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Do you shop at K Mart or Target?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you ever shop at K Mart or Target?

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Top Answers
I don't often shop at either of these stores -= dont particularly like them and certainly do not like the quality of many of their goods.
The electrical items are rubbish and just do not last, and the clothes particularly at Target just do not fit me.

I would rather pay more for quality items than get a cheap item and I do not particularly like large stores like this that try to sell everything.

So, NO definitely not a fan of this type of store.
by Finy
I can and DO buy better quality NEW clothes at my local Endeavour Foundation Op Shop!!! Kmart and Target have definitely lost me thanks to the lack of quality clothing available nowadays. In the past I would often buy clothes from BOTH of them, but not for a very long while now!! I buy some truly gorgeous clothes at the Op Shop and it is very close to home so I don't have far to go. I always get very nice comments on the items I buy there when I am wearing them. Also, I do not see the same things on every third person walking by!!! I remember Finy, you saying that you work as a volunteer in an op shop, so I guess that you also find some real bargains there which you love to wear!
by Jules
I have to agree with the majority. Years ago both stores carried good quality clothing, particularly in larger sizes at K-mart and I still have clothing which looks almost new and I get comments on. Sadly I stopped shopping there because of the inferior quality of material and skimpy sizing and now shop at Autograph where the fabric us good quality, sizing liberal and great bargains at sale prices.
I must say that I used to,, as Target in particular had good quality clothing for the kids. Nowadays, due to PUBLIC pressure for cheaper goods, it has meant that the quality of the products has suffered in my opinion, so I haven't ventured inside for years. My friend still goes there for clothes for her little girl. She doesn't seem to mind spending $2 for a singlet, and having it last a few months. Her little girl grows so quickly any way. The public wanted cheaper goods, and this is what they got.
I haven't been in a K Mart for years and was asked to get something at Target recently for my daughter but I am not fussed on either of them. I bought Tontine pillows at Big W yesterday and was thrilled to see the price come up at 50% off. Yay!
by Rice
I saw those pillows this morning here at OUR Big W as well!!! Great bargain, and the staff in the shop here are SO delightful and very helpful. They always put my heavy dog food bags in the trolley for me, and even offered to take it to the car on one occasion when things were quiet!!! Target and Kmart both USED to stock the pet items until about 6 years ago, and I think that they have lost more than just little ol' ME as a customer by deleting so many items from their shops!! It is THEIR loss, not mine!!!
by Jules
They both decided to make their clothes smaller...I have good clothes from K mart 15 yrs old, and they are true to size.
Yep still have them packed away.

I Lay them next to what they have now, and you can see they have made them up to 12-15 cm's Smaller!
The same tag inside , says same size...but now inches smaller.

They think we are Stupid well not this little Duck.
I HATE K Mart's thinking, and also Target have done the very same.

They must think no one will notice, and the clothes they have now are just rubbish fabric.

They were 10-15 yrs ago great clothes and good value.

It's now about the dollar $$$ well not for me, thanks very much they can keep their awful clothes.
No quality there at all, and not just with clothes.

I was so annoyed about this today, had a look at the things I have kept, and yep inches missing for the same sized clothes .I rang them at HQ and they said to me today''Oh we are working on that..and this year 2017 we hope to make it better for our customers''...Well I have been saying this for years....so it looks like it does take years for K Mart to ''wake up''! I am maybe a tad passionate about this, as some of my friends are bigger people and they too have had to look at buying expensive clothes...Seriously do K Mart deserve the public to even grace their stores, this also touches on the white good's & shoes and Manchester...
by jonaja
I have not shopped at K mart for more years than I can recall, and Target is nearly the same!! I have only gone and bought from Target if a specific Lego has been on special which I wanted as a gift for the young boy next door!! (and that was at least 3 years ago!) Otherwise I do not go to either of these stores and for the same reasons as all the other already printed ones have explained so perfectly!
I shop there for toys. Both shops have a great selection of kids toys.
by AJ
Target. K-mart sucks.
People seem to have beef with Kmart...meanwhile, I just got home from my local Kmart to discover that it is busier at 10:00 PM than it is during the daytime. I don't really buy clothes from Kmart, though they don't do bad in the underwear department. Otherwise, I find the fabric they use goes yucky quickly. I have also bought a couple of pairs of sandals which have served me well. I also don't mind their storage boxes...though time will tell if those I just purchased will last.
by Vee
Both, but if it has to be only 1, then it's a Target store, because that's closer to where we live.
by Miro
We were in the 'Open 24/7' K-Mart in the Shire about 2 weeks ago, at 11pm, as my husband wanted to buy some shorts. He bought 10 pairs at $10 each, & a few more t-shirts. I bought our granddaughters a few summer cloths, a 2nd pr of pink rubber thongs for my self & a pr of summer slippers as well.( We'd also gone there looking for a certain toy for 1 of our grand-daughters for Christmas.)
by Miro
Yes, I like both. Haven't had any hassles with the quality of things, like many have said here. ?
I t depends on what I need, I've given up on clothing, as far as womens wear goes! kitchen wear I will shop at either of these two.
I do shop at Kmart for certain items such as bedding,DVD's, kitchen appliances and utensils also pots and pans. Target isn't good as they used to be, I've definately given up on the clothing department for women, but I still sometimes buy t'shirts for my husband and son when they are on special.
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