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Do you shop at Coles, Woolworths or Aldi?

by Vee (follow)
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Do you shop at Coles, Woolworths or Aldi? Why?

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Top Answers
Aldi for as much as I can. Having lived in Europe for years, I recognise a lot of the brands and products in aldi and what I get for a $50 spend at aldi (2 full shopping bags ) compared to what I get at Coles and woollies ( 1/2 a shopping bag if I'm lucky) is crazy... Also,I know about their bullying business practices to our producers... They give them big contracts at a price set by the supplier for a year, then when they are dependent on the volume I.e. They have hired new staff and bought new machinery for production, they then bully them into price points they can't afford or threaten to remove them from their shelves....they have done it to our fresh produce suppliers and are now starting it on our wine industry. Result...... Homogenised everything... All of the small producers who are doing a quality product are squeezed outside the industry .... Support independents where ever you can.... Keep the money and the power of our produce in Australia.... Not lining the pockets of conglomerates overseas!,
Thanks for your input joann. Some great points raised there. It really is not fair what the big supermarkets get away with at the cost to those who put their livelihoods on the line to provide for us, namely the producers.
by Vee
I prefer to do all my fresh produce shopping at local market. For other stuff, I am loyal to Coles. First of all, its bang opposite my apartment and secondly I am comfortable with the pricing and quality of the stuff there.
That's good to hear. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely satisfied with the quality or freshness of the fruit and veg at the Coles close to us. I buy what I can there, but it I've been left wanting I'll go to Woolworths or the local market as well.
by Vee
I don't put up with poor quality veg and will return if not of decent quality eg rubbery rockmelons. The day they did away with market inspectors at Brisbane's Rocklea Markets was a very sorry one indeed.
by grann
I mostly shop at a local growers market - they sell fresh produce which is chemical free and I enjoy the vibe down there on a Sunday. For everything else, I go wherever happens to be easiest to get to at the time. If there is a particular thing I buy which I know is cheaper from a particular shop, I'll go and buy it there. For example, I like using Huggies nappies, and Coles sells them for at least $8 to $12 a box less than other shops, so I make it a point to buy my nappies at Coles. For things where the price doesn't vary a lot, I don't care where I get it from.
That sounds great. I should find an outlet where local growers sell their produce close to our place. It's just so convenient to shop at the bigger outlets.
by Vee
I shop at Aldi and Coles. They're cheaper in Frankston. Aldi is great for tinned AUSTRALIAN tomatoes for $1 a can.

Having said that, we get our fruit and vegetables from a biodynamic farm and even our dairy... So our spend at the supermarkets isn't much.
I don't really believe in supermarket loyalty. I do shop at Coles and Woolworths from time to time for convenience, but I also like to shop at the local fruit & veg shop, our Central Market, and Foodland.

We don't have Aldi in South Australia, but I've never been too impressed with the ones I've been too. A lot of packaged goods, not much fresh produce. Perhaps there are bigger Aldi stores that I haven't been to before?
I agree with you. They don't seem to have as much fresh produce as Woolworths or Coles. Then again, I have only been to one Aldi. I really should visit the new one that's opened up close by to check it out.
by Vee
Like you, here in SA, I shop at Foodland (Frewville, opp. the Arkaba). A few items might not be as cheap as Coles (there is nothing that would have me shop at a Woolworths, unless their Optimum dogfood was 1/2 price). I sometimes shop for less items at IGA.... and we visit the Central Market once a fortnight, the foodstalls, a coffee and people watching.... just wonderful. Have loved it for more than 30 years.
by sandw
I usually shop at Aldi for most of my groceries, but also Woolworths for the brands that they don't have.
That's what my mum does. Aldi has some great stuff at great prizes, but there are some things from Woolies that I cannot go without.
by Vee
I shop at all 3 of them!!

