one. I am 100% not kidding. According to him, a young child in colonial dress used to walk through a wall and sit down to play with him. This started at age 3 and continued as he grew up. Like most, I would have dismissed this as a youngster telling tales, but his sister and mother also stated that they had seen the boy and others in colonial dress, always in the same area of their house (the basement). None had ever shown any hostile behavior, as horror movies would have you believe, the child played, the two adult woman they professed to seeing would sit and knit, or sometimes attempt to cook.

I also worked for a local news station as a teenager as they went across Prince Edward Island (where I grew up) and helped them film a special about local ghost stories. The people we interviewed described things similar to my friend's experiences, or at least similar enough to make me a believer.
my son took this. It appears to be a figure but could also be a distortion of the sun coming through the front door. Open to conjecture. We definitely had something in the house as doors would shut and we heard footsteps. The house was new. It was friendly though.
No, I don't believe in ghosts. I've never experienced anything to make me think they exist.
No I don't because there is no scientific evidence for their existance. They're fun to tell stories about though.
Think I did see one at a school camp once. There was a story that a young girl died on a swing, and at night - we saw this girl. It was so weird.
I don't believe in ghosts, I think it's an answer we resort to when we attempt to make sense of strange situations and occurrences.
An alternate world does exist alongside of the one we experience.
The most read and least understood book clearly states that we live in a world occupied by spirits both good and evil.
The bible is a collection of manuscripts written over many years documenting manís relationships with God and the angels that inhabit the spirit world.
Angels can be both a wonderful, protector of man or when they take the form of demons a destructive force for evil. Researching the bible I and others have not found any mention of ghosts. This leaves me to form the opinion that they may be a trick played on us by demons wanting to confuse people.
The bible states that we die and lay in wait until we are raised again to stand before God to be judged for our actions here on earth. There is no reference to us roaming the earth haunting people.
The bible states that spirit forms do exist and we need to take care to remain close to God and act wisely at all times.

They are real alright!! I have experienced them on several occasions. When I was 19 I moved out of home to live with friends and we all witnessed strange things going on. We even had a priest come over to sprinkle holy water around our apartment. It was a very frightening experience.
When I'm taking visitors on tours of old buildings and they ask if they are haunted, I have plenty of tales to tell to convince them that they are. But then, I always did have a good imagination.
Even though I personally haven't experienced ghosts, I do believe they exist. There's too much evidence out there to believe otherwise. I also believe that there is life after death, that we don't just cease to exist because we die. I read alot of books about life after death, people going over to the other side and coming back to relate their experiences and angels stepping in to protect living people. Each to their own beliefs I say. I'm not a religious person myself and I don't believe there is a "God" as such, but if other people want to believe there is, that's their choice and I respect that, as long as they don't push their beliefs on me. Mandy E.
Yes, I believe there're things which we cannot explain, or understand.
There is evil, & one shouldn't get mixed up in the occult. Too bee dangerous, IMHO.
I do not believe in ghosts. I do believe in a spiritual essence. I have been visited by people who have died. I have seen them sitting on my bed. One time in my garden, one garden bed smelt just like my deceased aunt, not like flowers. It was very strong. My friend who is a clairvoyant said that she is just letting me know she is around. My friend had never met her but described her perfectly, right down to the hat she always wore. She is one of my guardian angels. I will try to talk to her next time.
Yes I do
by Finy
I definitely do. Apparently my girls have seen one in the main bathroom at night on several occasions, although I've not seen it. One of my granddaughters used to wake up screaming and pointing at something in her bedroom but as she was unable to talk at the time, my daughter had no idea what caused it. I mentioned that children often see ghosts so she asked around and it appeared a female was murdered in the house.
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