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Do you tend to throw a lot of food out?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you tend to throw out a lot of food?

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Top Answers
Yes for some reason I do throw a lot out.
I cook a lot and it is difficult to cook small amounts, so i tend to throw a lot out.

There are some things I hate to throw out and ne is milk and another bread, and recently I threw some cake out that had been in the freezer for a while. Dont really know why i put it in the freezer as someone gave it to me and I didnt like it anyway as it was very dry!
by Finy
Nope. I tend to cook a meal at a time and have so little rubbish of any kind that I could put my bin out once a month.
by Rice
We usually have leftovers from our evening meal, so if it is not taken to work by daughter, it would need to be thrown out. Other leftovers get put in the freezer for another time. My husband has a habit of buying fruit at the supermarket and then not eating it, so they often get thrown out. I hate doing it. He must have good intentions about eating it but doesn't end up doing it. My daughter and I can't eat all the fruit in the fruit bowl alone. He has to help us !! No one likes to throw out food, but a certain amount is inevitable in most households
While I don't encourage it as the animals could then become expectant of something regularly, I give old fruit to the possums at my place, putting it out in the evenings when they emerge.
by amanda
My neighbour does that and it is highly annoying as it encourages possums to not only live at your house, but to take up residency in your roof. A couple of weeks ago we had to replace our air conditioning ducts because possums had gotten in and chewed right through them. It cost a lot of money to replace them all. Two possum bodies were found in the roof. The smell of the decomposition was almost unbearable. Then came the plague of flies in the house. Thousands of them. Maggots will come to dead bodies and they turn into huge flies, not normal house flies. All cleaned up now, but I should send part of the bill to the neighbour who encouraged all this by putting out fruit for them ( why I don't know)
by Lluxi
No. I'm happy to say that we throw minimum food out. It makes me so sad when I have to throw something.
As I'm on a limited income and find cooking hard at the best of times, I try not to, but put out old bits of meat for some ravens in my garden sometimes.
I've just seen an example of an elderly hoarder who recently died, where a neighbour helped in the clean out operation of the house, and there were 101 things all out of date, going back several years.
I sometimes throw out vegetables that get forgotten in the back of the fridge. I try not to waste food. I have chooks that can eat things a little past their prime, but never rotten or mouldy food. I bury verges that aren't good enough for the chooks , if and when it happens.
Leftovers from dinner become my lunch and it is extremely rare to throw away any part of cooked food.
Our rubbish bin has very little in it too.
Can't afford too.....to be honest.
Sometimes my husband pushes things to the back of the fridge and I don't know they are there. This results in having to throw out unseen food and it's quite annoying as I don't like waste.
I work hard to make sure we are only throwing out the minimum of food. But with small children there is often leftovers on their plates that get tossed out. Any fruit or veg that ends up manky in the back of the fridge gets thrown on the compost. I recently cleaned out my pantry and am very pleased that only a couple of things needed to be tossed out due to being out of date. I'm trying really hard to menu plan and ensure that less food is being thrown out.
I don't throw out too much food
by AJ
I try not t throw food out. Occasionally I end up throwing something out because I didn't date it when I put it in the fridge and don't know if it is still safe to eat. I fear food poisoning.
I loathe waste of any kind, so its with a grimace if I have to throw something out but 98% of the time, I tend to re-use or re-purpose food. Quite a lot of my dishes have originated from repurposed food.

Whenever I work on shows or projects that contain food products or even when there is excess catering on our film sets (and there often is), I'll make sure that companies like Oz Harvest or Mission Beat are contacted to take the food for the homeless. We've often taken trays of sandwiches or salads to regular mission beat points to handover food which they use as additional food to give to the homeless. Most things are also generally freezable - for instance CHEESE! Soft cheese in particular can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months. Also buying only what you need helps eliminate waste.
No I don't. If the bananas are turning brown & soft, I'll cook them as a dessert for me with brown sugar, a little butter, marsala, & little orange juice & grated nutmeg. I top this with a little yogurt or cream. I keep my bread in the freezer, cook all the. veggies, trying not to buy to many at once. Even the fat I cut of our meat before I cook it, I freeze in sandwich bags, then we take it to the river & throw it in the water for the fish! We also have a compost bin.
by Miro
No, am very scrupulous in amounts I buy thus ensuring nothing is wasted, which I cannot afford to do.
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