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Do you still own tapes?

by Lucy (follow)
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recycle old tapes
Old School Tape

I've been cleaning out the cupboards and came across a box of old music tapes. I no longer own a tape recorder, but cannot bear to throw them out - so what to do? Just throw my favorite music in the bin? Recycle them into a creative art piece perhaps?

Do you still have a box of old tapes sitting in the cupboard somewhere? Or where did your old mixed tapes end their days?

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Top Answers
Mine are long long gone.

Like 20 years ago...In the bin they went, I embraced the new kid on the block C.D.'s
I found tapes were always getting caught in the player.So I said farewell.
I have just gotten rid of the last of mine a couple of weeks ago - they haven't been played for years. I couldn't bear to actually throw them in the bin so I have packaged them up for a charity, together with the Walkman to play them on.
I still have heaps of cassette tapes ad Video tapes. Luckily, my car still has a cassette player.
I have a virtually NEW VCR, but cannot remember how to make it work with the big flat screen TV & DVD thingy attached. I spent many hours setting my alarm clock just to get up in time to click 'Record' on my old VCR, in order to tape the English comedies back-to-back on the one tape. The lovely old black/white comedies we never see any more on TV. Some of these films I waited 20 years to see again, and I am not going to chuck them out now.
The cost of transferring VCR tapes onto DVDs is horrifically, and unfairly high.I sincerely wish I knew someone who could convert them for me - but don't! So, I still have about 400 lovely movies, with no adverts, in black/white on tape. They do take up a lot of room in bookcases, and I live in a fairly small flat.
WHY are women not shown & taught how to work electronic stuff? WHY do males seem to have all the knowledge about VCRs, DVD players etc?
Surely knowing how to work these electronic machines cannot be that hard!
WHY are there not workshops or courses to attend so we (i) can learn, too??!
Oh! delbr, does your VCR not have 'auto set' programme for VHS taping of TV shows?
If so, it's not difficult to use. Saves getting up in the middle of the night!
Yes, you're correct, any 'male' should be able to show you how to programme a VCR.

I don't 'watch' TV, per se, just tape any programme I want, thus 'time shifting', & the added 'delight' of being able to 'fast forward' through adverts., of which now, 10-12 are shown at the one time! Waste of 6-7 minutes'! Love it!
by donjo
Well if I know what a tape is then I would be giving my age away. I used to have a LOT, but with moving those things tend to find there way into Tape Heaven. So, not - don't have them anymore.
We us to but not any more, we have electronic.
I threw them out a long loooooong time ago, when our basement was flooded and they were totally destroyed.
Only one - a sad one from my mum.
Yes I do have a few tapes, but nothing to play them on.
I have a couple. My car still has a tape player as well as the CD player and I was surprised to find that the music still plays fine on them. Just a bother to fast forward to the song you want.
have a drawer full of them. Sadly my last stereo unit was on it's last legs and I managed to get one from Betta with the lot - tape deck, record player, radio and cd player. How good can it get :-)
I do - hundreds of them. I even occasionally get them out to listen to, but they sound so dreadful - I should just chuck them I guess...
Yes, I do and I am like you. I won't throw away perfectly good stuff. I intend to convert the music, etc from cassette to cds. There's a little cassette player which can be connected to your laptop which will burn all the music to cd.

I kept my favourite tapes, even when I moved to Melbourne I couldn't part with them. I also bought a stereo that plays tapes, records and cd's so I can still listen to them.
I'm still intending to put them onto cd format, when I have a year to spare to do it. I have a hundred or more!!
I've thrown out most, but I have a couple of my kids talking as toddlers that I need to get put into some other format. I admit thought that the "thrown out" was a long hard process where they went out a few at a time.
I haven't owned tapes in years, although I have fond memories of carrying around cassette carrying cases that looked like brown leather suitcases. I spent hours listening to cassettes of Cindi Lauper, Michael Jackson, and later, to Pearl Jam. Now I'm phasing out all my CDs and DVD and moving to digital only.
N o, I no longer kept these as they sound so awful compared to the latest equipment and also I do not have good equipment to play them on anyway -only small radio/cassettes and I think I even got rid of the last of these a year or two ago when I moved houses, so NO
by Finy
I think I should have some tapes with recordings of myself. If I found them I wouldn't throw them out. I wish I could transfer these files to something more reliable.
I have a few but I have nothing to play them on.
by Gia
Yep, sure have, love them!
Can play them on stereo system, or mostly, on battery driven portable CD/Radio/Audio Tape machine in my car.

I tape from my CD's, so always have 'my' relaxing type of music to listen to, mostly Instrumental, or Classical. Some singers, too.
Would be 'lost' without my taped music!
No more tapes. Even CD's are going out of fashion, but I still have a lot of them. Stopped buying them though.

My tapes were thrown away when I moved in 2006.
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