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Do you still use a landline?

by Finy (follow)
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Image: Pixabay.com

Now that many of us have NBN, do you still have and/or use a landline?

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Top Answers
Yes, I do use a landline.
I still do not have NBN and will not get it in this area for another year or more.

I make most of my calls on the landline still, as have trouble hearing on my i phone in this area. I also need the landline for my internet connection.
by Finy
The landline photo you used, Finy, is a much nicer landline phone than ours!
by Miro
No, haven't had one for about 5 years. Only use mobile and internet now e.g. Skype.
by AJ
We have just stopped for a time, no idea why? I must ask my son....LOL
I'm glad you asked this question because I can't wait to get rid of ours in the near future, when NBN comes. We get about 5 calls on our landline per day and they are always telemarketers or calls with no one at the other end of the line. We rarely get any other calls on the landline. I'm scared to pick it up most of the time. As soon as I say ' Hello ' they go into their spiel, or there is no one there. Annoying. Waste of my time. I do use it at home. I use the landline or the mobile, whichever is closest. I can't wait to get rid of it though. Then these companies will get a hold of my mobile number and harass me again. I wonder if anyone buys anything off them. I suppose they must or they wouldn't keep doing it.
I do and I do . . . .but I can't help wondering why I have a landline now that my mobile costs me a total of $10 per month. Clinging on to the past perhaps? It is included in my nbn bundle and perhaps it is because I don't trust my mobile 100% . . . . . but if my landline goes out I still have my mobile . . . arghhhhh. I don't know.
by Rice
sometimes, esp. if i know i'll e on hold for ages
I still have a landline - it is also part of the bundle, my mother uses it the most, as some elderly don't have mobile phones. I can see who is calling on the screen so don't answer if unknown number...I won't get NBN for a long time either and who knows what will happen then as I have cable for internet?
Yes, as I get free local calls on it, & its' speaker is louder than my mobile, so easier to hear, even tho my hearing is good, mobile's just don't have the oomph!

Yes I do but purely for internet connection and hanging up on intrusive overseas callers who are trying on the latest scams.
However the NBN will change all of that. Not so sure about the nuisance callers??
Yes, we still have the landline, which is also part of our internet bundle, but it's very really used. We'd save $20 a month, if we didn't have it. We'd received 1 call every 2 weeks (or less) on the landline, which is about the same as on our mobiles!! Just the way we like it! No, we don't have NBN & we don't want it, but we will have to have it anyway, sometime down 'the track'.
by Miro
Yes. We have it for our internet connection as well.
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