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Do you take a pain killer easily for say, a headache?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you easily take a pain killer for things like headache, or would you rather put up with the pain?

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Top Answers
Yes, I am not brave with pain and I do not believe the occasional disprin or whatever will do any harm.

I also have stronger pills due to a back injury however I am far more loathe to take these as there are a few noticeable side effects, but for just an ache, I will take something.
by Finy
Having battled with painkiller addiction several times in the last twenty years, I would rather put up with the pain but sometimes due to circumstances still have to take a painkiller. I try natural remedies first but for some things, like herniated disc pain, there is no effective natural remedy and that is not a pain it's possible to put up with and still operate.
You should always be careful taking painkillers - because they are so common and easily available, people forget that they are actually very strong drugs and quite literally brain-altering - that's how they work. They don't tackle the cause of the pain, they just alter your brain so it no longer registers the pain messages being sent by the nerves. And all painkillers have negative side effects too, so should be treated with caution and only taken if absolutely necessary.
I try not to take headache tablets but more often than not I just take a headache tablet. Headache tablets are the only pain medication I have ever taken. Luckily I have never had the need for anything stronger
by AJ
I've never taken pain killers before. For one thing, the thought would never even occur to me, and if it did, I would resist taking them unless the pain was unbearable - in which case pain killers probably would not be strong enough.
No, I wait for hours before I do so. I try everything natural before I take a pain killer.
by BK
I may reach for pain killers half way thru the day, if it continues....but not before.
I tend to want it to run part of the 'course'...so I know what I am dealing with.
Oh yet again, jonaj, you get a fabulous photo! It's just perfect, & the epitome of the subject! Cheers!
by donjo
Thank you! (taking a bow) (wow)....lol

by jonaja
Oh! jonaj, that's too clever by far! And very funny! Lol! Cheers!
by donjo
Yes I don't believe in suffering too much for the sake of a simple couple of Panadol
by fran
Funnily enough,I do not get headaches often enough to even count! I am not one to take a tablet for a headache.I prefer to lie in a very dark and quiet room.
Yes, I don't need water, I just swallow tablets easily. I hate pain, so after I have a glass of water, if I don't feel any better I hit the drugs lol
No. I avoid taking medication when I can.
by Vee
It depends how bad the pain is, and what I need to be doing. It's very, very difficult to remain patient and pleasant while working in customer service, or caring for small children all day if you have a huge headache. If I need to get on with things I'll just take a painkiller. It's much easier to get on top of pain early than try to deal with it after it gets bad.
I am blessed so rarely have to take any pain killers. I can hold off until it is a severe pain and then only one tablet will do the trick. Thankfully this is a rare occasion..
no I do not take anything, for a headache, just get out into the fresh air, and take several deep breaths or more, you will find that the headache will go.. magic.
for that matter it is mind over matter for most of these things.
not unless it was becoming unbearable.
I'll go as far as I can with the pain.
But then I'll take a couple of strong painkillers' & that usually sees the tension headache off.
Same here :)
by jonaja
No - I try to avoid medication unless absolutely necessary. Having had breast cancer twice I only take prescribed preventive medication for that. When I was younger however I used to have the occasional migraine when I would take a tablet but, after being diagnosed with a brain tumour and having had the tumour (thankfully benign) removed, I haven't had headaches since.
If pain is strong take medication. If pain is mild just live with it.
I may take 1 or 2 a year. but the last ones were only a couple of days ago, for a gum ache!
by Miro
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