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Do you take any notice when you hear about unhealthy foods?

by Finy (follow)
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We often read or hear about foods that are unhealthy in the media/magazines.

Do you take any notice of these reports on unhealthy foods, and do you stop eating them, or perhaps cut down on how much of them you eat?

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Top Answers
Yes I tend to take notice of many things I hear and read about!

I stop eating this one week, and then the next week it is again healthy (e.g. eggs, milk).

Have stopped drinking soy milk, processed meats, meat etc etc.

It's a wonder I am not as skinny as a rake, as the saying goes. I have now even cut down on my cake and biscuits and eating more fruit.

I should just not listen to anything of anyone as it all seems to change so often.
by Finy
I think that we should listen to our bodies, as they generally do let us know what we are in need of!!! Common sense and moderation in all things is my way to deal with food.But this has been a long journey due to many allergies throughout my entire life. So much of what is thrown at us is not really worthwhile at all. Try things and see how they make you feel. And I do not mean pig pout on treats, but use your sense in all things!
by Jules
Yes! I do.
I try to pass on the info to my sons also.

We always hear new reports on why a particular food is unhealthy or what new ailments it can cause, but since we already knew that food was bad for us (just not as in as much detail) then It does not really change my habits. It would be the case that I already don't eat it because it is unhealthy or I eat it knowing it is unhealthy, so no new information is likely to change whether I eat it or not.

If a discovery about a food that we all previously thought was good for us turned out not to be then it would make me listen, but I probably wouldn't change what I do until more research is done.

If I learnt about the newly discovered health benefits of a food, then I would pay more attention and probably try to eat more of it.

Interestingly, I am influenced more by my own research and watching programmes I choose to watch, rather than things I accidentally hear on the news, etc.
Depends IF it's a food I would normally eat.
They're usually foods I wouldn't be eating anyway.

Health issues, common sense, & experience, should dictate what one eats.
Yes, I do... But, I do indulge in small quantities. After all the unhealthy foods are the tastiest! So I don't want to miss out on somethings which I enjoy - for example desserts... Yum... I love sweets. Small quantities though.
Yes and yes . . . until I forget. Luckily, most times when I have forgotten that the devil food item is going to cause my imminent demise, it has been touted as the new superfood so I am saved.
by Rice
I grew up in the era when we ate what was put in front of us and were very grateful to have such decent meals. Fortunately this included lots of fresh vegetables,and so-called 'healthy' foods as they were so well priced! I was always sick though,often needing to be in hospital.It was in my early 20's I found out that I was ALLERGIC to many so-called good foods!!! Eggs,dairy,salicylates which are natures preservatives in the skin of all fruit and veg!! The list goes on! So NO!I do NOT take so much note of what I see,hear and read,but more so what my body has told me over the years! Thankfully I am not allergic to many of my favourite things,such as potatoes,berries, chocolate(though I don't pig out on this one!!!),and savoury items such as pickles!!! I am very careful though with all I eat and drink...Moderation is the key ,now that I have the allergies basically under control!
I am well aware of which foods are unhealthy. However, I am very much of the belief 'everything in moderation '. I allow myself to have cake or takeaway food on occasion only, and that is quite alright in a healthy diet. These are what dietitians call 'sometimes' foods. There are many others. Also, it is not right to deprive yourself of something like chocolate, just cut back. It is not recommended to cut ANY food from ones' diet completely if you are going to feel deprived. One square of chocolate is completely okay. My son has type 1 diabetes but I remind him that he can have desserts and chocolate if he wishes but just in moderation, which he does. He is on an insulin pump so it doesn't matter so much for him anyway as he doesn't have to count carbs anymore. He is not likely to have 10 Tim Tams anyway. I am well aware of good and bad foods and I eat the bad foods sparingly. You can still have red meat for example, as it is essential for the bodys iron stores (except in vegetarians of course), but just don't make it the main part of your diet by having it every day. Moderation. It is not necessary to cut out anything, just eat it sparingly, or cut back on it.
If I took notice of all the foods supposed to be unhealthy, or bad, for us to eat, I'd most probably be in a box 6ft. under by now. Contradictory reports are also made about some of these bad foods so my motto is if I don't have an adverse reaction to the foods I eat in moderation, then let me enjoy them until I can no longer eat them.
Not really. A lot of the warnings are rubbish anyway.
I try to take note about the new trends about what is unhealthy but I make my own decisions about what is good for me.
Unless it's packed with something like MSG or preservatives, I don't usually pay much attention. I love my eggs, chocolate, full-cream milk, cured meats, etc. Most things in moderation, I say.
by Vee
Yes all the time :)
Well, we all know what is good and bad and everything in moderation is the only way to eat. Those "experts" change their minds every five minutes anyway otherwise they don't keep their jobs or get new funding! LOL!
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