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Do you still read the old fashioned way -i.e. a book as opposed to a computer?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still read the old fashioned way i.e. with an ordinary book or have to changed to using technology for your reading?

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Top Answers
Yes, I still prefer a book to a Kindle or similar.

Don't quite know why but perhaps I am just old fashioned in this.

Tried a Kindle once but did not take to it.
by Finy
See we are twins....me too I love books, but don't always have the time I would like to read them :"(
by jonaja
I currently have the time but not the inclination -rather be on computer! but we differed greatly on one of the questions!
by Finy
The ONLY way for me to read a book is to have real pages to feel,turn and even smell!!! I am a collector of old and antique illustrated children's books,so it is little wonder that I must hold a real book in my hands.Even new books have to be the REAL sort for me. I have to admiot that I laugh at my friends whp say they have a kindle with thousands of full length books on them,as when I ask how many they have actually read,they usually answer in numbers under TEN!!!!! At least with my genuine old treasures, whether of the children's genre,or adult titles,,I do actually enjoy them and often!! The added bonus is how gorgeous they all are on the shelves as they tempt me to delve within their stunning old covers!! To me ,a room without books is empty of character and often mirrors the people who live within the walls! In my mind,to borrow an old quote, 'There is No Furniture so Lovely as Books!'
Oh! my wordy yes....give me a book any day.
A book can be taken with you, and passed on to people,and easy to read.
There is something very special about a book.

My daughter in law has about a dozen on any given day on her bedside table.
She also reads them all.
I once read a book that I could not put down! and it was so bad, I even took it with me every where.
I mean all the time,still have it too...It got so bad, I nearly took it in the shower.
It had me totally gripped, from beginning to end.
I prefer books but sometimes when I am on the go I read on my iPad or phone. none of my gadgets will ever replace my books..the feel of books and that smell....I need the whole experience!
Now that I have a Kindle I couldn't be without it - I think Kindles are great
by AJ
I have been a bookworm ever since I was a small child. And while I don't get much time for reading these days, I much prefer a real book to reading on a tablet. My partner bought a tablet and loaded some books on it and the novelty wore off pretty quickly and we a re both back to reading "real" books.
I like real books..
by Fran
I will always prefer books. Always.
by Vee
BOTH!! I was dedicated to paper until I was given a Kindle for a recent birthday, and it completely reinvigorated my reading. Now I can consume books anywhere and everywhere, in either format - and isn't that the most important thing?!! :D
Completely electronic now. I prefer to read on my phone. I never loose my place or wake my husband whilst reading at night. My suitcase is lighter when I travel and I am never stuck for a book as I have more than 300 on my phone. Only problem is that I am not game to read in the bath anymore!

Yes - I prefer books over electronic devices. Books are easier to immerse yourself in and my eyes don't see very well with artificial light.
I do both. I e-read a lot of textbooks though as they are usually cheaper.
by Gia
I read ordinary books. Reading on the computer too long hurts my head!
'Normal' books! Gotta have the 'feel' of paper, the turning of the page, the smell of mustiness if it hasn't been opened for a while! I enjoy just having a 'book' in my hands, whenever I want to read! Always have a book in boot of car, in case I forget to take one, when going for appointments!

I hate getting Library Books, where someone has turned down a page, as place marker! There are a trillion pieces of paper which can be used as a book mark! Train ticket, movie ticket, actual purchased one....the list is endless, but people continue to 'disrespect' books by turning page down. That's just plain LAZINESS! Any I come across, I press out. Gets rid of most of the fold crease!

Would not do 'electronic' as had to read multiple pages, many times daily, in my job. My eyes used to 'cry' having to do that!
I don't believe it's 'good' for our eyes' to look at computer screens' for lengthy times!
I love books, and have since I was a child. Nothing compares to the feel and smell of a book. I have a huge library of books at home. My favourite author is James Lee Burke and I have collected all his books - I think I have about 33 so far. I sometimes even buy books because I love the look of the cover, athough I have to be interested in the content too. I also use our local library regularly.

So, no, technology isn't for me as far as books are concerned. My late husband, who loved technology, used a kindle, but couldn't persuade me to use one.
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