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Do you still iron any clothes?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still iron any clothes?

Do you use a steam iron?

#Steam iron
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Top Answers
I do not even possess an iron anymore, hence I asked the question!

I have not had one for years but as I am left handed, I cannot iron properly anyway, so no point buying an iron.

I have never liked ironing and have never been good at it and get away with not using one.

Admittedly I love the smell of pillow slips when they have been ironed, and I now have an iron from the shop I work in (op shop) which we are not allowed to sell as it is electrical.

HOWEVER, dont think I will keep it as if I have gone so long without, I probably do not need it.

Does it sound like I am trying to convince myself?
by Finy
I'm left handed too, but I've never used an iron before. What is difficult about it? Aren't there left-handed irons?
bryony -that is an excuse not to iron I do feel awkward though when I tried -cord was in wrong place -never heard of a left hand iron -you just turn everything round perhaps...
by Finy
I haven't owned an iron for probably 10 years. I hang things up straight after they have been washed. My partner has an iron (note that it is HIS iron and not mine...I don't even refer to it as "ours"!) and he will iron his business shirts when he has a job interview...He also ironed them for the first few weeks of his new job, but I think he stopped lol
I have an iron! But I pretty much only use it if the clothes I want to wear are still damp in the morning... nothing like a quick iron to make them dry enough to wear :)
I do Iron, did today....but not more than a couple of things that need it, and once every month maybe?
All for about 10 mins, so I'm not too unhappy.
You save power and are therefore being 'environmentally-friendly' if you don't iron. That's a good enough reason for me. I iron a couple of items occasionally, haven't given up completely. I now choose clothes that don't need ironing. I hang some wet things on coat hangers and then put them out on the clothes line to dry to avoid creasing. I am so glad to read other people avoid ironing or don't do it at all.
Im lucky, my mum does all the ironing for me. If she didn't, I wouldn't bother doing it myself.
I used to love to do the ironing as a kid!!! I actually still find it rather relaxing,though very few items I own these days require to be ironed.There is something extremely 'fresh' about ironed items!! I even made sure that my son learned how to iron which with him being a chef,has been a good thing,as his 'whites' look so gorgeous when ironed as opposed to having simply dried on the line crease-free!!!
I threw the iron out when we moved about 4yrs ago. It was very liberating!
I am so glad there are others who do not iron -and SO glad I asked the question as I always thought I was the only lazy person who did not do any ironing. Yay
by Finy
I have a friend who irons everything. EVEN HER UNDERPANTS!!! She does enough ironing for you and me, Finy.
by meggf
I only iron things that HAVE to be ironed - I avoid it at all costs. Shirts are really the only things I iron. If I have guests coming I will iron their pillow cases.
by AJ
Yes I still iron some things, have a part time job in the public eye so have to look tailored on those occasions....try not to otherwise ie tshirts etc and I'm, always careful how I hang things on the line, use hangers too for blouses
by Fran
I haven't ironed in months and it freaking feels good! I will if I have to though.
by Vee
I iron a few things like tea towels but only when there is a collection in the ironing basket. I own an elna press which makes the job easy and in front of the tv of course! Other items get hung on a hanger direct from the wash machine so don't need ironing, don't buy things that need ironing either, When I had a partner I was lucky enough not to have to iron for him as he did not wear business attire, yay!
Yes, I do always .
Yes - all of my office work clothes & more formal attire, and yes - I use a steam iron. I wouldn't iron if it was acceptable to wear un-ironed clothes in these contexts.
by kimp
In a word, no. Why? Because I've used an ELNA Press for 40 years'!
I sit down, & it applies 100lbs of pressure! Has its' own water spray attached to handle, so only have to pick-up spray starch!
It was superb for all the school uniforms for the kids', husband's & my polyester Army uniforms.
Jeans? They can walk off to the wardrobe by themselves, once they're pressed!
I do still keep an iron in the cupboard, for when 'Elna' needs the odd repair; twice in all those years'.
Iron-ically, it sits on top of my ironing board, perfect height!
Yes, if they're not dirty of cause, my dresses need a quick iron over, because I only wear cotton patterned dresses. If I wore I clean dress every time I went out, I'd be ironing every 2nd day! So I only iron 'on demand' like a lot of people, I'm guessing! I have a friend, who irons 3 laundry baskets of washing at a time.Yuks!
I iron more often on the cruise ships than I do at home, as I mostly wear slacks & tops, & 1 can talk to people in the laundries, who are waiting to do their ironing!
by Miro
Hi miro_.........
I only 'press on demand'.

To me those who iron heaps of clothes' in advance are wasting their time, because putting them in the wardrobe, they'll get crushed anyway, & will have to be ironed again before wearing out! Lol!
by donjo
Yes, Donjo, it's good isn't it? And it saves a lot of water as well, as I only have to do 1 dark wash & 1 light wash every week or 2! A friend once told me you can fit more cloths into chest-of-drawers, if the cloths have been ironed 1st, & not put away un-ironed!
by Miro
Yes. During winter I only iron the front of the garment as the back gets a 'sort of' press and besides a jumper/cardigan hides the bits that wrinkle :-) I don't like ironing but I like pressed clothes - so.....
Only my dresses, & the cotton napkins, when i run out of them! I have huge garbage bags of t-shirts, or slacks, or my dresses, for when I need something to wear, but the cloths only get ironed if I need to wear it, which should show me that I need to take stuff to the op shops!! These days I only wear 1 of my 17 dresses. I’ll wear 1 for 4/5 days when i’m going out, wash that, then wear another 1, so not very much ironing is needed. I fold my husbands t-shirts as soon as I take them of the line, as well as pillowcases, so these don’t need ironing. And yes I do, have a steam iron, & it still works, after being dropped on the laundry tiles or the kitchen cork tiles, more than once!
Miro, you wear the SAME dress for 4 or 5 days straight, all day, without washing it in that time?
by donjo
I think my way of (non) ironing, is called 'Ironing on Demand'! Who needs to be doing extra ironing, when they could be answering AA questions!
by Miro
No. Not really. Mist clothes these days are wash and wear, including my husbands work uniform. Isn't it great? If any of my going out dresses or my husbands suits get dirty they go to the dry cleaners.
We have a steam iron. My husband irons his clothes every day and always looks smart. I wear a lot of natural fibre fabric and if I am going out I iron my clothes. I also iron tea towels, napkins and tableclothes, and guests pillowcases.
We have a steam iron. My husband irons his clothes every day and always looks smart. I wear a lot of natural fibre fabric and if I am going out I iron my clothes. I also iron tea towels, napkins and tableclothes, and guests pillowcases.
Absolutely. I cannot wear something that has creases all over it.
I only iron when needed as I hang my clothes on hangers on the clothes line and fold the rest of the washing into the basket, straight from the line. I do however iron linen teatowels and pillow cases as I like to see the creases in them. I've steam irons and an elna but really prefer the steam iron.
Helga, How many steam irons do you have? And 'elna' I think, should be Elna.
by Miro
I've 4 steam irons, some I won at a Club raffle. The one that sits on my ironing board has a water reservoir attached to it (probably the water has evaporated as it hasn't been used for that long). My husband uses it on rare occasions and as it is in one of the back rooms, probably covered with dust as well. I'm the one family and friends turn to when they need electrical replacements as I've cupboards of items I don't need, or use. I do give things away and I'm sure when I die my family will send everything to our local church.
by helga
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