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Do you talk to your pets and do they talk back to you?

by dream (follow)
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If you own a pet you probably know they have a personality. Do you talk to your pets, and do they talk back to you?

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Top Answers
I talk to my guinea pigs all the time. I say hello to them in the morning and goodnight to them in the evening. I always say whether I am coming back to fill up their water bowl, and when cleaning out the hutch, tell them it is not ready yet (because they always want to run in before I've finished). When picking them up, if they squeak, I always say 'it's all right, it's all right,', then put them down and say, 'there you go.'
Oh Dear! I'm so bad I was singing to my turtle the other day! It went something like 'Hiya Friz, you cute little dickens. I love you almost as much as the chickens!'
...Sometimes I worry about myself.
LOL. That is great!
by Rice
Absolutely, I talk to my cats. They answer with a meow here and there, but I know they understand the tone in my voice more than the words. They know it means affection towards them, you can see the happiness in their faces when I start talking to them.
I talk to both of my dogs but one of them is quite loud. We say, who's the boss? and she barks then we lean forward and look closer into her face, she wags her tail and barks again, this goes on to and fro till we stop. The other just looks into our eyes,wags her tail and sits by our side.
All the time - and they talk to me ;)
I like talking to my puppies, though I don't think they ever talk back to me. They just show me what they want with their body language. Still, they do whine a lot if I don't let them sleep on the bed or if they want me to hold them. Most of the time, they play together.
I feel they do. It is like how cats meow the moment they see you - it is like they're saying hello to you. When working on my memoir, my cat came into my room and could not stop meowing (this cat hardly meows) and moving about. He was (basically) telling me to slow down and go back to bed. There was a day when I was sending my proposal off to a traditional book publisher (yet I scored the contract), and that same cat was constantly meowing, telling me not to send it. Funnily enough, I turned down that contract and have not looked back since by self publishing this book as well.

It is incredible. You talk to them, and they most certainly talk back to you.
Yes because there apart of the family. :)
Yes indeed.
It would be quite cruel not to talk to them.
They understand, and they talk back....They sure do have personality!
Some better than people.
In fact, I would rather be with an animal, than human some days.
I probably talk more to my dogs than I do to my family! I know I can talk & act silly in front of them without being put down or made to feel stupid. My older retriever Bella & I have an unspoken bond that I feel my kids are jealous of at times as she will respond to me before them. Pets are part of the family and should be treated the same. Mandy E,
Yes, I continually talk to my two dogs.
Trouble is only one (whippet) answers me.
Though my second dog barks when it is time for his dinner -I have no idea how they knew when it is time, but he gives this strange bark, that actually to me, is like talking.
So I have to change my answer and say YES my dogs talk to me.
by Finy
I love talking to my dog he agrees with everything I say no argument and I agree
with her great company and there when I want a cuddle they understand the
tone in your voice better than anything

I talk to my dog and cat. They talk to me and the dog, especially, uses plenty of body language. I have to avoid certain words around my dog or he gets his hopes up that we are going out for a walk when that isn't happening. I hate disappointing him.
When I had my beautiful Corgi girl, she would 'tell' me all about her day when I arrived home from work! She understood everything I said to her. She was gorgeous & intelligent. And I still miss her terribly; she's been gone 15 years now.

Currently, I've one very active SP Siamese cat! He follows me everywhere! He 'understands' my chats to him! He's a really big 'smoochie'; the moment I come to pick him up, he starts purring. I've never known a cat to purr as much as he does, & it's lovely to hear!

He came from a foster home where the other animals' used to 'bash him up' & steal his food! Poor boy!
He's an 'only' furry-friend, so he's much happier, & has put on some weight, which makes him look a lot better! I love him to bits, & hope to go on spoiling him for many a long year!
Corgi. Check. Siamese. Check. Horses. Check. Hmmmm....
by Rice
Oh! Rice.....I used to ride a horse that I'd give him verbal commands which he'd obey immediately! He'd THE most velvet-smooth canter of ANY horse I've ever ridden! Cheers!
by donjo
My cat does talk back and I wonder if I've encouraged that, but it's ok as it's just the two of us.
I talk to my cat, but she often chooses not to talk to me!
I do and they do. I realised just how much I talk to my animals when one particularly loqacious budgie started talking back to me in my own voice! Some of it was unprintable. Ooooops. ^.^
by Rice
Oh yes, always. Our cat is very much a member of this family. He does talk back at times or else gives ''the look.'' LOL
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