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Do you still iron, and if so, what?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you still iron some of your clothes?

If so, which ones?

#Ironing clothes
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Top Answers
I do not even own an iron.
My ex once tried to teach me to iron but, being left handed, I could not do it, so did not!!

I hang clothes so that they do not need ironing.
However I recently bought some Dr Who tee shirts and they are all cotton and DO need a bit of ironing.
However, as I do not own an iron, I cannot iron them......
by Finy
I think there are such things as left-handed irons, but whose got the will. LOL!
by Vee
I only iron shirts
by AJ
yes I still iron all our clothes other family members think I am mad
Having had bad arthritis since my teens,I find ironing rather difficult.I tend to buy items which need no ironing at all,and this suits me fine with living in the tropics where comfy clothes are the go all the time!! I also am one who has managed to always hang things on the line so they dry wrinkle-free!! This goes for linen, clothes, anything at all,really!!!
I do still have to Iron.

Some of my tops that are for going out to functions etc.Also some of my son's work shirts must been ironed.

I have to say if I can get out of it with some clothes, I do.

Oh! jonaj, 'you'd' give King Kamemuka(?) a run for his money! Lol!
by donjo
That's not meeee.....lol
by jonaja
What a brilliant pic!
thanks. :)
by jonaja
is your son an invalid?
by filli
' filli ' my son is Not an ''invalid''!

But....while I can still be a ''mother'' and feel useful,
I shall continue to wash and Iron my son's clothes,till he leaves home.

Also when my other two left home, I decided to have another child & my
husband was fine with it.....so I have had a child at home now for the last 39 years and still loving it!
by jonaja
No. Our clothing is wash and wear so it doesn't need ironing. If you hang it up straight away, it dries without creases.
Stopped ironing years ago . Hang or fold straight of the line things will look good . But do iron cotton or shirts.
I certainly do still do the Ironing. I have to as there is no one else to do it for me. Being a Bloke, it takes me quite awhile to iron my Jeans and the shirt's, well, they take even longer as I love to have the creases in their correct place. Come on Ladies, offer me a Hand here.
Sorry Ladies. I just read at the Top and realized that this Site is for the Females of our Species. I do apologise to all the Women out there as I am a Bloke ......... at least I think I am.
I only iron what needs to be ironed. As most of my clothes don't need ironing, I hang whatever I can on coat hangers on the clothes line which again limits the clothing needed to be ironed.
None of my clothes need ironing, but sometimes I do my husband's shirts if he's too busy.
Oh! Wow! Jennifer, you let your husband iron his own shirts! Did he have this 'skill' b4 you married? Cheers!
by donjo
I refuse to iron. If my partner wishes to have ironed shirts he needs to do them himself...You are way too kind Jennifer!! lol x
by lizzi
It's a trade off. We both do stuff around the house, and sometimes if I iron he has more time to finish off something else. For example, if I get a shirt for the next day done while he puts the kids to bed we can snuggle and watch a movie together after without any boring stuff left to get in the way.
I still do lots and lots of ironing. I don't mind ironing, as I listen to the radio whilst I do it. Usually iron about the same time - about 4 p.m.
I do hang everything on hangers immediately the wash finished but most clothes benefit by a bit of an iron. Cant put the doona covers on the bed without an iron as they are cotton and if they are not ironed, they look pretty ordinary. Same as silk blouses and linen, linen really benefits from an iron (I know it creases immediately you put it on). Even cotton T shirts need an iron or they look like they have been slept in.
No, haven't 'ironed' anything since August 1974, when I bought an 'Elna Press'!

It was just SO good for shirts, & dresses when we both had Army issue Uniforms.
Fabulous for kids' School Uniforms, & son's Army Cadet uniforms, & more recently, his Chef outfits!

And for jeans! Wow! Seams sharp enough to 'cut'!

Nowadays, any clothes about to be worn, when going out, get pressed. We will NOT leave house in unpressed clothes, to go anywhere!

Tea towels, Pillow cases, Hand Towels also get pressed.

Have, & never will, press sheets or underclothes! Good Ol' Sol does that!

I donít iron very much. I have big plastic garbage bags with my cloths sorted out in: dresses, shirts, slacks, etc, & also bags for my husbands cloths. I only iron when I need something to wear out! Just about all of my cloths are cotton.
P.S: So I only iron...on demand!
by Miro
I haven't ironed anything in over 10 years. Living in the tropics it's just too hot to bother ironing...
No. I can't remember when I last ironed. Must be at least ten years ago. Although i do like the neat look after ironing clothes.
The horror! I would NEVER leave the house in unironed clothes plus I enjoy ironing and find it very satisfying. I have a Philips Steam Station which fairly scares the wrinkles out of the clothes. I love to see my other half going off to work looking smart in his crisply pressed business clothes. All clothes are folded straight off the line whether for ironing or not. I am not as bad as my mother, however, who ironed sheets, pillowcases, undies, teatowels and her cotton bras! I would never let anyone else do my ironing even though my other half has tried. My daughter's husband does all theirs - he enjoys it too. He learned in the military. One woman I read about puts her clothes on, uses a spray bottle of water to damp them, brushes herself down and goes out the door. Yuk is all I can say. My step daughter has thrown away all the clothes that needed ironing and my neighbour does not even iron her work uniform even though she has had several warnings about it. Different strokes, my dears, different strokes.
by Rice
I don't iron but I still have an iron in case I HAVE to iron something sometime.
I (think) I can say that I haven't ironed once in a whole year. However, we just painted, and dust from sanding went everywhere. Shirts had to be washed and now I'm thinking I have to pull out the ironing board.
by Vee
yes i still some of my clothes only if it needs to be ironed
I iron all my spouses work clothes and clothes for church.
by Gia
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