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Do you still wear a watch?

by Finy (follow)
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Many years ago we all wore wristwatches to tell the time, and we also had clocks around the house.

Do you still wear a watch, or do you rely totally on other forms of technology to know what time it is?

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Top Answers
I stopped wearing a watch 3 years ago. I try not to be focussed on time, and instead put my energy into the task at hand.
Oh dear!
I'm a watch 'tragic'! Love them! Have many 'quirky' ones, but mostly 'normal' ones. Got digital when they became the 'fashion'.
Have bought many overseas. One is just a gorgeous gold one, which I wear out at night.
Have complete collection (4) of Tissot Rock Watches.....tan, grey, white & mushroom. Adore them, 'cos they're SO different!

Still got my original watch my Parents' gave me in 1958, but it's 'dead', & can't be fixed.

Bought a Timex for horse-riding only, as loved TV ad of one strapped to horse's leg, & then horse & rider went over a Show jump, proved watch was shock, & waterproof! That watch is still going, & it was bought in 1969, for $19.95, which was 'expensive', as my wage was then, $35.90 a week!
Oh, I loved that Timex ad too. You would get on well with my daughter . . . a watch for every occasion, colour and outfit.
by Rice
Oh! Rice Paper, thank you! Am possibly going to buy an 'animal print' watch next! I think they're so different, & it would go with a couple of my outfits, & shoes! Cheers!
by donjo
Not very often. I have one for special occasions, but mostly I just check the time on my phone or the clock in my car.
Haven't worn a watch in years. When I gave up full time office work I deliberately took my watch off and said I would never live by the clock again. And since I have my iPhone with me 24/7 don't really need a watch.
Yes I am fond of watches.
Yes I wear a watch. I love wearing it as it is a special gift from my husband.
Absolutely. I wear my watch all the time, except when I am writing and editing from home. If I have many articles to write at a time, the watch is a hindrance.
I am amazed at how many still wear watches!
I stopped many years ago when I went to some weekend where we had to first take off our watches.
However the time is now on so many things, I would have thought there would be less people wearing them.
by Finy
Oh! Finy, nooooo way! Look at ALL the new watch styles' that are being produced! As a watch buyer still, & watch 'looker-atter' at the shops, I think possibly the opposite is true!

The 'trend' is now to wear a watch as a 'fashion accessory', plus it's handy(pardon pun!), with which to see the time! It's way too inconvenient to have to get out/open up/switch on an iPhone/ITablet, just to check the time. Flick the wrist, & there it is! Yay!
If less folk buying them, watch makers' would go broke, but MORE Companies' are opening! Wow!
Cheers to you!
by donjo
I don't wear watches, mainly because like all other jewellery, it gets in the way of things. I rely on my mobile for the time, and we have a clock in nearly every room.
by Vee
I can rely on clocks at home but when I'm out and about with two children I often don't have a hand free to get out a phone. It's much easier to just have the time displayed on your wrist.
Fair enough Jennifer. I see your point.
by Vee
Yes. I need it to do stuff like catch buses on time. I got tired of watches which never seem to last long, and it being cheaper to buy a new watch than replace the battery (it's so wasteful!) so I bought a vintage mechanical (windup one). It doesn't keep the most accurate time but it does the job and it is 30 years old and still working.
I stopped years and years ago.

But of late, I have been late?

So maybe I will buy one for my 60th this year.

I want a (second hand) Rolex. :)

Oh! jonaj, good hunting! Lol!
by donjo
This question is quite old.

I'm now sixty one and a half.... and still no Rolex!!....LOL
by jonaja
** I'm now nearly 63 and still!! no watch :(
by jonaja
Nearly 64! still no Rolex :)
by jonaja
I wear a lovely Tag which my husband brought for my 60th Last year. I have won Tags for the last 15 years. They are my favourites watches.
and they are lovely watches too!
I still have an Omega however you have to remember to take them off each day when showering
by Finy
Yes, cause you still live in this world where time does matter.If you live in the wild like a native then you don't need to have a watch.
I've gone native. Haven't worn a watch in donkey's years, I answer to myself, not the moon faced monster on the wall.
by Rice
I haven't been wearing a watch in ages. The time is displayed too much around us to my taste, anyway. I generally do things on time, but I don't like being pressured.
i have my iphone which has replaced so many things in my life including the watch.
I own a watch but I probably haven't worn it for over 8 years or so. I found a watch to be uncomfortable and even though punctuality is something I pride myself on, I find I'm generally never far from a clock or a phone or a watch wearing friend. My husband wears a watch and he's likely sick of telling me the time, but I got out of the habit of wearing one and it no longer feels comfortable.
yes, has to have leather band though.
Yes, Joan, I agree! I sweat too much for a metal band.
by donjo
I stopped wearing watches about 10 years ago and then I fell in love with exercise watches, so I'd wear one to exercise and then take it off the rest of the time because it annoyed me so much. I used to be a chronic clock watcher, like some bizarre hawk... now, I am not so governed by time and must/have go's.
I use my mobile and iPod to tell the time and my outlook calendar to tell me when I need to get myself to the next meeting. Lazy, but convenient and a whole lot less stressful for me.
I wear a watch - provided it's not likely to get damaged. It's so easy looking at your arm for the time. Plus it looks amazing - my watch was from my father's 20 years in the Navy.
I still wear a watch but not the purpose to tell time.

