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Do you sit on the toilet seat in a public toilet?

by Finy (follow)
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When you go to a public toilet, do you actually sit on the seat?

What were you taught about public toilet seats?

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Top Answers
My Mum taught me to put some toilet paper down on the seat first.
Yes, I sit on the seat. I was never taught about public toilet seats being unhygienic. The idea of not sitting on the seat seems slightly agoraphobic to me!
I stand - unless it's been a very big night.
Just wondering being a female, 'how' would I not sit on the toilet seat.....if
I use the toilet.
Please don't say squat!
No female can do that and be successful...seriously....lol...lol.
I squat! Jokes!
by Vee
ha! as if :)
by jonaja
Lots of women I know hover above the seat. . . . murder on the hips and knees. I can't manage it and a child who came to play with my daughter years ago did it in my toilet and peed all over the floor!
by Rice
I would avoid public toilets at any cost but if I have to, and I mean really have to go I would use disposable seat covers. If I am out of that loads of toilet tissue on the seat :-)
Sitting on a public toilet seat is a sure bet of catching something bad. It is safer to hover and you can balance yourself by holding on to something with a piece of paper in hand. Placing paper on seat is necessary if the" act" needs longer than a short "hover". I agree that womens public toilets are a disgrace and I am always ashamed to see "our sisters" leave that mess!
What a first world problem we have!!! Just get over it and stop being so precious. What germs could you really pick up that you couldn't leave behind yourself.
by rita
Yes, I was taught to put paper down also Jennifer, however I have a real phobia and will do almost anything to avoid going to a public toilet.

Apart from those ones that clean themselves after each "customer"! And even in those, I do not sit....

I hate public toilets as they are often dirty.
by Finy
It depends on the toilet itself: if it looks clean, I give it a wipe with some toilet paper and sit down. If the toilet looks questionable, I suspend myself above it. That doesn't sound right. I don't squat, but I don't sit either. Does that make any sense?
by Vee
yes Vee -lots of sense, but I think I would sort of call that squatting! Just not low down like some of the toilets in Asia which are in the ground...
by Finy
Oh gosh, they have those in parts of Europe too. Not easy to use, but apparently that's the prime position to be in when pooping.
by Vee
LOL Vee!!!
by Finy
It's true! I found this out post-labour. You can only imagine why. LOL
by Vee
Hover perhaps? lol
There are ground level toilets in India, and have used them in childhood. Even now in rural places or some houses in the city too have those. That position is actually healthy for pooping and apparently prevents haemorrhoids.
by Smita
Hovering! Hahaha, Shelley, I think you must be right! And Smita, that is what I was alluding to about my post-labour discovery. Very important information!
by Vee
I only use clean toilets. If it's not clean, I would just hold on.

.....& by doing so will give you health problems, as you age!
Just put toilet paper on seat, instead.
by donjo
No I always 'hover', however it is getting harder as I get older, I would never do a serious stint in a public toilet (if you get my drift!!)
by Fran
No I always 'hover', however it is getting harder as I get older, I would never do a serious stint in a public toilet (if you get my drift!!)
by Fran
No I always 'hover', however it is getting harder as I get older, I would never do a serious stint in a public toilet (if you get my drift!!)
by Fran
No I always 'hover', however it is getting harder as I get older, I would never do a serious stint in a public toilet (if you get my drift!!)
by Fran
If the toilet looks clean, then I just wipe with a toilet paper and sit. If not, I hover. But however is possible only to pee. If you really have the long call in a public toilet, cant help, have to sit!
Oh.. Talk about public toilets. Some are messy with water strewn all around, wetter than my pool while some are truly well-maintained, sometime better than ones in a hotel.

When you gotta go, you gotta go..no two ways about it! But what I have taught myself is:
(1) Carry disposable toilet seat covers (made of thick tissues) with me when I travel
(2) Else don't mind dirtying your hands but use a large wad of tissues to wipe the seat clean and then place couple of tissues criss-cross on the seat before using.
(3) And I carry my own flushable wet tissues
(3) Being kind-hearted, I try to clean it with available tools after my use.

