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Do you stop and help a disabled person cross the road?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you help a disabled person to cross the road or do you generally leave them to their own devices?

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Top Answers
I only now help if a person looks like they are struggling.

This happened after I offered to help a few people and they really aggro at me!

I think some disabled people like to be independent and were perhaps insulted when I offered to help them cross the road.

I was struggling the other day with my shopping, and an old lady came and helped me and I was most appreciative as was having a really bad back day and did not really know how to load the shopping into the car.

I therefore cannot really relate to anyone getting annoyed if you offer to help them.
by Finy
I have always offered help of many types to people who appear to want and/or need some!!! I am now the omne with a walking stick,despite my young age,and I LOV E when assistance is offered to ME now that I am not so able to offer it to others!!
The other day a delightful young man, went and got a shopping trolley for me when I was approaching the supermarket,and when it was a bit wonky,he even changed it for a better one before giving it to me!!!! I do hope this is a case of him having seen others doing the same good things!!!
Of course I would - providing they gave consent!
It depends. I do help if they really are struggling with crossing the road. Some road users have absolutely no respect when it comes to the elderly and will blow their car horn if they are too slow.

I always ask first if they would like some help as some elderly people are very proud and can sometimes take it as an insult.
I've never been in a situation like that, but would help if the need arose.
by Vee
If it was obvious they needed help, of course I would....
by fran
I will help any and all who look like they need help.
It only takes a minute.
One day I am sure it will be me!
I would offer only if they looked like they needed the help.
by AJ
I haven't been in that situation but it would depend on whether they seemed to need help, much as any other person.

Always ask first, because some folk are independent, & get 'stroppy' if you just take their arm 'without permission'. If 'yes' then I take their arm to support them & let go when they request.
Always ask first, because some folk are independent, & get 'stroppy' if you just take their arm 'without permission'. If 'yes' then I take their arm to support them & let go when they request.
I would certainly offer but it is their prerogative if they wish to take up the offer.
I always offer. The exception might be if I thought there was a mental issue as well as a physical one.
by Rice
Was once threatened with the Sack after helping a wheelchair bound person cross William St at Collins intersection where the gutter was very steep & uneven.
This made me a few minutes late to the office a few doors away at 440 Collins.
My boss yelled I had no right to help anyone & be late for work - that I started at 9am not 5 past 9, and some one else could have helped if needed. But there wasn't anyone else there that day and the uneven incline was v.steep and the lights were changing.
Sort of puts you off going outside at all doesn't it.
I'll let people know there is a disabled person/guide dog/wheelchair trying to get thru./walk/manourvre behind them & to move over - usually it's idiots on mobiles wandering all over the footpath causing everyone else to have to dodge around them.
If they must talk on mobile phones in peak hour city foot-traffic, why do they not stand to the side and Get Out of everyone else's way?!
Oh! delbr, what a horrible boss you have/had! Don't know your financial situation, but if I had a boss who treated/spoke to me like that, I'd tell him, in no uncertain terms, where he could stick the job! Bet he's the type who'd leave early, or have a long lunch, if it suited him, or maybe he just doesn't like people, full stop!

This is one of the many things that's wrong with the world today. It's all about the me, me, me, & bugger everyone else! That also answers your last sentence.........
by donjo
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