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Do you tend to look at labels in the supermarket and pick Made in Australia?

by Finy (follow)
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When you are shopping do you look for the Made in Australia label?

Do you prefer this, and do you often buy Australian made products?

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Top Answers
Yes, yes, and yes.

I do not like buying imported items and will very rarely buy fruit from asia due to bad reports we have had in the papers about them.

I also prefer to support Australian, and indeed West Australian wherever possible as with the likes of Coles and Woolworths around, many of them need supporting.
by Finy
I always check the labels on EVERYTHING!!! I like to buy not only Aussie made,but also Aussie OWNED!! I have been so disappointed over the years to find that many iconic Aussie products,are no longer owned by people in this country,despite being made here.This is terribly sad to me.
I never buy unless I know 'where' it comes from.
I have been caught out a fair bit in the past, and
well it didn't turn out to be a very good product.
In fact, it was appalling 'how' it ever got into Australia.
Where possible yes
by Fran
I always read labels before I buy anything
by AJ
Yes, I always try to buy Australian made where possible. It's unbelievable how many imports are on the shelves!
Cleaning products more specifically for some reason.
It always check labels ... Whichever product has the least amount of additives and preservatives then that's the one I buy. Food here in Australia is very expensive and I just can't understand why ... Tomatoes are just under $10 a kilo in Sydney at the moment, why is that ? In the UK the food is much cheaper even when out of season veg and d fruit are imported. I believe the big supermarkets have been ripping customers off for years and the public have just got used to paying high prices and no longer question it.
Yes. Yes. Yes.

Will ALWAYS buy 'Australian' opposed to overseas' countries' products.
The 'taste' is better & I know the checks on it are properly done. It also supports other Aussies'.
Actually, no, I don't waste my time in the shops doing this, especially now with the shopping aisles busy and my time a little more precious these days. Also, given the hoo haa in the media regarding accuracy of these lables, and exactly what they mean, percentage wise of what is truly Aussie made, or sourced and or owned, how may consumers really understand the difference. Although..........

But, I do a lot of online searching and playing the google game late at night while watching TV or such(oh to be able to sleep more than 4 hrs), and what you can learn with the Coles Online shopping page is great. I can compare exactly who, what, where and how much for all my shopping list, and then either write the list or just name the brands I want.

This method, read lifestyle, does not account for taste and quality of products we buy, but thankfully, the 100% money back guarantee makes that a big non issue any more.

We must also understand that not everyone has the budget to pay up to 100% more for Australian made/grown/owned, as many families are unemployed or such. Until we were both working we had to be a bit picky, as the price at the end of the day meant how much food we could actually afford.

The products need to also be safe from experiments on animals, slave or child labour, and enviromentally sustainable and protective in nature as these very important factors are often forgotten, and are equally as if not more important.

Oh, and if you simply can not afford to do any of these 'Right' ways of choosing above, stop/reduce smoking, drinking and driving to the local, and spend more time and money on the family. So many cry poor but smoke and booze it up while complaining there is no money as they get into the car for a 2 min drive to buy more beer.
NOT everyone, but some, ok, don't yell at me.
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