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Do you think cyclists should be on the road during peak periods?

by Finy (follow)
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Some streets have bicycle lanes but the majority do not.

Do you think cyclists should be on the road during very busy peak times when there is a lot of traffic on major roads?

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Top Answers
I actually think they should be banned during peak hours as they so often almost cause an accident in heavy traffic.

It is awful when you are stuck behind one in a lot of traffic and I find I get very impatient which is not good.

They have just NO protection and I think for their own good, they should not be allowed on the roads during peak traffic times,

I know many will disagree saying they have just as much right as car owners, but so many of them are being knocked off their bikes, injured or worse still, and I feel for the better of all road users in cars, they should be banned.
by Finy
Our roads were *NOT* constructed with cars AND bicycles to be side by side.

So what happens now, these Lycra clad idiots, who DISOBEY road rules right, left & centre, are given a metre of laneway in which to ride. That's a metre taken away from cars! And cars are expected to break the road rule of going over a double white line to give them their metre, if required!

Absolutely effing ridiculous!

If they want to use the road, they pay Registration for their bicycles, which means they've a plate by which offending riders' can be reported, SAME as cars!
It will also help pay for their 'bike lanes' paintwork, which is currently being paid for by car drivers! WHY????
It will also give them CTP Insurance, which they certainly need. Maybe they should be taking out Comprehensive Insurance, too.

They should be made to do a 'Riding Test', to obtain a Licence, same as car drivers' have to. They want to use the roads, let the same conditions of road use apply to them!

It should be mandatory they give Hand Signals, so car drivers' might have just an inkling of what they want to do on the road, instead of just suddenly veering right, without warning, across a car's path! Morons!

No wonder they're being injured, or killed!

All these responsibilities come from wanting to use a roadway. About time they faced-up to these!

Why anybody would want to breathe-in multiple car fumes for klms. is beyond me, & they CLAIM it's healthy. What a load of bollocks!

Personally, I'd prefer them NOT to be on the roads at ANYTIME!

They mostly are just bee nuisances, flouting the road rules, & not getting any penalties' for doing so, unless they're actually seen by Police.

They're getting injured, or killed, mostly through their own lack of common sense, & stupidity, & will continue to do so.
So that's a no then?
by jonaja
Succinct response jonaj!
by norma
No, I think its dangerous especially for cyclists. I know that car drivers should be looking out for cyclists when they are driving and give cyclists 1.5 metres lee way but the reality is that when drivers are in a rush to either get to work or get home they aren't the most attentive when frustrated. Cars are so much bigger that in an accident cyclists are always the loser. I don't drive myself but when walking to and from work I have seen many near misses and if I was riding my bike I just wouldn't do it during peak hours.
You are the sensible one..so many cyclists drive recklessly in peak hour traffic.
by Finy

But! they need to have heavy fines, and a 'points-system too'...If they break the law.

And, there needs to be more rules too, because right now they are a law-unto-themselves.

You can't ban people for wanting to get from point A to B.

They have rights too, but they need to be held
accountable on 'how' they do it.

It's a way of getting to work and places for some, so I don't know how they are supposed to get there if they can't use the road and there isn't a bikeway. Can't say I'd want to ride on the road at peak time myself for safety reasons.
Well, cyclists need to get places too, whether it is peak hour or not. It is a difficult situation. Drivers need to be more wary of cyclists and cyclists need to be wary of cars. We just need to respect each other and perhaps allow a bit more time in peak hour to get to our destination. Fortunately I don't drive anywhere near city areas in peak times or any other times, but I can understand the frustration with bicycles.
I believe that cyclists do have a right to use the roads at any time,though they should be accountable for breaking any rules,just as much as drivers are. Here in Nth Qld,we seem to have very decent Bike Lanes so riding is a little safer than what I have seen in the busy larger cities.I also feel that some form of Licence Test for cyclists is now becoming more of a necessity with all the traffic on the roads,even,or especially near schools at open and close times,Maybe this testing could be introduced at school level so that kids know all the rules from the very start of their lives as road users. All times seem to be PEAK times these days!!!!
No they should not be on the busy roads during peak hour or any other hour. If they insist, they should have a guardian with them.
Australian roads are not designed to accommodate them. They must have a death wish.

That's a tough one, and I don't currently have the energy to reply. But, I have to say, I agree to a great extent with what donjo and jonaj have said.
by Vee
by donjo
No ! it's way 2 dangerous.
And breathing in all those motor vehicle exhaust fumes at peak traffic periods cant be good 4 the cyclists
I believe in equality on the road everyone has the right to use it but the law needs to be applied without prejudice also, which it scurrentl is not😟

They should be allowed at all times and MOST cyclists are law abiding. as are MOSTvehicle drivers... and if they ride to work then obviously they will be in peak traffic, it is their choice. At least cyclists are getting exercise and keeping pollution down, only using one seat, taking up little space, and most are cautious how they ride.
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