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Do you still travel as easily as before there were terrorists?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still travel as readily now, as before there was any terrorism?

Or do you hesitate before booking a holiday?

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Top Answers
I stopped travelling twice a year about 3 or even 4 years ago and although it was not directly related to terrorism, the fact that it takes so long now at airports DID play a large part in this.
After an accident I can walk but cannot stand in lines etc, and shudder at the thought of travelling. I also can no longer lift suitcases that I used to before, so the only option I felt open to me was cruises which I did for a few years after the accident.
I then lost interest as am comfortable at home, and have seen a large part of the world. I don't like plane travel anyway.
So it is not directly terrorism that stops me travelling.
by Finy
'Speaking' of holidays, Finy, did you happen to be in the St George area, of Sydney in June, '17? I thought I saw you at my dentist with a young grand daughter & a little boy?! But then I thought, "Everyone has a double somewhere in the world, she must have been your double. I neally said "Hello Finy" to her, when she was paying her bill!
by Miro
I love travelling and although you always travel with a sense of heightened safety and security - life has to continue and people must continue to live life. The only thing stopping me from travelling is the financial freedom to do so.
Life goes on. We will be like prisoners in our homes if we let the fear of terrorism cause us to stop travelling. We should become more aware of our surroundings and the people around us. That so hard to do now with everyone staring down at their smart devices.
Terrorism has been around for a very long time (remember Lockerbie? ), so it is not a recent phenomenon as some scaremongers would have us believe. I am going to live my life as I see fit, regardless of terrorism. If I want to travel, I definitely will. To give into the fear that terrorists are trying to instil in us would be a victory for them. That is what they want. A terrorist act could just as easily happen on your own doorstep. Are you going to stay inside for the rest of your life and never venture outside ?? That would be silly. I will travel, or walk along the street (as in the London attack), and I will be a proud Aussie doing what pleases me. If I die doing what I love (whether it be travel or going about my everyday business), then so be it. When my time is up, it is up. You can't prevent it.
I'm a very cautious person with most things, and life has changed....so overseas travel for me has been put on hold.

I have lost interest, and have a great deal of anger with these Nut Jobs!!
Plus the amount of time at airports is such a pain, but of course well needed.

That's not the reason we don't fly anymore though.
We discovered...cruising, way back in 2003, & had been flying to the U.S. to pick up the cruises, but how we're getting older & tired of flying, so now we only look for Sydney (Au) returns these days.
by Miro
Having written the above, we did fly to India for a nephews wedding in '14, & stayed 3 weeks, & we're going to Bali for another nephews wedding in 10 days days, & staying 2 weeks. so lets hope...All will be well!
by Miro
And last month we fly to our last (unmarried) nephews wedding... in Bali, via 3 days in Singapore, where he's been living & working, with his then g/f. We stayed in Bali for 12 days. We hope to return there in 2018, but as Finy pointed out, it's the time 1 now has to spend, hanging around airports, that is so boring, but it has to be for everyones safety.
by Miro
If I felt like going somewhere, I would go, the terrorists can go to hell. However, I think as we all agree, it is harder the older you get. It is uncomfortable for me to be in a plane for a long trip these days and I would sooner be home with my dogs.
by Rice
you pinched my answer, or was it vice versa??? again.....
by Finy
unfortunately not. mmost of the time i worry giong anywhere. howerver, i am thinking of having a sticky beak @ Prince Harry today
That's not really going away holidays though is it? How far away was he from your place? Did you get to see him? How many of the Royals have you seen now?
I've only seen Princess Anne, her parents, & her brother Charles, but that was here in Sydney Au. Anne was opening a new public school near where we live.
Prince Charles & his parents were in a car driving down the road, through the Royal Easter Show's carpark!! We were standing on our own, so when they waved we turned around to see who they were waving at, & it was US! My mother also took me to see the Queen when she was here, in 1954!!! Huge, huge crowds back then, Simon.
by Miro
I've always been aware of my surroundings when I'm travelling but it's not possible to be vigilant all the time. I'm glad I did my big European river cruise last year as I now need a knee replacement which I'm putting off for as long as I can and with the radical hip resurfacing I had done about 18 years ago, I'm nowhere as agile as I used to be so that is a bit of a deterent to travelling so I think I shall enjoy a bit of interstate travel next time.
Hi Helga, We've done many cruises, but we've never a European river cruise. I think that would be a wonderful cruise to do. Some Canadian friends have done 1, & they loved it also. I'm so glad you got to do it. Good luck with your knee op, or has it already been done now? My f-i-l had both of his done at the same time, a few years ago.
by Miro
Hi Miro. I hope you do the European River Cruise. I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. If you've cruised before (I hadn't) it will be different inasmuch as you choose the off-shore excursions which are included in the cost and with local tour guides, you learn so much more about the area you are in. No, I haven't had the knee done yet. Putting it off for as long as I can as I'm helping one of my daughters out with child minding so she can finish her teaching course at Uni.
by helga
I'm now hoping I can talk my husband into doing to European river cruise for our 50th wedding anniversary in 1 year & 9 months! Perhaps he could even find 2 back to back ones!
by Miro
Hi Miro. I hope you can convince your husband to do the cruises as I'm sure you would love them. History can be fascinating and seeing a lot of European countries you've learnt about, and other things you never knew which the local tour guides tell you about, you will have wonderful memories along with photos, postcards, etc.
by helga
Hey, Finy . .
by Rice
by jonaja
by Rice
I hate the thought of not travelling because of terrorism. I admit whenever I travel there is always the thought of "what if" but where does it stop?
Do you stop leaving the house because the supermarket or shopping centre you're going to might be a target? Or do you stop travelling to Sydney because you never know what might happen since it's the capital?

There are thousands of planes in the sky each day and look at the percentage that are affected by terrorism - take your holiday and have a fantastic time. Don't let anyone rob you of the experience
Thank you, Belinda, well said but it's just the boring hours now, 1 has to hang around the airports to be able to fly anywhere, so we try & do only Sydney return cruises now, now that there's a whole lot more to choose from, than in the old days! But we still fly to Melbourne about 4 times a year. Last month in Bali we were in the airport for 10 hours, waiting for our flight home, & it hadn't even been delayed!
by Miro
I still travel as before. Life can't be put on pause.
by AJ
Well said, 'cos that's what those freaks want.
by poppy
I do, but Mum freaks out even more than before! She hates it when I go travelling. And no, I'm not a teenager! She says she'll still worry about me even when I'm 80!
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