Coles 60% of my shopping, because it's close to home.
Woolies 20% of my shopping, they have a few things I love that Coles hasn't.
Aldi I have to do the other 20%, they have special pasta we love.
Is this a joke :( I pressed once and 3 come up! what's going on...lol
by jonaja
Don't worry about it, I can only see one of them ;). You must go to a lot of effort. I suppose it wouldn't be that bad if they were all located close to each other. The shopping centre close to us has Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and Franklins, plus other smaller grocers. Actually, now that I think about it, the variety can be overwhelming at times.
by Vee
I love the variety....but it can be a task, to get it all. :)
by jonaja
For me, locally, the Woolworths is far better than the others. So that's where shop.
I tend to prefer Woolies as well.
by Vee
A combination of Woolworths and Coles, depending on what you need. People say that Aldi sell great chocolate and organic yoghurt.
The chocolate is good, I can vouche for that. Don't know about the yoghurt though.
by Vee
I was an Aldi convert, through and through - however, since DD # 2 was born, I have found it difficult to do the shopping with 2 children. So I have recently tried Coles Online and love, love, love it for the convenience. I am in the process of writing an article to compare Coles and Woolies online... keep an eye out for it on http://homegenius.com.au/
Good stuff. I'll be sure to read it. I often shop at Woolworths online, but wondered if Coles would be any better. Thanks for posting.
by Vee
Well that depends where we are. Generally we are doing a bunch of stuff and then we stop and think: Oh yes...we probably need to get groceries. LOL
I don't know if I could do that. I like to plan my meals in advance, that way I'm not buying things I don't need and end up with less waste too.
by Vee
Coles - flybuys points are my best friend!
Do they really pay off?
by Vee
Yeah they really do - I've been able to pay off flight tickets through flybuys so that's a big plus for me, since I travel quite a bit during the year.
by Xarah
Hmm, might become a member. Thanks.
by Vee
All of them.
None of them. My main shop is with Independent Groceries IGA ... Foodland.
Woolworths for our groceries and the Asian shop for fruit and veg as they are soo much cheaper.
I'm a great student of the flyers which hit my letterbox weekly. All those poor trees! Fortunately those three stores come under the one roof ten minutes' drive away. At the end of April, WW and A will be in the one block even closer, so Coles may miss out on occasion if they have no decent specials.
I read the flyers as well and hit the shops when the specials are on.
by Vee
I shop wherever I happen to be. Where it is easiest. I buy different things from different shops. Woolworth for fruit and veg Aldi's falls down badly here. Coles fresh stuff has gone downhill. I prefer to buy local if possible. I do not buy meat from the supermarket at all.
I like to mix it up - I go all over the place but probably Coles the most. I just get bored...
Coles - convenience
Aldi definitely as a first choice. You just can't get past their so much lower prices. And as someone else mentioned - their chocolates are simply divine. But - their business model is not to stock the slow sellers, so for what you can't get at Aldi, just go to someone else. And twice a week (usually Wednesdays and Saturdays) they offer new lines of useful products of any kind (check out their catalogue on line) which they get manufactured in huge quantity and sell at amazingly low prices. Not shopping at Aldi? You're wasting a couple of Grand a year - minimum.
Aldi cos it's close and fruit shop. I try to avoid Coles and Woolworths cos they are so greedy. They want to take over everything and put old brands out of business.

To Lee_R, your first and last sentences are paradoxical.

I shop at all three for different things. And the local fruit shops for the better quality.
Aldi for most of my groceries and they have the best chocolate as well.
Woolworths for the balance as stuff that is not at Aldi.
Both shops are located next to each other, so its convenient.
Have an occasional wander through Coles if it is on my way.

by Zen
Coles, Woolworths is not playing fair to its customers and Aldi well....but all in all I dont like supermarkets and try very hard to buy at local produce markets or local stores...
I must get motivated to find some in our area. It's just so darn convenient to head straight for the grocery store.
by Vee
Yes all of the above
Used to shop at Coles eons' ago. But Woolies are closest to me. Two stores.
There my groceries' costs can go towards my Qantas Frequent Flyer points!
99% of the time, we shop at Aldi’s, but when I need tonic water, puffed wheat & something else they don’t sell, which I need to buy, I have to go to Coles or IGA & buy them there.
Definitely Aldi - the prices are great and the quality of their food, especially fresh meat, is really good. They don't stock everything though and that's when I pick up bits and pieces at Coles or Woolworths. but my main shop is at Aldi.
Coles, I am a Westfarmers shareholder so only support the company and it's subsidiaries.Keeps my dividends flowing.
Fair enough.
by Vee
I love Aldi but at the moment in South Aust we only have 3 supermarkets. I usually buy from whoever have the specials I am after and buy my fruit and veg from the greengrocer as I know that most supermarkets lace their fruit and veg with chemicals to keep them fresher longer. I also buy my meat for the same reasons from the butcher. I believe too many chemicals in our bodies cause cancer. So that is my belief
Unnaturally shiny apple anyone? So with you.
by Vee
I prefer to support small locally-owned businesses. These large mega-stores have destroyed so many small businesses throughout Australia.
I shop at Coles or Woolworths and do not agree with letting all these foreign companies into Australia to compete with Australian business as most of them would not allow us into their country.
Even though Aldi will come to Perth, I would not shop there -dont want the Germans to get my money and they wont pay tax either.
by Finy
I was initially reluctant to shop at Aldi but now I love it!

It's so much cheaper. I think I save about $50 a week if not more.
They have products there that are better than you can get at the other supermarkets. I love the mayo, the pork and beef meatballs, and the chocolate.
Their staff are always happy.
And you get your shopping done so much faster because there are fewer products to get distracted by.
Yes, in Aldi, but not often, because they have a lot of great things and I'm tempted to buy everything.
I know! I guess that's the point. Ha!
by Vee
I have no car and the nearest supermarket is Aldi so I get quite a lot of stuff there. Coles is a bit further away but still within easy walking distance. About once every 2 or 3 weeks I order from Coles online and get heavier and bulkier items delivered. When I can I like to buy fruit and veggies from the farmers' market but it's not within walking distance so I have to catch public transport to get there.
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