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Do you still have tonsils?

by Finy (follow)
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Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Do you still have your tonsils?

When were they taken out and why?

#Sore throat
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Top Answers
No, Mine were taken out as a child and I still have the note I wrote to my parents saying "I want to vomit"!

Also "Can I have some ice cream" -it is so funny to look at this 50 year old note now with the funny writing, and I also wrote "don't leave me alone here as I will need to vomit"!!

I do believe nowadays they do not take tonsils out so easily as they did when I was young.
by Finy
I have mine.
I suffered from tonsillitis terribly as a child, thankfully I have grown out of it as an adult and still have my tonsils. My eldest son had his taken out a few years ago as he had recurrent tonsillitis, to the point that antibiotics became ineffective. He still suffers from the occasional sore throat but thankfully nothing like the pus riddled one in the picture above anymore!
I was extremely ill with chronic tosilitis as an infant and small child.As soon as I was well enough I had to have them removed.This was actually a life saving operation in my case! My son had the same issues and also had to have his tonsils removed very early in his life. For both of us,this was such a positive change for our lifestyles as soon as they were gone!!
I do still have them!
Lucky meeeeee.
Thank God yes. I've never had to do any procedure to read remove them.
Finy, disgusting image! I still have mine. I would take them out, but I'm afraid of going under the knife.
by Vee
Hello Vee.......they're cauterised now, NOT cut!
But 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'! Cheers!
by donjo
Thanks for the heads up, donjo. I agree with you.
by Vee
Yes mine are intact, no appendix though....sorry too much information!
by Fran
That image is grim! I've not got mine, I suffered from chronic tonsilitis as a child, but didn't get them removed as I was having enough surgeries on my ears at the time. Instead, I had them removed last year after having 6 bouts of tonsilitis in one year. It wasn't a great operation as an adult and if someone suffers from chronic tonsilitis as a child I'd definitely recommend having them out when you are younger.
Yes I do and I also suffer from tonsillitis occasionally - it's been a few years since I have got it
by AJ
I had tonsillitis many times as a child so had my tonsils removed when i was 9 years old. My health improved after the operation so i think it was good to get rid of them. I felt 'ripped off' because i had been promised liberal servings of jelly and icecream but didn't get any!!
No. When I was 23. Six bouts of tonsillitis in five months!

This was 3 weeks before I was due to sit for a high level Speech & Drama exam!
THAT didn't get done, did it! Was voiceless for a fortnight!
Oh, donjo! I was 28 . . three bouts of inflammation in a row, never happened before, doctor said, "OUT!" so they are gone. I caused quite a sensation as I healed up so quick and was eating salmon sandwiches the next morning as they mucked up my meal. The nurses nearly had a fit as, of course, it should have been mush. Well, I am a model patient and I ate what I was given. Whooops.
by Rice
Hi Rice Paper, your words brought back I, too, was served a wrong meal night of op! Think it was steak, until charge nurse whisked it away! Doubt I would've eaten it anyway, as my 'horse sense' would dictate it was a 'forbidden food', after throat op! I just wanted heaps of red jelly, & ice cream! I think they brought that to me very quickly! Lol!
by donjo
Yes, I still have mine, at 60 something years young.
No my tonsils were removed when I was almost 5 years old.
I still remember how sore my throat was after the operation and eating ice cream to cool the throat and ease the pain.
My are gone. I wanted them in a jar but they wouldn't give them to me.
by Rice
No and I do not miss them, they were removed when I was 5 years of age.
No. I had mine out when I was 14. I didn't mind having them out. My doctor gave me about 6 courses of antibiotics and I was right for a couple of days and then it would come back again. I was missing a lot of school, so the doctor decided that I had to have them out. I was so grateful to have them out. I was so sick of being sick. My daughter has had tonsillitis a few times, and I said to the doctor to take them out, but they do not take them out routinely as they used to. It would have to be an absolute emergency thesedays..
Yep, still got mine. Surgeons don't remove them as routinely as they used to. I think people don't realise that tonsillectomy is not as "small" an operation as was once thought. Big money spinner though.
Yes mine are gone. They were removed when I was 14 or 15. Mine resembled the ugly ones in the main image and were often sore and ulcerated.
My adenoids( they are tonsils too) were removed at the same time. Made my nose suddenly slimmer and stopped my frequent heavy nosebleeds, that would ruin my clothes.

Had my tonsils removed when I was five. I had ear problems when I was a tot and, in those days, the remedy was remove the tonsils. It worked and my constant earaches stopped.
I had a lot of ear nose and throat problems as a child and had them removed when I was 5. All I can remember is uncontrolled vomiting after and the nurse getting angry because she had to change the sheets. My daughter had the same problem and had hers out at 5 also. They give them toast now instead of icecream and jelly. I asked why and they said it catches all the scabs on the way down. Sounds yuk
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