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Do you still have a land line phone?

by Finy (follow)
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Some people nowadays only have a mobile.

Are you one of these, or have you kept your landline as well?

If so, why?

I would hate to get rid of my landline but don't quite know why!

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Top Answers
I have a landline phone but only because it's part of my broadband package. I tend to use it when I'm working from home and have a conference call as the reception is more reliable especially for long conversations.
me too. I almost don't use it. To be honest.
Yes we have a landline. Not everyone in our household has or wants to use a mobile phone.
by Vee
Besides, landlines are more reliable in my opinion.
by Vee
Yes I do have a landline phone as part of my broadband package. I use it to find my mobile misplaced in the house!!
Yes we do have. Its very useful to make calls to India.
I still use my landline as i get free local and interstate calls on it.
Also I need a landline as the reception with my mobile is terrible in this area and my landline is far clearer.
by Finy
Not anymore, since I live in a shared accommodation and have enough expenses as it is.
Yes. Not sure why though either!!
We only use our mobiles for certain things, and we really like to keep the land line.It's also less expensive....if you have to wait on line for a while.
My land line will stay loner than any mobile phone, that's for Sure!..I'm over also the mobile going dead.
It's a 'keeper' with me.
Yes, we still have one in our house. It's still relevant, and I think while mobile reception is still uncertain at any given moment, landlines will continue to survive.
The last time I had a land line, it was because it was required to have one to get highspeed internet. I think that was 6 years ago, might be longer than that, I don't really remember. I was happy to have it gone when I cancelled it. I didn't really have a need for it when I had my cellphone, so getting rid of a bill was a great option.
Since we have a office at home we need the landline for business calls and to operate the fax machine . We hardly take or receive personal calls on this though.
We have a land line, which I use if I'm making calls but we rarely use it and I usually forget to check messages - so it may be once or twice a month that I bother to check the messages. Opps!
I do not have a mobile phone GASP in HORROR! so i still have a land line phone
butterfly lady -I originally got it as am on my own and felt safer when I went out at night!
But many my age have not wanted a mobile so you are not alone!
by Finy
I do not have a mobile NOT because i'm old thank you very much.
I do not have a mobile because i like to make arrangements with people and stick to them.
I like to talk to people when i go to a restaurant and not be hunched over a screen tapping away.
I do not have a phone because i do not need to have a GPS locater in my pocket where ever i go.
I do not have a mobile phone just because the whole world expects me to own a mobile phone

i love your attitude lady keep it up
by filli
Yes, we do. I mainly use our landline since I'm home quite a lot of the day. I just use my mobile for work, when I travel and for emergencies.
Yes, its a part of my broadband package. In addition, it gives me the facility for free calling to my home country as well as throughout Australia. Since I work from home, I end up using my landline for calling more than using my mobile phone.
Yes, we've got one because it became free with our internet connection. Only two people have it - my mother and my mother in law. They don't do mobile phones so having a landline for them helps.
Yes we have a landline, I only use my mobile when I am out. We have very bad mobile reception in our house and my husband only uses his mobile for work.
Yes I love my landline.... it is much cheaper to make calls and is not charged by the minute unless you have to ring a mobile etc.....
If I had to use my mobile all the time for long calls I would be broke lol

Oh yes I do.Who knows maybe one day it will be an antique piece and I might auction it :) or so I think !

Well on a serious note, I do have it because Telstra has this goof offer to make unlimited international phone calls for a price of about $15 per month.That's a bargain considering the calls I make to my mum and sister .
I like to talk on my landline when home, mobile while out. That is how it should be.
Yes, we still have a landline as that is I guess what we knew our complete package to be. We get free national calls with our landline and our computers run off it. I don't think we'll be changing anytime soon.

I used to work in a call centre and we regularly confirmed contact numbers with customers. 98% of the time they were mobiles. I wondered if I could ever part with my landline. I guess the only reason I had it was that if any elderly relatives needed to call, they wouldn't be charged a high rate. Now the elderly relatives have passed away, so too has my land line number. I figured the amount of the monthly fee was half the charge of mobile provider service. I don't miss not having it at all now.
Yes I do for local calls.
I do still hve a landline, however have been considering only having a mobile...I have small business but realize most of my clients use the mobile....ciaou Fran
by Fran
I've got a landline but it was compulsory with a telecoms package. Wouldn't mind getting rid of it as it has no use. The only calls I get on it are from telemarketers!
I have a landline because we need it for the internet but no-one has the number and I never use it. Most of the time there isn't even a phone plugged in. We got rid of it because of all the telemarketers calling right on dinner time.
Yes we do have landline phone. Its usefull specially for India calling.
I have a landline because it is part of the internet package, but also because we have an offer to make international calls for $10 a month but only from the landline phone.
I went almost 10 years without a landline and never missed it. Then one came with my broadband package and I too use it to work from home but even still, I could probably do without it.
I dont but am thinking about it, mainly because its cheaper than the mobile and most of my calls are made at night so makes sense. in the day its mainly texting from the mobile. Also in an emergency good to have a landline.
Yes I still have a landline.
Mobiles may be good and convenient, but the reception may be poor in some areas.

I have a land line so relatives in the UK can ring me, and vice-versa. It's cheaper thru my isp as it is for national calls. Also I have the occasion to call 1300 numbers (Centerlink) and my mobile provider charges by the minute! I had a bill for $200 once and nearly had a heart attack but Vodaphone explained it wasn't a local call charge and assisted me with it. They're not all that bad :-)
Yes we still do.
Kept landline
Yes we have a landline. The reception is better and we get a good deal. I don't think I would like to have to rely on our mobile phones all the time.
Yes. My telco package is free local calls & I make hundreds' each month, so worthwhile keeping!
It has 'speaker' facility, which makes having to answer ALL those automated questions a lot easier.
I use mobile when have to ring another mobile. Cheaper.
Since moving out of my parents home, I have never had a landline. Mobile deals are great.
Yes and we intend to keep it. We can rely on a decent reception which is more than we get with the mobile phones a lot of the time. The mobiles tend to get misplaced or the battery needs recharging. I would hate to rely solely on them.
Yes; we have a great home number lol, every second number is the same - I don't think my parents could ever give it up!
Yes, our internet package came with it, all FREE calls to EVERYWHERE in Australia & o/s, as well as mobiles, anytime, anywhere. The only trouble was ‘they’ changed our phone No. We tried & tried to keep our lovely old No we’d had for 34 years, but was told that was not possible, so it was changed & they gave our old No to someone else!
I moved out of the parents home in 2012.... I have NEVER since had a landline.... only mobile....
Landlines are not necessary anymore, with such great deals on mobiles.
I get free calls and texts from 6pm to 6am everyday to every number in Australia!
yes mostly to receive calls form overseas
Yes my broadband needs it apparently
We do. Mobile service can be patchy here at times so it is good to have a landline. Apart from a phone system like the one in the photo, we also have an antique timber phone mounted on the wall. Most of the time we don't plug it into the phone socket because it's ring is so loud. We have it in case the power goes out so we are not left without a phone. When NBN finally makes us connect it will become redundant, which is a bit sad to me.
Yes, we still do have our land line phone on.
Yes, we do and we still use it.
I still have a landline. When I phone landline to landline it is so much cheaper than using my mobile phone. Sometimes I am kept waiting when I phone and I am not wasting the money I would if I called from my mobile.
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