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Do you stop drinking coffee or tea after a certain time due to the caffeine/sleeping?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you stop drinking coffee or tea after a certain time in the day so that you will sleep properly?

Or does it not affect you?

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Top Answers
Not really - I am down to just one cup of coffee generally.
Occasionally I will have one at night however it does not affect my sleeping - I fall asleep within a few minutes of hitting the pillow.
AND I drink proper coffee and not instant.

by Finy
I drink proper coffee too, Finy and I never find it affects me either. I definitely drink more tea than coffee though. I sleep or don't sleep as my body chooses and if I wake up at three or four a.m. I still want a cup of tea.
by Rice
oh really - i just lie there though have to admit the other night I got so sick of lying there for 2 hours that I made a hot milk with honey - have only ever done that once in my life before...i stay put. Another OLD AGE thing -waking!
by Finy
Yeah . . old age . . .such fun :(
by Rice
Hate it to the nth degree!
by donjo
Is it any wonder we get cranky??!! My recently deceased m-i-l used to hit people with her walking stick. (dementia) We took it off her when she ceased to be ambulatory . . . but some days I can really understand her crankiness. We finally get *the world* worked out and then we're toast. Where's me walkin' stick . . . .
by Rice
I do not like coffee so I do not drink it at all. As for tea, I drink decaffeinated black tea, so it does not affect my sleep in the slightest. It never has, even when drinking the caffeinated tea. My final drink of the night is a hot chocolate. Nothing much seems to affect my ability to fall asleep.
I drink between 2-5 cups of coffee, depending on what I'm doing and where I am. If I am out at night and driving myself, I consume more coffee in the hope that it will keep me awake and therefore safe from falling asleep as I drive. I don't drink alcohol then for the same reason. If I'm at home i generally don't drink coffee after 5pm. I dislike tea and rarely drink it.

I have tried coffee but it doesn't seem to keep me awake . I don't quite like the taste either. A nice cold beverage anytime of day is good for me.
No they don't affect my sleep, so I have either anytime I feel like 1 or the other! But usually I have a latte in the am, & a black tea late afternoon. And I also NEVER drink instant coffee, Finy or Rice! I used to percolate my coffee, after crushing the beans, but now I use coffee pods. What women could resist that very handsome George???
by Miro
I could, miro_! Can't stand him!
by donjo
PS: I meant to write:' peculate', not what I did if fact (wrongly) write; 'percolate'
by Miro
Has no effect on me, so will drink either at anytime, depends on what I feel like!

When 'out & about', will choose either a 'Cappucino', or 'Mochachino'............& maybe a 'Vanilla Slice'!
Ohhh donjo, how could you say such a thing! But 'to each their own' HaHa
I'll still read your other answers!! I really 'can't see' George drinking pod coffee anyway. I'm sure he just made those ads it for the money. (As if he needed it!)
by Miro
Coffee doesn't stop me from sleeping. I can have one at anytime of the day.
by AJ
Yes, but with the current hot weather I am drinking lots of water and find I am needing to answer the call of nature during the night.
Well I try to limit my coffee/caffeine intake to 4 times a week. Before, I never fail to drink coffee every weekdays since I had work and did not want to feel sleepy while doing my job. Nowadays, I've learned to cut back and it's not because I'm experiencing weird symptoms or anything. It's just that too much caffeine has a reverse effect on me. I end up getting sleeping whenever I drink 2 or 3 cups of coffee. So I just settle for a single cup or nothing at all, intermittently in a week.
I don't drink either full stop. I drink cocoa. Yes, still contains caffeine but not as much, and tastes much better in my opinion.
by Vee
I drink more coffee than tea nowadays but prefer coffee. It has no affect on me no matter what time I have my evening one.
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