It is more like an accessory these days.
Like a bracelet.
I haven't worn a watch in years. I like watches but I find that they break easily one way or another. So I have stopped acquiring them. I primarily get time from other digital devices from which I do much of my work.
When I leave the house I usually wear my watch. It was my mother's so I have a sentimental attachment to it. Also I use public transport a lot so I like being able to glance at my wrist to check the time. I usually have my mobile in my pocket but it's quicker to look at my watch.
I don't wear a watch that much, I just rely on my phone.
Am lost without a watch! With technology even, still prefer wrist watch as 'go to' timepiece.....
Yes I do, most of the time
Yes but sadly I need my watch battery replaced.
Oh! Valadhiel, have you only the one watch?
by donjo
Only one nice watch, the others are cheap and nasty and my skin doesn't like me wearing them for long.
Oh! I understand what you say! I can only wear Leather watch bands, as metal ones' can't cope with my sweat!
by donjo
I won't wear leather as I'm a vegetarian which really takes away a large selection of watches
I have many decorative Swatch watches as I don't wear bracelets and are used as a fashion accessory as well as being useful for time. Gail
Hi Gail, A girl after my own heart! I just love my Swatches. Where them in the shower, at the beach, in the surf, (as you can go down to 30 mitres wearing them)
You can read my watch answer below, anyway, if you wish too. I don't like the pattern ones anymore because all the dresses I wear now are patterned. I just like the plain coloured ones now. The last 1 I'm waiting to buy is plain white. I saw it in Singapore airport in 2014, & I'm still waiting for it to turn up in the DFO shop in Melbourne.
by Miro
Gail, I guess you now know that Swatch will change all flat batteries from their watches, free of change now. I usually take 7 or 8 of mine into a Swatch store at a time, to have the batteries changed! Better than forking out $10 for each new battery, (or are they dearer now?) I've now had 23 batteries changed over. Now that's a huge saving isn't it? (I still having bought my plain white Swatch.)
by Miro
Gail, How many Swatches do you have now? I'm still looking for the big very plain white 1 that I saw in Singapore airport in '14. I was back again in August '17 but they didn't have it. They weren't selling it in the Sydney (Au) nor the Bali airport either, so I'll just have to keep waiting!
by Miro
Gail, it's now Jan '18. How many Swatches do it own? You keep 'forgetting' to reply to my question. I still don't have the white 1 I'd like, & recently I saw a lovely navy blue 1 with tiny white spots on the Swatch site, so I'd now also like to buy that 1. (It would go nicely with a blue/white floral cotton dress I have!)
by Miro
Yes especially when I go out, otherwise no.
It is nice to be not ruled by TIME.
To just come and go without the need to be governed or restricted by the time on a watch.

I wear a watch, 24/7. I have 28 Swatches now, starting with the Pop Swatches. So glad to see you also have many, Gail. I wear my watch on my right wrist, (Iím right handed) because all none of my many bracelets I wear every day, will fit over my right hand, so of cause I have to wear those on my left wrist! Where do you buy yours from Gail? Iíve bought a few in Sydney, NSW, a lot in Melbourne, 1 in Japan,1 in Hong Kong, 1 in Miami & 5 in Times Square, & 1 that was given to be as a farewell gift, when I left my volunteer job, after 22 years & 2 months! I just love Swatch! I also have 4 Aldi watches, which all have a 3 year guarantee.
Yes, I have a beautiful black and silver art deco one I bought in the States a few years ago. I love it as it is so stylish. I also have a pendant which has a double watch face. I find this very useful when travelling overseas as you can have one face on local time and the other on Australian time.
Yes I wear a watch, almost religiously, almost everyday.
For all those Swatch fans out there who donít already know this:The Swatch Dr goes to the Swatch shops, twice a year, for 1 week each time, & you can take along all your Swatches that have flat batteries, & get them changed over, free of charge. Iíve now had this done to 16 of my Swatches, & have saved $160, & have 3 more waiting for new batteries. Youíll have to be on their e-mail list though. A fiend told me yesterday, sheís just had to have a battery replaced in her non Swatch & it cost her $25.oo! Ouch !
I've just found this question again, & you can now take your Swatch watch to any Swatch shop, ANY time, & you'll get a free battery! If you have a collection of them, like I do too can take as many as you like in 1 go! At the moment I only have 2 waiting for new batteries. I keep them in a small unused makeup purse, then take them in when I'm next going to be in the city again, the more the better! I'd now like to sell my patterned Swatch's, & just keep the plain coloured ones, as all my floral patterned cotton dresses I now wear, look better with plain coloured
by Miro
I took another 10 swatches to their shop of the Pitt St mall, so I've now saved $260, which is my fare on a 4 night cruise to Brisbane from Sydney return. (That's with taxes, port changes & something else we have to pay for in the cruise!)
by Miro
Yes always wear a watch when I am out, at home almost never.
Yeah I do.
Of course I do - DON'T YOU?

Yes, I wear a watch when going out, don't like getting out the phone to see the time. However, I am a lucky one that can nearly always predict what time it is anyway, don't use an alarm. Watches are a nice piece of jewellery too.
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