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Do you teach your children about handling weapons?

by kirk3 (follow)
K. Watkis
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Do you teach your children about handling weapons? How much self-defense is necessary for children? What should and shouldn't they do? What do they know about weapons in general?

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Top Answers
Handling guns is pretty much a non issue in Australia since there are so few of them around. If we did have one in the house it would be locked in a safe and I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near it until they were older (16 maybe if that's legal). I wouldn't let my kids handle real knives, swords or other weapons either until they're older (if they decide as teenagers they want to get into historical re-enactment stuff or something I know people who could teach them). Self defence doesn't have to involve the use of weapons. It's a good idea for kids to learn a few things like how to break holds if someone grabs you once they're old enough.

I agree.
by jonaja
I don't know what I'd teach them, I've never seen a gun. We only have cooking knives in the h ouse. Our cricket bats are just for cricket. I've never had any experience with weapons, I've never encountered one .... what would I teach them?
This is a good question. My sons are pretty young. I've never thought of teaching them how to handle weapons. I'll have to sleep on this one.

Last time I looked I lived in Australia?

Not really something I would say 95% of parents would even consider...seeing as it is even now harder for Adults to obtain a gun?
since ''Port Arthur''.
It is only harder to legally get a gun.
Forget about guns for a minute. What about other weapons? Do What kind of stuff do you tell your kids about weapons in general?
kirk3 are you in Australia...
by jonaja
I don't tell them anything about weapons, I'm Australian, we're a happily unarmed society.
by meggf
My kids are too young for this to be an issue yet. At the moment we talk about things like not hitting etc. We haven't discussed self defence any further than "If a stranger tries to steal you, yell as loud as you can and kick as much as you can to get away".
I donlt have any children of my own but my husband had two; they are adults now. Roger has never taught his children to handle weapons as he is opposed to it. The irony is that last year his son (who is now in his late 30's) took him for a day out shooting clay pigeons.
Of course I wouldn't teach my child about handling weapons. For one thing, he seems to have absorbed a scary amount of knowledge about guns and shooting people just from playing with other boys but most importantly because I am a pacifist I would never handle a weapon myself or encourage my child to do so. Self defence does not require weapons and suggesting it does is part of the vicious cycle that has led to so many violent deaths in America and other heavily armed countries. I loathe and detest weapons and violence and put considerable time and energy into teaching my son about being gentle and kind and respecting other people. If more people took this approach and fewer children were taught to handle weapons, the world would be a much better place.
I wouldnt teach about guns or any other weapons for self defense. There are many other ways for people to protect themselves. I would teach about guns in an historical context, thats it.
by Gia
No! Wait until they're eligible enough to do something useful, like joing the Reserve of Army, Navy or Air Force, where they'll be taught responsible gun handling.
Different if you live on a property, though.
Do you teach your children about handling weapons?" - Both of my daughters attended shooting lessons whilst having fun they were taught how to handle carry and make a gun safe. If you don't teach a child about gun's and they find one they might bring it home to you playing cowboys on the way.By the way my daughters are older now and not interested in gun's.
I have never heard of a child finding a gun in Australia....it's hard enough for the Adults to find one!
by jonaja
This one today 20/3/15 near Bendigo could have just as easily been found by a child.
I'm with Coin Saver, my father did that for my sister and myself; I'm interested in target archery and occasional target shooting and she enjoys a bit of target shooting - we both were taught at a shooting range and have only ever shot at a shooting range and neither of us are interested in shooting anywhere else.
We also have a great respect for weapons and the risks they pose and TRY to pass along information on gun safety to anyone who asks or to anyone we've heard of using or storing guns inappropriately.
Not children -no.
But as my son became a teenager yes.
They know.
Always treat a firearm as loaded -ALWAYS.
Never point a firearm at anyone -NEVER
He knows that most of the problems with firearms are from unregistered people, criminals, rarely is it from a registered gun owner who may be a shooter or Collector.
Guns are always locked up and ammunition is also locked up in another safe.
When my health Walking) prevented me from shooting. I sold all my firearms in the buy back from Police, and expensive quality rifles to a registered licenced shooter who obtained a permit to procure from the Police.
I am not anti-gun but say that all applying for Firearms should be checked out thoroughly.
My son is now an adult in his 40's and has never wanted to own or shoot firearms.

As an after thought Machete's and Knives should require a person to provide identity to the vendor who must maintain a register so that they sell to responsible looking adults.
This is an opinion only.

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