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Do you still send out greeting cards by snail mail?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still send out greeting cards by snail mail?

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Top Answers
I have just one person I ever send a snail mail card to and she llives overseas.
Every christmas I get a card from her in January, and usually takes me till about February/March to reply and send her a card!
She is the only person who I know who does not have a computer.
I pay yearly for a site to send gorgeous greeting cards - don't mind paying for that as they are better than the free ones and I no longer even send Christmas cards out now.

So, virtually a NO for me on this one!
by Finy
There are some lovely cards available online. I totally agree with you there, Finy. We bought some beautiful cards online last year for a family occasion, as we needed a lot of cards. The internet was the first place we went looking, and we weren't disappointed .
by Lluxi
And I am very grateful for it.
I have a few friends in their 70's who have never used a computer. So they only way we can keep in touch, is with the Mail.

Anyway if we have no computers, we all would have to revert back to snail mail.
Plus! I can put some money in the card, and that's something I can't do....with the computer.Or even a gift card I buy from the Supermarket.

I just think it is a blessing we still have it!
I do not. I make rare visits to the PO. I receive some at Christmas but do not give any in return. These are hand delivered , not mailed
Sometimes. I always send them to my overseas friends, as I find texting or email to be a bit impersonal, compared to the thoughts and feelings enclosed in a hand written card or letter. My parents taught me the art of writing as good etiquette. People seem to have forgotten that these days, or simply don't care. It really does say a lot about you if you care enough to send a card or write a letter, as it is the right thing to do. I send Thank You cards, Sympathy cards and Get Well cards as the need arises, just so people know that they are in our thoughts and prayers. I remember sometimes Mum couldn't go out with us on a Sunday, because " it's a busy time for birthdays". I remember when we returned from our outing there would always be a small pile of cards stamped and completed, and ready for Monday's post. I text birthday greetings to people my own age, and they do the same to me, as it is the done thing. Certain relatives or friends I do send cards to, as they would have grown up when it was expected to do so, and I dare not disappoint by sending a text or worse yet, NOTHING !!!
As long as these fingers can still write, I will be writing snail mail letters (and receiving them), with like minded family and friends. Keeping the tradition alive.
by Lluxi
Not unless it's Christmas time.
by Vee

I haven't for years. I have an aunt who continues to do it.. it drives me nuts!
Yes of cause! How would family & friends receive them if they didn't go by Australia Post? (Snail mail, as you say, that's so right! Twice I've sent birthday cards to Melbourne, & both times they have taken 10 days to arrive! The 2nd time I'd paid an extra 50 cents for a priority stamp, with the $1 stamp. What a joke! Last month, I posted my sister a birthday card as soon as I arrived in Melbourne, because I forgot to post it from Sydney airport. That 1 took 6 days, 2 days past her birthday. She said she posted my birthday card 2 days before my birthday, which makes that 6 days so far, & 5 days past my birthday, if you don't count a public holiday in there!!! I hope I'll receive it in the same month as my birthday!
by Miro
P.S I post out about 30 Christmas cards a year, & I hand deliver 5 others. I mostly post Birthday cards & occasionally email Birthday greetings, if I don't buy a card in time to post.
by Miro
The card from the above sister, ended up taken about 3 weeks to arrive! I NEVER send out those kind of Jacquie Lawson E-Cards, as I just don't like them.
by Miro
It's now Jan '18. A b'day card I sent from Sydney to Melbourne, 7 days before his birthday, NEVER arrived, & a handmade Christmas card I sent to a 97 year friend, of my parents also in Melbourne, never arrived! (And no, he doesn't have dementia!) I'd taken photos of all the cards I made, but then I couldn't remember which card was his 1, but I showed him all the photos of the cards anyway, when I was in Melbourne over Christmas.
by Miro
Yes I still send cards through the mail. I have people in my life that don't have a computer.
I think sending mail through the PO blesses a person's day.
I make my own cards and send out ....yes
Absolutely - I was even writing one for a friends birthday just now! I love receiving actual, physical cards in the mail & I'm sure others do too.
Only to my grand children. Beside a Birthday card I also send them a few cards during the year.They are very exited when there is mail addressed to them
Yes, I do and I think it is much nicer than impersonal electronic ones. There are some fun digital ones but you cannot keep them. What do you do when the computer crashes! Too much is dependent on computers these days, are ruling us? Are we loosing basic skills?

Yes. People love receiving snail mail.
by Rice
yes. i think it shows a much more sentimental touch.
Yes! I know how much I love to receive cards , so I like to think that I am able to bring some smiles, to my family in particular, by SENDING real cards!
Last year, I had had a very nasty fall, so It was the first Festive Season ever, when I did not send any real cards at all.I hated not being able to make this small gesture of love and warm wishes .It felt very very strange to not post cards. I did however manage to send some stunning E-Cards by Jacquie Lawson E-cards with whom I have an account. I love the musicality, the use of wonderful artwork and the delightful fun games which she includes within her fabulous designs.They are available for any and all occasions and I was first introduced to this site by a dear friend who even sent me a gift subscription almost a year ago! As a keen calligrapher I adore making cards for any occasion at all, but my fingers are now becoming far too crippled to even hold my pens for very long. It is very sad and so frustrating, but I know I shall somehow get back to doing this enjoyable thing at some stage!
I've almost given up on sending by snail mainly because I'm always so busy leading up to Christmas. I do try as I think about doing it in November but something always comes up so over the years the ones I receive have become less and less, but I don't mind.
Helga, I start writing mine around the Melbourne cup 🏆 long weekend. That gives me a whole month to get them done. I don't post them until December of course. Half an hour here or there, over the course of a month, and they SHOULD get done
by Lluxi
Lluxi, that's a good starting time. I will try to get motivated to do the same. Otherwise, maybe I should send in July as we have various clubs and restaurants celebrating Christmas then🎄
by helga
Yes I still send birthday cards to a few people by ordinary post.
by AJ
I send greeting cards by post to a few people. I know a handful of people who really appreciate a card with a newsy letter and I make the effort to post to them. Years ago I sent many more cards.
Yes only to family and close friends. Christmas cards I only send from those who send to us (not many now thank goodness - hooray for Facebook to send most Birthday greetings. I do send sympathy cards though for family/friends who have lost loved ones. This all supports Australia Post who my husband has worked for 24 + years.

I like to send Christmas cards in the post as I usually only receive bills!!
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