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Do you tend to eat too much when you go to a buffet meal?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you tend to eat way too much at a buffet meal?

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Top Answers
I am actually avoiding buffet meals as I cannot control myself.
I go back and back and back, and then some.
In particular I love the dessert and usually end up having 4 or 5 of these.
I mostly feel quite ill when I am finished, so best I avoid them as YES I eat way too much at a buffet -love food!
by Finy
Hahaha brilliant and honest!
Yes way too much!
I rarely find food I like at a buffet, most of it having been under the heat lamps too long, so I usually don't overindulge too much, except, like Finy, with dessert. Since dessert is essentially "free", I also tend to go back more times than I should.
I went to one yesterday for Mothers day, and had 1 slice of bread two little eggs.
I felt bad, because the person paying may not have thought it was worth the $38.oo per person paid.
I certainly didn't!!

I refuse to overeat plain and simple.
No, because I don't enjoy the food as much as I would if I was eating at a restaurant or at home.
by Vee
I am not a buffet fan at all,even with my favourite, glorious Thai Buffet which is held each weekend at a truly superior Thai Restaurant here! I have the smallest (my son says CHILD size!) appetite known to man,so I just do not EVER get my money's worth! I detest that bloated feeling when we over-eat and so I simply do not put myself in that situation.!
I don't really enjoy buffets because I never feel like I get my money's worth - I have a small appetite.
by AJ
No. This stomach can hold so much and no more. I would make myself sick if I stuffed myself.
by Gia
Without a doubt, I definitely over-eat when I'm at a buffet. I think it's too easy to just indulge, and I don't think there's anything wrong with that.
Yes this is why I don't like buffets...
by Fran
Had a Buffet Brunch for Mothers' Day!

The range of food was fabulous, but I just chose the 'made on the spot' small Omelette, with choice of inclusions, some Scrambled Eggs, Grilled Tomato, & Asian Noodle Salad.
I don't like 'heavy' food at that hour, 10.30am, & the other items' we're not suitable to me, although they looked good.

The variety of Dessert was tempting, but I just stuck to Fresh Fruit & Bread & Butter Pudding, which was superb! I had a 'seconds' of that!

Can't stand seeing people 'pile' their plates with food, then leave some of it. Their 'eyes' bigger than their stomachs', in public eateries'. They're just like 'pigs' at a trough.

This didn't happen here, as was a Military Club, & people more well mannered!

So, no, I don't eat 'way too much at buffets', never have, never will!
Of course I do. Isn't that what buffets are all about? I prefer buffets that have seafood so I will stuff myself with prawns and oysters rather than boring pasta or salads.

I agree, seafood buffet for me too... not so important "standing" around too long... happy to indulge on seafood, hot and cold YUM
by brigi
If there is seafood available, yes. 30-40 oysters presents no problem. Prawns, just a couple, lobster, just a taste.
Desserts, a little bread and butter pudding.
Already chopped spring onions, buckets full.
I used to but not anymore
Yes I do, so I am now avoiding them. I just can't eat enough to jusify the cost without feeling totally bloated when I leave. So better not to go.

Pretty restrained on the main course, but deserts I am tragic!
Oh! scjmm, that photo is sooo funny! Also guess you mean 'desserts', which can be very filling! Cheers!
by donjo
My 2 older friends & my self do The Star buffet for our Christmas outing lunch very year. As I’m now in my late 60’s, I can’t eat as much as I used to years ago! I always have heaps of fresh prawns,
(not much taste though) & try & find other food I mightn’t cook at home, & then there’s the DESSERTS! I’ll always try 1 each of those. Luckily, they are very small servings. I never eat the bread rolls. They fill you up to much.
No, I am not a glutton. I avoid buffets. I usually take one plate of food and don't go back. Buffets make me feel too "visible" and I sort of prefer my food to be a bit more private. All the people pawing at and breathing on the food make me uncomfortable.
by Rice
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