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Do you sweep your outside areas often?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you often sweep the outside areas around your home or unit?

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Top Answers
I am rather embarrassed to say I do not.

Not that it doesnt need it but I am too lazy and have a back problem and sweeping aggravates it.

I would far rather be on the computer than wasting time sweeping.

However I do not have trees and I do sweep the area near the front door about every week or two as that embarrasses me especially after there has been wind or a storm -a visitor will see that but out the back, no one will see it!
by Finy
Sweep when its unclean. My big 'hate' tho is cafes etc. that dont keep the outside of their cafes, footpaths clean. I wont eat from these places, my logic being that their kitchen is probably in the same state.
So many cafes (at least in the tourist areas) in Europe throw a bucket of water over the footpath each morning, makes it look fresh, clean....

by sandw
Yes love to get outside when it is not tooooo hot, I have a lot of greenery around my place, trees and a manmade lake and fountain across the road with ducks, birds and the swans and pelicans come a few times a year. I have the view from my little loungeroom (except I have a bougainvillia) in front for privacy...but that's okay, I can still see it
by fran
When I notice leaves/dirt/cobwebs on my front porch or the back verandah I give a quick sweep. I am not too fussy about it.
I always sweep, but more so hose too.
Every 6 months I bleach my driveway, I find it last's longer than high pressure hose, and saves on water.
It turns the driveway nearly back to it's original colour and never seems to go back to that dingy dirty look..

It's a pet pea with me.
P.S. I use an old bucket, old rag mop, and straight bleach...I don't water it down...let it dry with the sun.
I hose the driveway 2 days later, NOT before.
by jonaja
Occasionally (once a week or even less) I sweet dirt and the odd dried chook poo off the veranda. The rest of my yard is grass or garden beds so it doesn't need sweeping.
I do sweep the areas which the dogs traipse through to lessen the dust they bring into the house!
Yes I do, especially in autumn time when the ground is covered with leaves.
I only have a balcony, which I do not sweep. It is dusty but the dust comes back so quickly I can't keep up with it
by AJ
Bahahahahaha....I definitely don't sweep. My kids tipped dirt all over my front entryway about 2 weeks ago and it's all still there. I keep telling myself that I will sweep or hose it "today".
I used to have a front porch in my old house so I used to as much as possible.
Not often enough
I sweep the leave from my driveway,the mulch on the footpath,outside my home,the leave,dirt scratched from the garden by the birds,every 2 to 3 days.
Often after I get home from work at 7:30 am,after night duty,I sweep to clear my mind,use up some energy,get the outside of the property looking neat before I go to bed.
If the outside area looks clean I think the home looks inviting,even if it's only for me.
I have met many people walking their dogs,and neighbours going past,instead of locking myself inside.
I talk to passerby people,smile.annette
During summer our bamboo drop a lot of leaves - so I sweep often at that time of year.
by Lucy
No need on my part.
My mower-men do that as part of the lawn mowing, whipper-snipper work, & general gardening requirements, as, & when required!
I sweep the 13 stone uneven steps up/down to/from our house to the driveway, then the driveway. I can’t sweep all the driveway because a boat & the car is parked up the top & 1/2 way down the drive, so I just sweep where I can, about once a month. We have a LOT of trees, front & back of our place, & after a windy day or night, the branches & leaves of cause, fall down. I also have to sweep the walkway at the back of the house. Once a fortnight, I can usuallly fill 2 large green bins!
Not as much as we should probably. We have a big area to keep clean. We try to keep on top of it over Autumn though
Yes! We have many gum trees over hanging our flat roof, so I often need to sweep the porch & 2 the 2 walkways, 1 to the top of the steps, & the other to the clothesline. I don't do the 13 steps very often, & I try to get my husband to sweep the driveway & the gutter at the bottom of the driveway, because I don't like the leaves going down the drains! He doesn't have to do any mowing, because we don't have a lawn!
by Miro
I sweep our front porch, the walkway on either side of the porch, & the 13 uneven stone steps down to the driveway. Our whole driveway has trees leaning over it, so there are many leaves, sticks & dead branches, so I leave the drive way for my husband to do, which he doesn't sweep nearly often enough. (I also do ALL the weeding!)
by Miro
Sorry, I forgot to check if I'd already answered this question.
by Miro
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