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Do you still eat white bread even though it is supposedly not healthy?

by Finy (follow)
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There has been a lot printed about white bread not being healthy.

Do you still eat it, or have you changed to another bread, and if so, which one?

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Top Answers
I really like white bread, but it is something I rarely eat.

I make my own bread and would not think of buy white flour to make this.

I love light rye and I put all sorts of healthy things into it including either walnuts or macadamias.

I will occasionally buy a sandwich but I still generally ask for wholemeal which is far healthier.

by Finy
Need white bread. You can't have Nutella on multigrain. Gross. LOL.
by Vee
LOL :)
by jonaja
LOL! yes you can! and anyway see my next question -nutella is unhealthy -too much sugar!
by Finy
LOL, SO WHAT?! Hahaha, that is one thing I will never give up willingly.
by Vee
No I don't like white bread, I only like wholemeal grainy type.

Finy your bread making sounds so interesting and healthy, if only I could sample it! I do admire people who make their own
by Fran
yello -you just put it all in a machine -easy peasy! I could post you some! LOL
by Finy
by Fran
Most of the time my bread is given to me so if I get white bread then we will eat it. After all, it's free! But if I am buying my own I will choose wholemeal.
They say white bread is not healthy because it has all the nutrients taken out, so it lacks fibre. However, white bread contains more calcium that wholemeal, so in that respect, it is still good for you.Wholemeal is definitely much healthier, but that does not mean white bread in necessarily unhealthy. It all depends on how it is made - factory bread with additives, or freshly baked natural ingredients from the bakers.

I do prefer wholemeal, both in terms of nutrition and taste. I do not eat factory white bread because it does not taste that great, but I will eat bakery white bread, and white bread I have made myself.
No we don't eat white, as a rule.
If we do have some it is always wholemeal 99% of the time.
We have now also this week cut our bread down by about 70%.
Feeling such a difference, and my clothes are loose!
just from less bread? wow...
by Finy
My aunt loses weight during Lent - she gives up bread! LOL.
by Vee
Bread stacks on the weight, my doc told me.
by jonaja
We generally buy multigrain bread. I have recently been diagnosed with Coeliac disease so no bread for me...I do occasionally sneak a bit of nice freshly backed white bread though!! I LOVE it...so nice and fluffy!
Yes. I love white bread - so soft & delicious. It smells wonderful & with butter ..... yumm. The best sandwich is the best sandwich - with crusts cut off, of course.
I reckon my homemade white bread is a darn site healthier than a loaf of store bought wholemeal bread!

As long as bread isn't the basis of all the food we eat though, it's ok! Everything is about balance, not hard and fast rules, because we stumble in the face of rigidity.
I usually am very particular about eating bread containing seeds,grains,fruits, herbs,or even pumpkin or cheese.But every now and then I absolutely ADORE a really fresh WHITE bread roll with poppy seeds all over it, And I only use BUTTER as I detest margarine in any way shape or form, Aaaah!! Now my mouth is watering just at the thought,so I may need to make a trip to gthe bakery around the corner!!
I don't really like white bread so not a health thing - I don't eat it because I don't like it.
by AJ
Yes I do. Some bakeries bake them so yummy. When my wife makes it, its super Yummy.
I don't eat much bread BUT if I do have a red ripe tomato at home I will buy a loaf of white bread and splather butter on two slices, slice the tomato and lots of black pepper - heaven.
White break with high fiber.
I try to avoid white bread as much as I can and eat only wholemeal or multi-grain and seeds.
Bread is a lot like chocolate for me. It has to be good to be worth it.

I looked up a couple of resources to get my facts straight, though, and saw that white bread may help promote lactobacillus bacteria (Source: Sonia Gonzalez, University of Oviedo). Sourdough is also better than ordinary white bread because of the lactic acid starter reducing the GI.
and you can get sourdough white bread YUM!
by brigi
I've switched to Baker's Delight sourdough as my white bread of choice. It's still soft and delicious without the adverse effects that cheaper brands can give. I don't eat white bread often, but sometimes it's nice to splash out.

I love white bread. But I try to avoid it.
Like a good white bread from a bakery, makes good toast with vegemite or nutella as some of you like too, YUM! unhealthy? if that is the only unhealthy thing we eat than we ain't doing so bad… any GOOD baked bread is nice, not supermarket stuff as a general rule.
I recall a friend of mine telling me her mother used to say "the only thing white bread is good for is picking up broken glass"
I don't eat the stuff
Yes I do,I know it's bad but meh!
I like most breads especially from our locsl bread shop. We can get bread rolls that are called soft curls. They melt in your mouth
Yes, only eat white bread. There're lots of breads on the market I just can't abide!
I never eat it. Ever. Vom, vom, vom.
YES, I'm afraid I do still eat white bread! I know it's not healthy for you, but I just love having vegemite, peanut butter, cheese, or butter with brown sugar, or golden syrup on it. Very naughty me! We also eat wholemeal bread, as the whole grain isn't supposed to be as good for you, as the wholemeal!
by Miro
PS, we haven't eaten white bread for a long time now, when we discovered light rye. Much nicer bread.
by Miro
PS, I do keep a Coles white loaf in the freezer, just in case the 'lite rye' runs out before I do the food shop again.
by Miro
I used to eat white bread before. But lately i always try to eat wholemeal or seeded bread..
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