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Do you shave or wax anywhere on your body?

by Finy (follow)
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Do you shave or wax any hair on your body?

Which do you prefer and why?

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Top Answers
Yes I do.

I used to have a friend who was a beautician and she used to wax my legs for me.

However she went off with my husband, so that stopped!!

I went on getting my legs waxed at the same time as I had a massage however then moved, and now, being in the city, I just shave.

One part of getting older is hair on your legs thins out dramatically -unfortunately for me, also on my head though.
by Finy
Finy, that is awful about him running off like that! :(
by jonaja
You should have waxed his .........!
LOL couldnt wax his anything as I was speaking to her all the time, and she was with him and I didnt know!! and she repeated all I said!!! did i feel stupid....can laugh NOW
by Finy
That;s terrible her doing that to you.....good luck to them, karma will strike or will have struck!!
by Fran
I'm sorry to hear your friend and your husband betrayed you like that. My ex took off with my ex best friend some years ago too. They did me a favour one way or another, but it wasn't fun at the time!
by meggf
Ooooooh! That pair of dirty CREEPS!!!!!
by Rice
Well, maybe your ex best friend with the waxing vocation might now be suffering from a well deserved fur ball

by fran.
How awful Finy. To have trust in someone you love, only to have them betray you.
Their day is coming. What goes around always comes around. For sure!
by janet
How awful Finy. Friends like that you don't need enemies. To be betrayed by someone you trusted and shared with is horrible! Their day is coming. What goes around comes around. Since your husband cheated on you, he could cheat on this ''creature.'' Now, that would be payback, for sure!
by janet
Sorry to hear this happened to you. Not much of a friend.
by annfi
That sucks. You are a strong woman. Keep shaving!
by Polly
I shave.
Unlike some young ladies ...lol.
I like it better than waxing, because it works for my skin.

I shaved my legs for years, now don't have much hair there. Have waxed a little over the years but not much
by Fran
I wax my brows, but shave my legs and pits because it's quicker and cheaper than waxing. If I could wax legs myself for the same price and time and effort it takes to shave them, then I would because my hair grows quickly.
by Vee
I shave under my arms regularly - I live in the tropics and get very sweaty and it just icks me out if I let it get too hairy! I shave my legs when I get a chance. Before I had kids I used to shave my legs every week...Now it's more like every 6 weeks. I have shaved my pubic hair a total of 3 times in my life...just for a bit of fun with my boyfriend at the time. My sister plucked my eyebrows for me once. I have never waxed and the idea of waxing freaks me out a little.
I prefer to wax.
Nope, no fear! And the time I save on hair removal, I devote to revolution.

I have far better things to do with my time, and a little bit of hair is harmless. Not only is it harmless, it's antibacterial too. We have hair for a reason.
It's shaving for me too - much quicker.
Wax and shave.
by AJ
I have never waxed as it irritates my very sensitive and thin skin ! So it is Shaving for me,though I am blessed to have never had very hairy legs or armpits meaning that I was not having to do this all the time,as lots of girls/women with fast growing or plentiful hair in these regions do! I have never needed to remove hair from my arms or thighs thank heavens! Since beginning a medication with awful side effects,I have not needed to shave for several years. It is a jolly good thing that the hair on my head is thick and grows rapidly, as I brush out enough to fill a small cushion at least every single week!!! Biut then,maybe I could happily shave my head and not bother with the brushing at all!! Hee Hee!!!
I used to love having waxing of legs, bikini line, under carriage slightly, and underarms, eyebrows and top lip. Now I hardly need to and am a little tiny bit frightened of my very sensitive skin. The u/arm hair is now non-existent, bikini line not very important. The top lip is worse and the hair on my head is very, very thin. Seems to be no middle ground in hair growth during a woman's life.
In the summer I shave my armpits when they get smelly. That's it. Otherwise I don't care about body hair.
I let mine go for about a fortnight, that way my husband remains appreciative when I make the effort, LOL.
by Vee
I wax my own underarms and eyebrows and have for about 30 years. I don't have to do my legs any more. Yippee! I never had very hairy legs and the growth has slowed right down.
by Rice
Thank you Rice, for the waxing story. I think I'll stick to my 30 cent razor!
by Miro
I didn't think anyone could hurt themselves with those little plastic ones that come in a packet 6 for $2 or $3 Rice.
by Miro
I shave. I have never tried waxing.
I shave my legs and underarms. I tried waxing my own legs and bikini line for a while but found it too time consuming. My underarm hair is very thin so If I didn't shave I don't think it would be offensive. I shave my bikini line if the area might be seen. I have always been too scared to ask a beautician to wax my nether regions.. I get my eyebrows and top lip waxed at the hairdresser's a couple of times a year.
I shave everywhere except my eyebrows which I pluck. And Finy is correct. As you get older, and considering I've been shaving since my early teens, the hair thins out so no need to shave as often as one used to.
I only shave my legs & underarms.I was to scared to go & have them waxed, as I'm sure it would hurt!
by Miro
I had it done once at a salon and nearly died - it was SO painful. I have never found it painful to do my own underams and brows but I was glad to stop doing my legs as it always felt like electric shocks. I use microwaveable wax and cotton strips. I find the other strips totally usesless - they are like fabric stiffening.
by Rice
I am too clumsy for the razor, Miro_ . . . . . I always sliced about five layers off just above the ankle. Still have the scars. Yikes.
by Rice
Yes, I'm afraid it takes talent. I have a great talent for hurting myself . . . luckily I can laugh about it . . . most of the time :-))
by Rice
I have my legs, brows & upper lip waxed. Legs every 4-6 weeks & lip and brow every 2 weeks. It's great. Legs and brow I don't even feel anymore, but the lip always stings! Worth it though, 'cos I've got such dark hair on pale skin. I used to shave my armpits almost every day (for gym), but in 2015 I had them lasered. Best thing I ever did! Wish I had done it sooner. Highly recommended if you're thinking about it.
I either shave or use "Nair" hair remover on legs, bikini area, and armpits. What a project every few days.
Yes I do, I shave under my arms and my legs, I have tried waxing but didn't enjoy it.
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