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Do you suffer in winter, or does the cold not bother you?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you suffer in winter, or does the cold weather not bother you?

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Top Answers

That poor homeless man :(
Yes :( It made me feel cold and sad all at once.
by Rice
Yes I suffer and am suffering sitting here at my desk.

I like summer but I find winter, the cold gets to my bones, so to speak and I am shivering a lot.

Today I have a hand spun, hand knitted llama jumper on so the top of me is OK but my legs are cold.

I feel the cold so badly this year, that I have two air conditioners on many days most of the day.

I find cold MISERABLE. (Well, at least till I get a flush!!!)
by Finy
Finy, you may need to take a hot bath each morning...so your body can really warm up.
If you don't have a bath, then a very long shower, and use an electric blanket on your bed.
You can also but throw rugs, that are also electric!, and if possible maybe move your desk into a room that you can close the door....and put a 'fan heater on, to keep you warm....
I fully understand, and sometimes we just have to spend a fair amount of time in a room that you can keep warm, maybe a spare bedroom...made like a study, well worth the effort, believe me.
We have had to do just that.....Invest also in thermal leggins, and spencer.
by jonaja
Oh! Finy... if you can, purchase some Thermal Wear from Damart. Google their catalogue!

For decades', I've worn their Longline Sleeveless Vest. As my arms don't feel the cold, I just need my 'trunk' covered, as my excellent GP of 40 years' told me to do.
The material is light-weight, regular wash cycle cleaned, air dried.

Do NOT put in a dryer!

The feeling is 'toasty warm', & marvellous!

by donjo
I already use the ones that they use in the snow from that adventure place -i told them I was still cold, and they said I am wearing the warmest to possibly buy!! I have my llama, just knitted jumper on and the top part of me is, today warm! need to wear it all the time!
by Finy
Oh! Finy.....I've two cloaks I haven't worn for years', as it usually doesn't get cold enough here to do so, but one is either Alpaca, or Llama, black/grey/cream that a friend brought back for me from Peru.
And the other is Wool, from 'Skinny's', beige & brown.
Cheers! & stay warm!
Do you have a fireplace?
by donjo
Let's just say it's not my favorite time of year. It causes my skin to get very dry and no moisturizer can help.
by Gia
Yes, mine too Gia!
by Finy
Ladies! Try Nivea Body Moisturiser, just the 'normal to dry skin' one.
Is non-oily, with deep saturation.
by donjo
I think I must have a bit of bear in me. I could sleep through the winter. Wake for breakfast then back to bed, get out of bed for toilet, water, meals and back to bed again.
I also love being i bed listening to kids next door going to school, their parents starting the car to go to work etc., the garbage collectors doing their rounds and I just snuggle down and think "lucky me". Queer, I know.
psssst . . i am whispering that i often do this too . . . and i feel so lucky, lucky, lucky. heehee. i can hear trains from my bedroom and i love it.
by Rice
Yep Riceā€¦..I don't mean that I don't feel sorry for all the kids off the school and the parents off to work and the garbage collectors and ALL the other workers in the world on winter mornings. It's just that I feel that after 5 of my years at work, I am entitled to sleep in or all day if I want. Some people could never do that no matter how long they live.
But I love it, just absolutely love it.

by fran.
Let's just say it's not my favorite time of year. It causes my skin to get very dry and no moisturizer can help.
by Gia
Nah, the cold doesn't bother me much. It doesn't get that cold in my country during winter.
I suffer. My bones hate the cold. I could hibernate like a bear. Dad was the same. We came here because of his lumbago, not a term you hear much these days but he always wanted to be in a warm climate.
by Rice
yes im the same Rice -dr said because I have not much fat but I dont believe that...are you thin also? I kind of shiver in my bones!
by Finy
I am certainly not thin any more, Finy, but my fat doesn't seem to help :(
by Rice
I don't like cold weather, but I don't " suffer". I do find it hard to get warm no matter how many clothes I put on. I much prefer to be warm than cold. I tend to hibernate over winter and do not venture out as much as I do in summer
The cold has ALWAYS affected me severely in one way or another.I grew up in Victoria where the winds are so bitter as they come up from Antarctica that they bite right through your clothing!!! I would get the most severe chilblains all through every single winter,that sometimes I had to stay off school .They were SO painful and when they burst,I would not be able to hobble anywhere without crying. I also developed a rare type of Arthritis at 14,and this baffled the medical sciences back then so they would just say it was Growing Pains!!! I STILL have not grown any taller though! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! I came to live up in Tropical North Queensland in 1980,and this milder climate helps me immensely,despite the fact that I still suffer very badly when the temp drops below 20!!! I am so much luckier than many others though,so I remain cheerful and enjoy every day whether in pain or not. It is all relative really..... The main thing is to have a sense of humour and somehow keep busy enough to keep ourselves smiling.I must admit that I do know how fortunate I am,and this keeps me positive and able to smile despite the downside to what the colder weather does to me!! I just make the most of what each day brings, Being positive is a great asset at any time,and I am one of the lucky ones who IS positive almost all of the time!!
Winter doesn't get that cold where I live. Nights rarely drop to zero. Also I am lucky in that my body isn't very sensitive to the cold. I actually love winter and prefer it to summer.
I don't 'suffer' for anything!

In winter, my 'house wear' usually consists of Ugg boots, warm track pants, Damart Sleeveless Longline Vest, thick cotton tee shirt, sloppy joe, scarf, & beanie.
Adjust, as required to daily temperature.

Going out, D.S.L.V., wear warm slacks suits(NOT any Wool garment, as allergic to it next to my skin!), cotton socks & my RM's, scarf, & beret.

Don't allow myself EVER to get cold!
Mostly, as long as my head, neck, & back are warm, I'm warm.
I love this weather. If I'm feeling cold in the house I'm usually wearing a light dress so add a cardigan. When it gets cooler in the evenings watching TV I put my snuggly over me and I'm fine. We rarely use heat during the colder months and the house has floor to ceiling windows which are open all year round and floor to ceiling shutters on the bedroom and lounge windows so there's always air circulating inside.
I do feel sorry for the homeless in winter. I just wonder how it got to be that way. I was born in winter and love the cold weather. I was born in Australia and still faint in the heat. Both my parents came from cold climates. The father loved the heat and so do my brother and sister. I was the odd one out except for chronic arthritis.
I don't like the cold... I feel it, and I can't hack it. During winter, my thoughts are always with the homeless. I don't know how they do it.
by Vee
I am not a fan of extreme winters but chilly winds bother me more than that. We do not have heating at home, so I have to always layer up and sleep with my socks so that I don't wake up in severe cramps.
by BK
I am manage winter but what really annoys me is the rain during winter.
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