There are times when I had ultimate troubles when shopping, where I just don't have a clue how to manage the shopping bags while I relieve myself. I generally do a quick trip to the car and back OR look for someone with whom I can leave my bags secure, when that happens.
If have grocery trolley, go to 'disabled' or 'pram' 'loos! They've enough space to fit trolley, as I sure as little blue buttons, not going to leave it outside, in walkway. It won't be there when I walk out!
by donjo
very good idea love it! :)
by jonaja
Yes but only when it's unavoidable.Firstly I make sure that there's enough 'toilet paper' & then I lay 2 layers of toilet paper on the toilet seat & Put some in the the bowl as not get splashed with the water in the bowl. You never know but that water droplets on your bum can turn in to something nasty. Best not to take any chances of catching some dicease.
Thank God I'm a male and can stand, but ladies check the males shoe's after they use the toilet. Kind of feel sorry for females in that situation. Also petition the council's for the lack of toilets all over.
Never sat on the toilet seat. I either squat or always put toilet paper on seat.
I sit on public toilet seats that look clean, but usually give it a quick wipe with toilet paper first. Unless you have open wound on your butt you're not going to get sick! If you do have a wound then I would ask you not to sit on the seat for MY sake!
Never!!! I always hover...
no, I have MS and already have balance issues. What a bummer to all you germ-a-phobies to sit in your piss if I didn't notice. MS creates incontenence issues so I normally hurry and go.
No, I never do this. You can't imagine the amount of germs that can found on the surface of the seat. Public toilets are downright filthy most of the time.
by Gia
I seem to be able to hang on for hours, but if I have to go in public places like shopping malls or hospitals or wherever, I am always acutely embarrassed at the fact that females can be sooooooooooooo messy and inconsiderate.
I am always so pleased that men aren't allowed into designated female toilets. Shameful.
Yes, but well back from inside front of it!
Always ensure that part is 'clean', before sitting, though!
I was taught as a child not to sit to balance above or place toilet paper on the seat, in those days there used to be warning notices in public toilets about the dangers of sitting upon toilet seats.

I have a she wee in my bag always and if the toilet looks really dodgy I will use it, it is great to take to countries where there is just a hole in the ground, takes a bit of practice but well worth the effort, not wet pants legs !!
Good for you! I have a Whiz. Gosh those little blighters are godsend aren't they? We could play peashooters . . . . pardon the pun :-)
by Rice
Yes. I squirt hand sanitiser on the seat, wipe it with toilet paper and plonk my bum down. I'm not hovering for anybody.
by Rice
I agree, Rice!

Female 'down there' physiogamy was very poorly designed by evolution process.

If one doesn't sit properly, urine goes in every direction but down!
Don't know how women who've labioplasty get on post-op, as labia are 'designed' to direct urine flow DOWN, from a sitting position.

I've usually used wads of toilet paper to clean seat, with a 'Wet Ones' atop, if the need be.
But might check-out specially-designed products that have come onto market, next grocery shop.
Any recommendations', Rice?
by donjo
Ladies, just another tip!

I always throw away the first couple of feet of toilet paper, before using it, as one has no idea how 'clean' handed the previous person was using it.
Oh lord. Me too!!! Hahahahaha. In answer to your question . . . I have and have used, successfully, a Whiz. (comes from Brisbane, arrived in just over 24 hours) It is soft silicon and very handy to put in any bag. I looked at the She-wee but it looks too rounded to achieve the same result as the Whiz, which is used by the military, by the way :-)
by Rice
No way!!
I can barely 'hover' these days, as it hurts by legs. For No 2's, I'll put paper on the seat 1st. I would rather try & await until I got home,but sometimes I just can't....wait! Answer for the 2nd question? GERMS!
by Miro
Oh my goodness no! Mum drummed it into me that you NEVER do that. Will avoid going when I'm out unless I'm busting and then it's always a hover (good exercise for the thighs!) or at the very least, cover the seat with paper. Dislike public toilets immensely. And unless it was a genuine 'emergency', I would only ever use one to have a wee. Rude & inconsiderate to leave a public toilet 'stinking'.
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